So Many Problems – Too Many Solutions?

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday. We were talking about all the problems that seem to be coming out right about now.

He asked me: So what is the solution? Damn, I hate when people ask me that. It all sounds so simple when some-one says to you so what is THE solution, like there is only one answer for a whole plethora of issues. That’s simplification at it’s worst.

I have my own theories on what the solutions are, but with so many people believing nothing can be done, how do I get those ideas out? And of course, when I voice my theories to other people, they voice theirs and suddenly we find ourselves in a debate about which method works best, but more often, why somebody’s theory would never work. With me so far?

And there in lies the problem. There are millions of people in the world, who have an idea on what needs to be done to make changes, to make the world a better place. How many people put those thoughts in to action? How many people are condemned for even voicing those ideas? How many people think somebody else will do that? And how many people think nobody listens, so what it the point?

How many people have you spoken to that seem to believe that you are the expert on absolutely everything and therefore, it is you alone that can find a loophole, think through a problem, find the resolution, gather everything you need to make that resolution a reality and then change the opinions of a whole world, single-handed, to get to the right result and may it stick, in your lifetime, huh? Those people bug the crap out of me.

Big subject. Let’s take a look at what started the conversation and see where we go:

Media Lies:

This is a subject I wrote about earlier, so I don’t need to tell you my opinion about this. My friend and I were discussing the $300m worth of weapons that got ‘destroyed’ in Yemen. I pointed out to him, that I have read documents that say the weapons were not destroyed, but in fact were lost. He said it’s all the same thing. Is it though? Destroyed means no chance of anyone using those weapons again. Lost means in all likelihood, about to turn up in the hands of ‘new’ enemies. So there is how the lie works. The public believe these weapons were destroyed and so don’t concern themselves with it. If the media said the weapons were lost, what would people think then? Bit of an uprising maybe? ‘You want to take all guns away from Americans, yet you just ‘gave’ a ton of them to the enemy’? Well, okay then. That sounds about right.

Last week, mainstream media announced that the cargo ships that have been backed up for weeks are finally getting offloaded and that is easing the current impact on the economy. What?? Look at this:


These images are from Russia, Spain, the UK and USA and yet cars are still being produced every minute, everyday. Every month, every year. Why? ‘for the economy’, I guess.

Radical Feminism.

‘Part of what’s different now is the existence of organized misogyny, with groups of men who are angry at feminism gathering under banners such as the Mens Rights Movement and Gamergate, a diffuse network of video-game enthusiasts furious at attempts to curb sexism in the industry.’

What did you expect? Did you really think there would be no consequences if you published things like:
“I stand by my decision to abort my baby because it was a male … If the curse returns, I would do the exact same thing all over again.”’

Feminist hatemongers on Twitter push campaign to kill all men

Back in the day, the ‘feminists’ protested issues that were important to society. The right to vote, the right to work, (sort of) equal pay. Even today there are a few women who still believe in authentic protests such as women’s rights in foreign countries. That is good. But these radicals seem to have absolutely no idea what they are against. Kill All Men? That’s very good. How long before the population dies out? How long before no babies are born at all?

These women are not in the slightest bit concerned about the ‘feminist’ aspect of their cult. They are solely focused on the ‘radical’ part. Is this the latest version of the shock jock, perhaps?

Sorry, but if you tell me I should be dead because I was born male, I would like to address that. If you don’t like it, don’t put yourself in the firing line. Don’t say things designed just to get a reaction, because nine times out of ten, you don’t know how that reaction is going to come about. It’s THAT simple. You fem-bots don’t need to be anywhere near men you know, although I think you would struggle to find a place in the world that has no men (except perhaps a nunnery, but then, you wouldn’t get in there either).

I have no sympathy for these hypocritical women. The woman mentioned above, who hates males SO much that she killed one of her own, didn’t mind having sex at least one time with a man, did she? What happened to her ‘core values’ then? Were her ‘violated feelings’, her ‘verbal and emotional rape’ and ‘trust’ just put to one side or drowned in a barrel of gin? Or was it that she deliberately killed this child as revenge against the males in her life that made her who she is today? Perhaps we are expected to believe she went to see her female GP, who referred her to a female specialist who just happens to have bio-engineered artificial sperm, which she then used to fertilize her eggs in a test-tube before impregnating the woman? But surely that specialist would have had the foresight to remove all the male genes before that? Get real.

A little ownership of issues would have helped her a lot there. She clearly hates all men, because of circumstances she found herself in, such as a bad break up, and/or an assault of some sort. How terribly sad that she condemns all men for the actions of only a few. I was talking to a friend today, who is looking for love. She actually said all men are bastards. I can’t help but wonder, why are you still looking then?

Ladies, it’s very simple. You have to like yourself before other people will like you. If you are surrounded by ‘bastards’ YOU are the one attracting bastards. Raise your game and attract a better quality of man. Stop settling for Mr Right Now (who incidentally is officially a complete bastard). Have some respect for yourself.

The conclusion of the conversation I had with my friend, was substance. The problem we have today is that we do things without putting any substance into it. It’s kind of like building a house, without putting in any foundations first. It probably looks great, but at the smallest hint of stress, it’s going to break.

The radical fem-bots (for example) have no substance. It’s all just ‘hit and hope’. Hit the public with an incendiary device like #KillAllMen and hope it doesn’t blow up in your face. Wasn’t Jesus a man? Joseph? Adam? God? How about ‘dad’? How come dad isn’t worth shit? So that argument has no merit whatsoever. It can only be designed to incite violence.

I suggested to my friend that perhaps our problem as a society was that we tend to complicate matters by over-simplifying.

We each take an issue and we fight like crazy to make that issue right. We don’t look at other issues that might just help with that and we certainly don’t encourage coalitions:

1% of the worlds elite hold 48% of the WORLDS finance, whilst 99% control the remaining 52%.

Big corporations are exempt from taxes, whilst everyday folk get higher and higher taxations.

Big corporations are rewarded for climate change, whilst new corporations trying to reduce carbon emissions are punished.

The answers to these problems are so easy, but how do we implement those?:

Raising the minimum wage reduces the financial monopoly of the elite and eases the choke-hold on the 99%.

More taxation on bigger corporations provides more funding for alternative fuel sources, reducing emissions and encourages new businesses.

New businesses at home means less reliance on foreign agencies, such as technology from China, products from Asia.

Having more businesses at home (meaning in our own countries, but whatever works for you) means a lesser demand for oil, which in turn takes away the ‘need’ for war and conflict which in turn reduces the amount of funding for military paraphernalia, such as replacing ‘lost’ weapons.

More support for sustainable energy reduces emissions and also promotes a healthier lifestyle, taking the pressure off healthcare and the environment.

Revolution means movement. Constantly revolving. It doesn’t necessarily mean going to war with our own. It means moving in the same direction. Coming together en mass. We are the 99%.

Perhaps if we could just stop pulling in different directions, we could start moving forward?

Stop buying shit you don’t need. Understand that your car/TV/mobile/PC etc still work, and therefore don’t need to be replaced. How can you complain that you have no money, that your Government is stealing what little you have when you are making your own arguments redundant like this:
Valentine’s Day Spending to Approach $19 Billion

If you want people to believe you have no money, STOP spending what you claim not to have!

Let the 99% organize a world boycott day, where nobody buys shit for just one day, all around the world. I wonder how much more damage that would do to the elite and those who control us, rather than arguing amongst ourselves over petty stuff that doesn’t make a blind bit of difference? Would the impact of NOT buying be enough to send a clear message, that WE are the ones that make the world turn?

Wouldn’t that be a great revolution?

Who is with me?


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