What Do We Know For Sure?

Not so long ago we were watching a conference on YouTube. We have no idea who was talking, but they said something that caused us some concern. The guy said a survey was sent out to Americans in which a question was posed: Would you rather have Truth or Freedom? Apparently the majority of Americans chose freedom. We would rather have truth. How would you even know what freedom was without knowing the truth? You could be lied to that you were free, much like CISPA or DARPA etc and you wouldn’t know any different. Remember when Barack Obama said you would need to sacrifice some of your freedoms to ensure national security?: Obama Tells The U.N.: Giving Up Freedom Enhances American Security “We can only realize the promise of this institution’s founding to replace the ravages of war with cooperation if powerful nations, like my own, accept constraints,” Obama said. “Giving up some freedom of action…binding ourselves to the international rules over the long-term enhances our security.” How is that working out for you? There is no doubt that we are deep in to some tough times. Look at the world you live in today and tell us that this is normal behavior?  First things first though. We want to show you a letter. A letter that some people believe is written to them from other humans. We personally think that the letter writer may just be the intermediary between ‘them’ (whoever they are) and us, the humans.  Regardless […]

We Are In The Last Days – Fact!

Depending on what way you look at it, you could think the end of the world is going to be a bad thing. If you believe it is going to be slow and painful, then it probably will be. Most likely it is going to be something that you never saw coming. Behold and rejoice,  for it is written AFTER the tribulation, isn’t it? What is tribulation?: distress or suffering resulting from oppression or persecution; also: a trying experience the trials and tribulations of starting a new business. So, after the distress or suffering resulting from OPPRESSION or PERSECUTION, guess what comes next? ‘The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.’… Hm…….. not convinced? How about this. Play it and continue reading. If you listen to what you are hearing, tell us that you don’t hear music? This is what we are hearing. If you listen without watching the video, it sounds like drums, a military parade or something tribal, then singing – more drums, but it’s the singing and the unmistakable sound of a trumpet: Revelation 8:1-2 the angels sound these trumpets after the breaking of the seventh seal. What is the 7th seal? Revelation 8: When he opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.  And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and seven trumpets were given to them. […]

Divide & Conquer

Can you remember what the last great ‘conspiracy theory’ was? No? How about false flags, when was the last one? Seems to Political Beast that maybe some-one is saving up for a big one. Well, we are about to throw in our hat. We have a prophecy alert and you just know we can prove what we are saying. We are big fans of  Sun Tzu, so we are going to use a lot of his work from the Book called The Art of War and we are going to show you news from around the internet, just like we always do, to prove his words. Let’s go: “Thus we may know that there are five essentials for victory: 1 He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. 2 He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces. 3 He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks. 4 He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared. 5 He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.” So the first line “He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.” How will Obama know when to fight? “So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong, and strike at what is weak.” Trump set to take office without most of his Cabinet “Their ultimate goal is to slow this […]

Greater Than God

It is time that somebody stood up and said something along the lines of: Are you kidding me? Can you really not see what is right in front of your face? Are you really going to pretend that nothing freaky weird is going on? Would it help you some, if we wrapped a ton of police tape around these events? Would you be prepared to discuss this stuff if we turned it into a reality TV star or a Hollywood blockbuster? What if we perhaps offered you a million bucks? Is that really how dumbed down you are? Can you honestly and with nothing but truth in your heart, stand up and say: Nothing to see here, move along or go back to sleep, all is well? Quite honestly, we at Political Beast have been at an utter loss to start writing another article. Where the hell do we start? Alternative facts? Fake news? Immigration bans? Riots? Protests? As it happens, we were approached with the answer to all these questions, which really could be lumped into just one simple question. WTF??? The below article is from a good website. We have deliberately left out their name because we know that many people are put off with these types of pages. So before you go here, read the below information. The links are all there after the facts, to prove what is being said.  This website has so much to offer. If you are concerned by the below facts, then […]

