What Makes a Good Internet Spy?

Do you ever take an online test/quiz, that predicts stuff about yourself? You know like: Who were you in a past life? Or what job should you do? What is your IQ?

Well, I hear rumors that these tests/quizzes are really just a way of getting your information. There are rumors that it’s the good old NSA, rumors that it is Facebook. Some people even say it’s hackers. I can believe all of these things, but how do they work and how good are they really?

First of course, they have to be innocuous and of course, they have to look like fun, or at the very least interesting.

I have been looking at a few over the past couple of weeks, to see if I could determine which ones are the real McCoy and which ones are just blatantly after your info. Be warned, if you have children, you should probably forbid them from doing these tests and things, because I suspect it is true and here is why.

Let’s look at one that doesn’t ask you for anything relevant. I have picked this one at random:
Which Color Of The Rainbow Are You?

What do you like to do to relax?
Which Power Ranger do you like the best?
Which of these famous paintings would you want to hang in your home?
Complete this sentence: An eye for an eye ______.
What do you want to find at the end of the rainbow?
Do you consider yourself lucky?
Which of these Disney villains is the worst?
Which of these rainbow snacks would you rather eat?

Now, imagine that you are a kid. These questions sound pretty okay, don’t they? A fun way to spend a couple of minutes. But as an adult, look again. What do you like to do to relax? So, when we come to your home and you are not there, where can we find you? If we watch you leave your home, can you tell us where you will be, so we know how long we have?

Bit far-fetched, do you think? What about the painting question?

‘Art is a uniquely human activity associated fundamentally with symbolic and abstract cognition. Its practice in human societies throughout the world, coupled with seeming non-functionality, has led to three major brain theories of art. (1) The localized brain regions and pathways theory links art to multiple neural regions. (2) The display of art and its aesthetics theory is tied to the biological motivation of courtship signals and mate selection strategies in animals. (3) The evolutionary theory links the symbolic nature of art to critical pivotal brain changes in Homo sapiens supporting increased development of language and hierarchical social grouping. Collectively, these theories point to art as a multi-process cognition dependent on diverse brain regions and on redundancy in art-related functional representation.’


That means you can tell a lot about a person from looking at his collection of art. Okay, so two out of ten questions could just be random. Co-incidence. Have a look at the next one:
Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Life?

Who would you rather go to for advice?
Who would you prefer to be comforted by?
When do you argue with your loved ones?
Your plans get cancelled who do you call?
What are you doing at the family reunion?
Which generation was best for dating?
Which do you see the humor in?
Who can you tell your most personal secrets to?
Pick an alcoholic beverage to drink with a special person.

hm, so here, the objective seems to be, to find out who I am closest to. If I were in trouble, to whom would I turn? Who do I trust enough to tell my secrets to? Is that person reliable?

I am not sure how this would benefit anybody, except maybe answer a particular security type question. Incidentally and maybe I am just being super paranoid, all these ‘innocent’ tests and quizzes are on one website. Just one. Go figure. Let me see if I can find one that is a bit more intrusive:
How Do You See The World?

This should be interesting. How you see the world, could be how some-one could manipulate you, or your kids.

Pick the picture that moves you most:
Pick a picture that scares you most:
Pick the picture that inspires you most:
Pick the picture you want to be part of:
Pick one variation of the picture:
Pick the picture that most resembles a moment from your own life:
Pick a picture that most connects to your childhood:
Pick a picture that makes you think of the word ‘Trust’:

I bet you can see it now, can’t you? So I am telling who-ever exactly what is with me. I have told them what scares me, what will move me, what is missing in my life, what sticks in my mind whether as a child or an adult, what sort of child I was, and a surefire method for gaining my trust.

So be careful. We already know the spies are out on social networking sites. These tests and quizzes came from one of those sites and are all on one website:


There are hundreds of these quizzes and tests on this one site alone. Know what that means? The more you ‘play’, the more they know about you.

‘There’s very little overhead for PlayBuzz, because unpaid contributors — and pet Web sites, and lumber suppliers, and a network of more than a thousand media organizations, including Martha Stewart and MTV — do all the actual creating for them.

It also doesn’t have to market the quizzes and listicles these contributors produce. Because PlayBuzz encourages other sites to embed its content at will, and then loads those embeds with all kinds of social share buttons, it disperses to a wide and varied audience all on its own. Between June and September, the site’s Facebook shares ballooned from 2 million to more than 7.5 million — all with 26 employees and no marketing budget.’


Company Overview

Playbuzz Ltd. develops quiz making platform for publishers and brands. The company was formerly known as PlayChanger Media LTD. Playbuzz Ltd. was founded in 2012 and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Founded in 2012


Play changer? Is that like game changer? something that completely changes the way something is done, thought about, or made for example: Climate change is the most potent game-changer for businesses over the next century.

