The Growing Rift Between America & Britain

Brilliant!! Thank God for that. Britain is finally taking a stand! I am very pleased to hear this. I have been very vocal on my opinion of the relationship between Great Britain and The United States of America.

Let me explain:

‘WHICH country has not made one mention of nuclear weapons? Which country has been treated like Americas bitch for far too long? Which country does America publicly claim to be allies with, yet leaves that country out of any serious negotiations?’

This article was written after a CIA operative told Russia to assassinate Putin. Couldn’t very well do it themselves, could they? Or could they? Why couldn’t they? Ah because….politics.

‘What I found interesting is that I-CIA-sis stated the next beheading would be a British man. What better way to get Britain to do EXACTLY what America want? Don’t forget Britain said they didn’t want a war with Russia. Of course THIS time, things have to be seen to be done ‘properly’.’

This is a trend with America. It seems they are not beyond manipulating their ‘allies’ to get what they want.

‘About time the administration got a slap down, and if the citizens are not bothered, well, why not?’

I wrote this article after researching just how many other countries are disillusioned with Americas policies.

‘THAT’S what the UK are doing. The facts of this issue don’t seem to matter. As long at the UK do what ‘big ‘brother’ does, then all is well in the world.’

Just pointing out the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mentality of the American Government.

‘In Afghanistan, some NATO contingents have fought hard — France has lost 86 troops, Canada 158, Britain 438‘

Britain lost more troops than the country America went on record as stating was it’s ‘closest ally’ – France. And some months later, there was a ‘terrorist’ attack on Charlie Hebdo. With friends like that….

‘I believe the Government have no idea of just how important their military is.’

But they realize just how important Britain’s is, don’t they? Funny that.

You know Britain, I am actually quite proud of you today. I don’t care WHY you cut your military budget (I know it will be connected to the reason why you cut your law enforcement budget), but I am proud that FINALLY you are doing something that America doesn’t approve of. Kudos. Perhaps you are not quite the lap-dog you were beginning to prove yourself to be. I wonder how much pressure they will put on you, to go back on your decision? And how long or quickly, that will be?

Dave (because he likes to be called Dave), I know in the past I have not been very nice to you. I have called you an imbecile, an idiot, a moron and a gob-shite, but I am quite prepared to take all that back, if you just stick to your guns (no pun) and stand your ground. Do NOT back down on this. My reasoning is perfectly simple and has a couple of issues behind it.

America spends more on its military than the next 12 countries. This is fact:


So, why does the USA rely on its allies to go to war? How come they can’t do it by themselves? What exactly have they spent that much on?

Obama runs America, NOT Britain. To me this is Cameron’s way of saying: I do not agree with all your policies on war and terrorism and from now on, I am looking after my own. You do what you like, but leave me out of it.

I might be wrong. After all, many countries are feeling the pinch aren’t they? But then if this IS the reason for these cuts, then Cameron can’t possibly back down, can he? Not without bankrupting the country. But then, this brings us back to eugenics. Can’t have a one world government, currency, etc, without first destroying everything we have now, can we?

Don’t believe me? Look at Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Russia, Europe. And now look at Venezuela:

Like I said brilliant. Go for it Britain. I know some of you will say Britain couldn’t survive without America. Really?

‘Queen Anne’s reign (1702–1714) was marked by the Duke of Marlborough’s victories over France at Blenheim, Oudenarde, and Malplaquet in the War of the Spanish Succession. England and Scotland meanwhile were joined by the Act of Union (1707). Upon the death of Anne, the distant claims of the elector of Hanover were recognized, and he became king of Great Britain and Ireland as George I. The unwillingness of the Hanoverian kings to rule resulted in the formation by the royal ministers of a cabinet, headed by a prime minister, which directed all public business. Abroad, the constant wars with France expanded the British Empire all over the globe, particularly in North America and India. This imperial growth was checked by the revolt of the American colonies (1775–1781).’

May 1, 1701 United Kingdom founded.

July 4, 1776 United States of America founded.

You know, I think Britain will be okay.

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