New Year, New Laws

Happy New Year! Some of you might find 2017 a bit more difficult to get through without some sort of prosecution though to be fair. And that is no surprise as the US has introduced hundreds of new laws, which all come into effect today. That’s nice, isn’t it? So, we thought we would help you out and let you know the ones that matter to you. Many of the new laws are pretty good, like raising the minimum wage in 20 States, recycling and an animal abuse registry in Tennessee. Of course, Lamestream media are only telling you about the laws that make you happy. They are not telling you about the ones designed to make your life miserable and why would they? Happy New Year. Some of these new laws do have us scratching our heads though. Let’s have a look at those: NEW YORK Effective March 2017 – It is now law to tell relatives when an inmate has died and how they died. Question: Why do you need a law to tell you to do that? Why isn’t that standard procedure already? Effective March 2017 – Non English-speaking inmates to be provided with a translator during hearings. Question: Why isn’t this already happening? Just in case you didn’t know, many other countries have been doing this for years. It’s standard practice. ILLINOIS Effective January 2017 – Hairstylists are to be trained to identify domestic abuse. They are not required to report it. Question: So what is […]

Will You At This Time…

Originally posted on April 17th 2015 …Restore The Kingdom To Israel? As mentioned in previous articles, we are working on the history of The New World Order however whilst there are connections to today’s subject, we are going to detract for a moment, as something is happening that is worth noting. What is happening today is so obvious, but there are so many loose ends that needs to be tied off before we can progress. To Political Beast, it is obvious but maybe that is because we have been talking about it for months, who knows? Hopefully we will be able to convince you of that in this article. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments or even just to tell us what your opinion of this subject is. Right so to begin with let me ask you, did you follow the elections? I did and to be honest, I am surprised that Obama is upset that Netanyahu did the exact same thing that Obama has done. I refer of course to the masses of Arabs being bused in for the elections. It has been suggested that this is the very reason America opened up its southern borders to allow immigrants to enter the US without any trouble. We feel a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ moment coming in from the west here. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/18/israel-elections-benjamin-netanyahu_n_6899312.html If you did follow these elections, you should be experiencing a mild hysteria about now or at […]

Sheeple See, Sheeple Do

What is happening in our world? We are not just talking about America here. Stupid is as stupid does after all. We are talking about the rest of the world also. It seems like a virus has infected the whole planet. We have been looking at a lot of news stories lately and whether they are real or not is irrelevant. The fact that too many people are using these stories as the perfect excuse to hate, attack, kill, destroy is pathetic. And that is a real concern to us here at Political Beast. Who can pinpoint the exact moment the world went from being humane to being intolerant of each other? Was it the SuperMoon? FULL MOON SuperMoon in ARIES October 15th / 16th 2016 “We know Uranus can bring out the gifts of the rebel, the liberator, the awakener, the exile – each of these personas bringing a radical perspective because they value freedom and usually are precipitating it through unexpected and unsettling change. “…Eris is cutting new ground here. She, with the aid of Uranus and in this moment the Full Aries Moon (all at 22-23º Aries) has been kicking up all the issues smacking of injustice whether in inner cities, locker rooms, prison cells, banks, war-torn countries, wherever outRAGEous, socially unjust energies reside. “These days, it seems that anger has moved from being the emotion of last resort to the first line of defense. There’s plenty of righteous anger to go around, and also quite a […]

Are The Witnesses Here?

Today we are going to look to the skies again. Have you seen all the ‘evidence of aliens/UFO’s? Well, we think we have an explanation for this and believe us, when you hear it, it will change your perception completely. First though we want to ask you what the bible say about two witnesses? “And after three days and a half the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.” —Revelation 11:11 The reason we mention this is because for a long time now people have been reporting this: The above images are just a small selection. There are literally hundreds of images dating back years. Is it possible that the two witnesses are actually aliens? You might think that is very far-fetched, but we think we can proof that this is not as crazy as you might think. For many years now, people have been reporting and documenting on these two ‘lights’ that appear in the skies over America, just sitting there and many people are asking why now. The answer to that is, it is not just ‘now’. Do you know this has happened before? This year I just happened to be at a flea market and my attention was caught by two books. The titles of these books made me want to read them, so I bought them and started reading on the way home. I didn’t stop reading until the very […]

Welcome To The Suck: WW3

So it begins. You know you are in trouble when your own Governments tell you to stockpile food: Inside Europe: Germans urged to stockpile food and water ‘Germany’s cabinet has approved a new crisis strategy geared towards better protecting citizens during emergency situations. The 70-page plan includes steps for scenarios such as terrorist attacks, as well as some intriguing recommendations regarding stockpiling. DW’s Gabriel Borrud has more.’ Now you may think that this has something to do with illegal immigrants and you would be wrong. Dead Wrong: Czech Government Tells Citizens To Prepare For The Worst ‘After the German government told its citizens to stockpile food and water in case of a catastrophe, the Czech government is also now reportedly warning its population to prepare for the worst. On Sunday, Frankfurter Allgemmeine Sonntagszeitung (FAZ) reported that the German government is set to enact a new “Concept for Civil Defence” which will “require the population to stockpile enough food for ten days.”On the other side of the border, Czech media is reporting that the country’s food reserves are “struggling” and would be incapable of meeting demand in the event of a national crisis. Supplies of milk powder are particularly low.The government is calling on citizens to increase their “self-sufficiency” and “food safety” by stockpiling more food.’ Russian Citizens Stockpile Essential Supplies Amid World War 3 Fears ‘“With Vladimir Putin having recently purged 50 of his top commanders following an old Soviet doctrine that calls for exactly such maneuvers ahead of war, […]