And who are the play changers in Israel?:

Mr. Shaul Olmert is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at PlayBuzz, LTD. Mr. Olmert served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Conduit Limited till July 2011. Mr. Olmert served as Vice President, Digital Products at MTV Networks, where he oversaw strategy, production, creative management, operations and business development for various digital businesses. He has also held several leadership positions with entertainment and financial organizations, including STI Ventures NV and casual games publisher Oberon Media, as well as start-up companies such as GameGround and SundaySky. Previously, he worked for two years as a Programmer and Web Developer for the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He co-founded and serves as Executive Director of GameRing Online Ltd. He completed a BA degree in Arts and Communications at The New School University in New York and a one-year certification program at The Academy for Media Studies in Ludwig burg, Germany. He earned a Master’s degree in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University.

Mr. Yaron Buznach is the Co-Founder at PlayBuzz, LTD. He serves as Vice President of Technology at GameRing Online Ltd. Mr. Buznach Founded Vollee Ltd., (formerly Game Stream) in 2005 and serves as its Chief Technical Officer. He Co-Founded Adwise and served as its Chief Technology Officer. He has more than 13 years experience in developing large-scale distributed server applications. He is one of Israel’s leading creative minds and the publisher of numerous cutting edge technology patents. As a former System designer and developer at a leading Internet Service Provider, Mr. Buznach has a recognized expertise in both internet technologies and applications. During his military service, he served as a communications engineer in a classified communications unit. He has extensive experience in digital communications, multiplexing, routing, monitoring and control, TCP/IP and programming. Mr. Buznach is also an experienced developer of digital and analog hardware. He is an IDF award winner.

Well, look at that now. Before we come back to this guy, is there anyone else on this board?

Mr. Tom Pachys is the Co-Founder of Playbuzz Ltd. and serves as its Chief Technology Officer.


Is that it? No background, no experience? Okay then. Back to Mr Yaron Buznach. He did his military service and specialised in ‘a classified communications unit’. He has EXTENSIVE (remember that) experience in digital communications, multiplexing, routing, monitoring and control, TCP/IP and programming.

So why is he on PlayBuzz? Do we really think nothing sinister is going on? He founded Vollee Ltd, and although it no longer exists, is there anything we should know about it?

‘Vollee is an Israeli and American technology company that develops software intended to allow users to remotely interact with CPU intensive PC applications by streaming input and output data back and forth across a network. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, its primary focus involves enabling PC games to be played on 3G compatible mobile phones.’

And there you have it. Tell me about those patents:

Application number: 20090081964
Abstract: The present invention relates to a method and system for managing audio data to be provided to a mobile device user, comprising: (a) one or more video streams with audio data to be run on a streaming server; (b) an audio data database comprising audio data for each video stream, wherein the corresponding audio data is automatically downloaded to user’s mobile device and stored therein, upon receiving a command from a user to start running the video stream to which said corresponding audio data is related; (c) a predefined data software component comprising predefined data commands for activating one or more corresponding sounds of the audio data downloaded and stored within said user’s mobile device; (d) a receiver for receiving said command from said user to start running the corresponding video stream; (e) a transmitter for transmitting commands to the mobile device to play one or more corresponding sounds of the downloaded audio data, according to the data provided by said predefined data software components
Filed: March 15, 2007
Issued: March 26, 2009
Assignee: VOLLEE LTD. et al
Inventor: Yaron Buznach

And who do we know that is using cameras and built in mics to monitor us?
“Big Brother is Watching You” – Cover Your Webcam, the NSA Can Turn it on Without You Knowing”

Application number: 20090238405
Abstract: The present invention relates to a system and method for determining and tracking one or more objects, or one or more image sections within each image of a video stream to be displayed on user’s mobile device, comprising: (a) one or more video streams to be run on a streaming server; (b) an image capture software component for capturing images of said one or more video streams, according to a first group of one or more sets of rules; (c) a receiver for receiving one or more commands generated by a user and transferring said commands to an extra-layer software component; (d) an extra-layer software component for: (d.1.) determining one or more objects or image sections within the captured images; (d.2.) tracking said objects or image sections within said captured images; and (d.3.
Type: Application
Filed: December 5, 2006
Issued: September 24, 2009
Inventor: Yaron Buznach

Method and system for injecting external content into computer network interactive sessions
Patent number: 6564243
Abstract: A method and system for injecting external content to a user’s client computer engaged in an interactive computer network session. A request for selected content from a user is intercepted and a decision is made whether to deliver external content to the user’s client computer in addition to the requested content. The method and system allow for local service providers such as ISPs to add their own content to sessions involving remote content suppliers.
Type: Grant
Filed: August 20, 1999
Issued: May 13, 2003
Assignee: Adwise Ltd.
Inventors: Meir Yedidia, Yaron Buznach

Did you read that? Did you pay special attention to this particular patent owned by Buznach? ‘ injecting external content to a user’s client computer engaged in an interactive computer network session’, ‘ is intercepted and a decision is made whether to deliver external content to the user’s client computer in addition to the requested content.’

Tell me I am wrong. Go on. I dare you.

Just be aware. Not everything is as it seems. and for crying out loud, WATCH what you and your children are doing online. Seems to me, you don’t have to be a genius to spy on people. You just need a website asking for them to willingly give out that information.
I despair sometimes. I really do.

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