Wise Hearts Will Know

It is about time America stopped looking at themselves, and started looking at the devastation they are causing all around the world. How long are you going to allow yourselves to be distracted by the two-man crazy show that is still sweeping your country? Are you so dumbed down, that you now actually believe there is only America? Forget all about ‘no man knoweth the time or the hour’ because that is something we don’t need to know. Know why? Because it is coming regardless. Does it matter if it is today, tomorrow, September (again) or even 2017. What we do need to know is how. The how is hugely important. Once we know the how, we can start looking out for the when. How is it going to happen? We have a theory. It is no more strange than the ideas already out there, but this theory has some merit. It is so highly plausible, that we think this is how it is going to happen. First though you have to remember that no one person or group is right exactly. The religious people? Partly right. The scientists? Partly right. The Elite? So damn close to being right, yet not close enough. This is it. We have written about so many different ways that the end of the world might happen. Imagine our stunned silence when our researcher asked: Why can’t it be all of that? Huh? Could she be onto something there? Let’s have a look. We have […]

The Question is Not Who

The question is not who will destroy the world. The real question is how. We have been very well played by The Elite. Give them a round of applause, they did a superb job of distracting us all. We were both right and wrong when we said that The Elite are running scared. Yes, they are, but not because of all the trouble they have caused. They are hunkering down in their ‘indestructible’ bunkers. NASA talked about ‘finding a planet’ a few years back, but people thought it was fake, a conspiracy. Then this happened: Planet X to really cause mass extinction this month? ‘The celestial body, theorized in many an ancient text – most notably among the Sumerians –  is predicted to be 10 times our size, and is currently still thousands of times further away from us than our sun. But if the latest research is correct, something is having a skewing effect on a group of objects in the Kuiper Belt, just beyond Neptune. And it’s closing in fast.’ But it’s not a planet. At least it is not just a planet. It is a collection of jolly large pieces of rock. 3 of them to be precise. Like Armageddon. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Now the thing is, The Elite understand that none of those pieces of rock have to hit the earth to destroy it. They just have to pass close enough to affect the magnetic pull. The full moon affects the tide after all, […]

Putin Closes Door on NWO

You know the country that America wants you to hate? The man you are told will ‘kill us all’? Well there might just be a couple of things you don’t really know about Putin. You know he is against the NWO, right? You know he paid off Russia’s’ debt with the NWO before he left The Order? You know he has a lifetime of experience in politics? And you know that he spent his entire life learning all about strategy? So why would you not listen to this man? Your own Presidents and Prime Ministers have absolutely no military experience. Are you going to listen to a man who would prefer to spend his time golfing, instead of dealing with his own soldiers being killed all over the world?: Obama Goes Golfing After Terrorist Attack In Afghanistan Kills Six American Soldiers ‘The attack was carried out by a suicide bomber on a motorcycle outside a U.S. military base, the largest loss of life of American troops in Afghanistan this year. The Taliban claim responsibility. But the sobering news didn’t stop Obama from heading to the golf course, a tradition for the president as he enjoys the Hawaii climate during the holidays. The president and three of his friends hit the golf course shortly after noon at the Mid-Pacific Country Club.’ Or are you going to listen to a man who knows what he is talking about? It’s your choice. We here at Political Beast listen when Putin speaks, because every time […]

The Elite are Scared

The first ‘Commandment’ on The Georgia Guidestones is ‘Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature’. In previous articles, we asked the question: How could that happen? Many theories abounded with the most popular being nuclear war, but it was so much simpler than that and now we know what the answer is to that question. Set the people on each other. Let them do all the work. Simple. Lloyd’s of London commissioned a consultant company called The Risk Advisory Group reporting what could start a Global civil war. They claim it was so they could better predict the outcome of Brexit. They wanted to ensure the money stabilized quickly and the economy was protected. Except they didn’t mean the people’s. They meant The Elites. The world’s wealthiest people lost over $120 billion after Brexit vote ‘The 400 richest people in the world had $127.4 billion wiped from the value of their assets following the announcement of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. The billionaires lost 3.2 per cent of their collective net worth, with Britain’s 15 wealthiest people having $5.5 billion erased from their fortunes.’ The results came back that political violence would be a contagion. Interesting that, eh? Lloyd’s of London Draws Up Contingency Plans Before Brexit Vote ‘Lloyd’s of London is drawing up contingency plans in the event that Britain votes to leave the European Union and says an exit would be damaging to the insurance market. Exiting the EU would create a level of […]

RIP Keemstar

We were really going to let this go. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and say yeah I did that. Not so long ago, one of our researchers ‘discovered’ DramaAlert. She was watching some early stuff and liked it. Not enough to present it as any kind of evidence of anything, but mostly ‘For Entertainment Purposes’, you know. Not long after that I found GradeAUnderA. Now this is a guy we all like, and yes, we have promoted some of his clips. Mostly because they are very funny. GradeA is a British Bloke with a stupid accent and a giant chin. His videos are honest. Everything in there, is his opinion and he tries to keep it ‘real’. Anyway, it soon became apparent that something was not quite right with DramaAlert, but we are not really ‘gamers’, so found it hard to pinpoint what was wrong. It seemed like DramaAlert or specifically DJ Killer Keemstar were getting a lot if undesirable attention. So we investigated it and it didn’t take too long to find our GradeA was involved too. Yesterday it all became clear. We are not going into the history, but you should. We are just going to break it down like this: The British have a really good insult to this. You, Keemstar, are a spanner. Good for only one thing and you do it brilliantly. Let us give you some quotes from Killer Keem: ‘I loved talking shit. Every single game you got into people […]


Celebrate! Rejoice! The time for fighting is done, or at least, it is for right now. Now is the time to embrace this new peace. The peace that England has created for herself. Start planning to rebuild your economy. Yes the pound was at an all time low, but mark our words, it will grow and grow, but your job is not done. You amazing people! ‘10:43 The British pound has steadied against the U.S. dollar after an overnight period of uncertainty following the Brexit result. It hit its lowest at 4:30am and has been climbing steadily, as at 10:43 it stood at $1.39‘ It is already climbing. This is the news you have been waiting for. These are the answers to all those prayers. You Britain, need to make this happen. You need to use all those years of hardship to rebuild. And you can. Oh yes you can. What happens now the UK has voted Brexit – and what is Article 50? ‘No state has left the European Union before, and the rules for exit  – contained in Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon – are brief. At 10.30am, the four most powerful men in Brussels – Donald Tusk, president of the Council, Jean-Claude Juncker of the Commission, Mark Rutte, the Dutch premier who holds the rotating presidency of the Council, and Mr Schulz meet. They will speak afterwards. Un-tying Britain from the old membership is the easy bit. Harder would be agreeing a new trading relationship, establishing what tariffs and other […]


In just 2 more days, Britain will in a position to do one of two things. Listen to the people and leave the EU, or ignore the people and stay. What a choice. Now we would like to think that Governments are there to serve the people, but we know this is just a whimsical notion. Do you remember the articles we wrote in the early days? The ones were we found songs that said practically everything? For the article Democrats And Republicans Find Some Common Ground we used Chris De Burghs’ Spanish Train and for Greece is The Word We chose Grease is The Word. If you read those, you wont be surprised to find we are going to use the same format here today. Today we are using The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go? Darlin’ you got to let me know. Should I stay or should I go? If you say that you are mine I’ll be here ’til the end of time. Q&A: What Britain wants from Europe ‘David Cameron wants to renegotiate the terms of the UK’s membership ahead of a referendum by the end of 2017. He has said he will campaign for Britain to remain in the EU if he gets the reforms he wants.’ So you got to let me know should I stay or should I go? It’s always tease tease tease. You’re happy when I’m on my knees. One day is fine and next is black! So […]

The Mandela Effect?

You know, we have been seeing this quite a lot over the last couple of weeks and we just had to ask the question, what? Is this the latest bit of craziness out of The States? According to the source: ‘The “Mandela Effect” is what happens when someone has a clear memory of something that never happened in this reality. Many of us — mostly total strangers — remember the exact same events with the exact same details. However, our memories are different from what’s in history books, newspaper archives, and so on. This isn’t a conspiracy, and we’re not talking about “false memories.” Many of us speculate that parallel realities exist, and we’ve been “sliding” between them without realizing it. (Others favor the idea that we’re each enjoying holodeck experiences, possibly with some programming glitches. In my opinion, these aren’t mutually exclusive.) This website is about real, alternate history and possible explanations for this phenomenon.’ Uh-huh. Why do we care? Well, first we are going to let some-one else explain some examples, then we are going to look at those examples: Did You Know There’s A Term For When You’re Totally Positive Something Happened Even Though It Didn’t? Right. Totally positive something happened? The lady who brought this about used Nelson Mandela as an example. Apparently several people were convinced that Mandela died in prison. And that is all it took for Youtube to go batshit crazy. We remember that people DID think Mandela had died. This was because […]

McMurray Thieves

In the world of political correctness and the home of unyielding politeness, we imagine the correct word here is opportunist, however we at Political Beast prefer not to glorify theft and manipulation. No we prefer to remove those words that make scum sound like a good thing. Before we get to that though, we need an update. As per the usual want, Mainstream Media have relegated the atrocity in Canada to the mid pages. Allow us to show you how much worse things have gotten and the fore-cast of what is still to come. This is the worst disaster in Canadian history. So you all know about this right? Fort McMurray wildfire remains out of control after city evacuated 60,000 flee as wildfire leaps highway and into city 7 days ago, it was only 60,000 people fleeing this terrible disaster. However, things got a lot worse, very quickly: Canadian wildfire edges south, leaves thousands stranded ‘The 88,000 residents who fled a wildfire that has ravaged the Canadian oil town of Fort McMurray in Alberta will not be able to return home anytime soon, officials warned on Thursday, even as the inferno edged slowly south.’ See that? In just one day an additional 28,000 people needed, not wanted, not chose, needed to leave their homes. There are two things that I really want you to remember. Write it down if you like, but please do not forget these two very important details: ‘Due to a gas shortage, thousands of people are […]

A.J.: Women Weaken US

They say a picture paints a thousand words, but recently we saw a thousand words painting a disgusting and ignorant picture. Alex Jones and Joe Biggs spent quite a bit of time here and although we are sure they are really not this stupid, we still have to ask the questions: Do you think America is better than 31 countries combined? When you state things like ‘women will weaken our military forces’, are you saying that 31 other military forces around the world are ‘weak’?  Do you really think we will allow you to hypothesize on this subject, without presenting evidence of just how wrong and very small you look right now? This ‘weakness’ you speak of, are you including the weakening of enemy forces, committed by female soldiers outside of the States, or do they not count because perhaps you think they are not actually females, just robots designed to look like women? Where exactly do you give credit to those countries who introduced women into their forces with great success? Alex Jones and Joe Biggs had this conversation: Before we present our argument, we just want to pick up on a few things these boneheads are actually putting out there: Alex Jones: “…..The inversion of reality….”. “We are being ordered to lower standards”, “They don’t put women in front-line combat in China or anywhere else”. Let’s stop here for a sec. Don’t they, are you sure? Map: Which countries allow women in front-line combat roles? Do a lot […]

A Box of Rocks

Sometimes it would be beneficial if we could take Americans out of The United States and show them what the rest of the world sees. I think if we could do that Americans would be mortified at how their media are portraying them to the rest of the world. When it comes to being as dumb as a box of rocks, the States are not just in the lead, but a mere spot on the horizon. Whilst mainstream media has been very dull and repetitive over the last few months, we have been watching Americans reactions to the Presidential candidates. Oh boy. First of all, it seems that Americans could not care less about the imminent Nuclear War that O’Bozo has been harping on about for the last 7 years. The war that he believes will be instigated by either Russia or China. Over the last 7 years all we have heard is: It’s coming. Any minute now. Hang on. Nearly there. Two minutes. Here we go. Ready?. Here it comes. Watch out. Any second now….. Nope, Americans are not concerned about that. What they are concerned about, is a fictitious wall that Mexico are refusing to pay for. Now, you might think that the outrage would be that Mexico are not paying for the wall that will keep the loonies in the asylum (and I mean you America), but no. Americans are raging about the fact that some-one even suggested it in the first place. Not that many other […]

Obamas Nuclear War

So, the Feds have agreed to unlock another i-phone have they? Well, this is exactly what Apple feared wasn’t it? We will get into this at a later date but today, we wanted to look at Obama’s Nuclear War. As usual, Mainstream media hasn’t failed to ‘keep the fear alive’. It’s about time they were entered to the TV Soap awards for best all round drama we think. Today we are going to pick the bones of this BBC report: Nuclear terrorist attack would ‘change our world’, says Obama Before I get into this article, I saw this heading and do you know what popped into my mind? This: I met an old cowboy I saw the look in his eyes Somethin’ tells me he’s been here before ‘Cause experience makes you wise I was only a small child When the thought first came to me That I’m a son of a gun and the gun of a son That brought back the devil in me Sometimes I feel like I’m beatin’ a dead horse An I don’t know why you’d be bringin’ me down I’d like to think that our love’s worth a tad more It may sound funny but you’d think by now I’d be smilin’ I guess some things never change Never change That is an excerpt from a Guns ‘n’ Roses track, called Dead Horse. How appropriate. How long has Obama been saying Nuclear war is ‘imminent’? Change the record fella, it’s getting old. We have […]

Anonymous Backlash Over Threats

Some very strange things have been happening lately and it is funny how groups you would never suspect, play their hand and reveal themselves, albeit accidentally. Today we are looking at Anonymous. We are saddened by the fact we have to do this, as we admit we got sucked into hype. Imagine thousands of unknown people, protecting us without a hidden agenda. It is a very romantic thought. And then reality happened. What has us intrigued, is the timeline of events. Very curious. So let us begin. A few week ago, this happened: Anonymous are alleged to have millions of  followers. In fact, just looking at the group pages around the world, on Facebook alone, we count nearly 11 million followers. Imagine adding up Twitter, Youtube, their websites and all the other outlets? Donald Trump also has millions of followers. Using the same calculations, his figures are 8+ million. Like us, you might think this was something to be concerned about. One of our researchers contacted alleged sect members voicing their concerns, which was primarily: why are Anonymous targeting Trump, but none of the others? Now, as you may know by now, we firmly believe that if you want answers to questions, you go directly to the source. So we did. This is a very detailed situation, so let us make it very simple. We were concerned that Anonymous were doing The Governments work and we were quite surprised to think that Anonymous would do that because they are supposed […]

Meanwhile, in The UK….

You know, lately we have been writing an awful lot about America and it’s completely unreasonable and shocking behavior. One of our admins asked our editor, is that really fair? And that answer to that is probably. However America is certainly not alone when it comes to being a strong contender for the Darwin Awards, so let’s pick on the UK for a while. When it comes to being as dumb as a box of rocks, Americans have very close competition and no, we are not referring to Piers Morgan (but thanks for sending him back and redressing the balance, how kind). We are talking about Mr Ian Duncan Smith: George Iain Duncan Smith (born 9 April 1954), often referred to by his initials IDS, is a British Conservative Party politician. The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions since 2010, he was previously the Leader of the Conservative Party and Leader of the Opposition from 2001 to 2003. He was first elected to Parliament in 1992 as the MP for Chingford, and he has represented its successor constituency of Chingford and Woodford Green since 1997. He joined the Conservative Party in 1981, and was elected as a Member of Parliament in 1992. Duncan Smith succeeded William Hague as Conservative Leader in 2001, winning the leadership election partly on the support of Margaret Thatcher for his Eurosceptic ideology. Duncan Smith was the first Catholic to serve as a Conservative Leader, and the first to be born in Scotland since Arthur […]

The Distraction of Trump

A long time ago we made mention of the fact that everything happens in pairs. That the information Mainstream Media force feed you, is only a distraction from the real issues. Remember that? Eugenics Or Just Incompetent? ‘So there are currently two situations to keep us entertained and I can’t help but think: Have you noticed it’s always two things? The Boston bombings and CISPA is an example. Today it’s no different but now our eyes are opened and now is the time we should be asking the right questions. Ebola or ISIS?’ Once again, today is no different from then. Today the main arguments going on around the world, and believe us we have been a part of these arguments/debates so we know just how far and wide it has spread, is whether Trump is a racist. But, it is a diversion friends. Truly. Because whilst everybody is fighting over what Trump said or didn’t say, meant or didn’t mean, all this has been going on, quietly in the background: November 11, 2015: Putin Sends Russian Military to North Korea The precise topics of discussion between Russia and North Korea are unknown, although there have been speculations that a defense agreement “on prevention of dangerous military activities” could be signed as a result of the talks. According to TASS: This issue was discussed at a meeting held in June this year in Moscow between Russia’s State Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin and Chairman of North Korea’s Supreme People’s Assembly Choe […]

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