“Who Will Make Me A Liar, And Make My Speech Nothing Worth?”

Actually you will. Two articles in two days? You lucky people. I was just watching some videos on YouTube and something struck me. It would seem that being caught on a lie has become so normal, that we don’t even question it anymore. Seriously all the below articles and reports have come out in just the last 8 days. No word of a lie:
Rand Paul Said He Has A Biology Degree. That’s A Lie


Apparently, he doesn’t have an English degree either. How did he get the degree he needed to become a doctor? well: ‘At that time Duke did not require students to have a bachelor degree to attend the medical school’. Really? Do we wonder why we put so much sway into what doctors tell us, if they only have half-baked slack ass methods of learning? I have a professional qualification in financing. Guess I could run The Federal Reserve, based on that, yes?
Busted: Kiev MP’s try to fool US senator with ‘proof’ of Russian tanks in Ukraine

He says that he got these pictures from a ‘number of sources’, but the only one he named was Lt Col Semen Semenchenkov. Yes, I know. Who is this guy right? Surprisingly (or maybe not) he is allegedly a ‘newly founded member of The Parliament of Ukraine’, so it should be easy to search for this guy right? I mean, he has a pretty recognizable name, doesn’t he?
Am I surprised?
What else has NBC News dug up on Brian Williams?

Somebody asked why does this matter? The argument given was that he is an anchorman and he just reads what’s put in front of him. Personally, I think this matters, because it wasn’t what he was given to read that is in question. It’s his integrity. We now know he is a born liar. Isn’t this proof that the media lie to us? Isn’t this clear evidence that the media believe they can spin us any old web of lies and we accept it? This guy built his reputation on lies and yet, are we supposed to ignore that because he can read well? Get real. He made himself look like a hero off the backs off people who did actually die ‘defending’ their country. Heinous.
Obama pretended to oppose gay marriage to win votes, says former adviser

Of course, we expect politicians to lie to us, don’t we? We have known practically since voting began, that it was based on deception. Isn’t that what being a politician is all about? You promise people anything they want to hear, they vote for you and then do fuck all about those promises? You should read my article for my opinion on this (if you want, you don’t have to. I suspect it’s the same as your opinion anyway):
Fox News Caught Reading RNC Memo Word For Word

Big deal. I have no idea why this is news. So what if Hilary is taking a break from her ‘yes I am, no I am not’ campaign for building boredom over her presidential candidacy?
Missouri Attorney General Calls For Revival Of Gas Chambers

The pro LIFE party are calling for the GAS CHAMBER to be revived. That’s normal. No irony here. The Gas Chamber? Now what do I remember about this?
‘The prisoner is instructed to breathe deeply to speed up the process. Most prisoners, however, try to hold their breath, and some struggle. The inmate does not lose consciousness immediately. “At first there is evidence of extreme horror, pain, and strangling. The eyes pop. The skin turns purple and the victim begins to drool.” (Weisberg, 1991) “The person is unquestionably experiencing pain and extreme anxiety…The sensation is similar to the pain felt by a person during a heart attack, where essentially the heart is being deprived of oxygen.” The inmate dies from hypoxia, the cutting-off of oxygen to the brain. (Weisberg, 1991).’ http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/descriptions-execution-methods#gas
Oh.. so why do they want to bring this back? Because one time (or maybe a couple, I imagine it’s a professional hazard), a prisoner suffered when being lethally injected. Can’t have that now, can we? Can’t let the death-row inmates suffer, good to see those ‘priorities’ kicking in.
Oregon Governor Says He Wont Resign

He wont resign. Good for him. Standing on his principles. Why should he resign when so many others haven’t? I mean, if we are to ‘follow the rules’ Obama should have resigned. Dick Cheney didn’t resign when he shot his friend in the face, now did he? This Governor ‘has been in talks’ with everyone and doesn’t feel he needs to step down.
‘He appears to be the first Oregon governor to face an AG investigation. He is also under review by the Oregon Government Ethics Commission, although it is on hold until Rosenblum completes her work’ http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2015/02/13/oregon-governor-resigns/23365451/?utm_source=feedblitz&utm_medium=FeedBlitzRss&utm_campaign=usatoday-newstopstories
24 hours later. Bye bye principles. It sure was nice to know ya.
Obama: US rose to challenge to fight Ebola

No. I am pretty sure it was based on fear and not science. Remember?

Scare mongering is a way of life.
FBI Official: We Need to “Keep Fear Alive” to Justify Terror Budget

Well, it seems the lies just never stop, doesn’t it? Don’t forget, this was just last week.
Utility Commissioner’s Emails Reveal Smart Meter Conspiracy

http://theantimedia.org/utility-commissioners-emails-reveal-smart-meter-conspiracy/ ‘As part of a federal and state investigation into what appears to be systemic corruption involving former senior executives at PG&E and the California Public Utilities Commission, 65,000 emails have been publicly released, revealing collusion and conspiracy.’
I am beginning to think, so what? Everybody knows nothing will happen. There is a new term out in the US right now. ‘Too big to jail’. I guess all these lies are coming out at once so that we become DE-sensitized, or apathetic you know? It’s a very clever way of ‘herding the sheep’.
Greek MP Offered Bribe For Presidential Vote

Marines destroyed weapons before leaving Yemen, military says

Did they? Did they really? Because that’s not what I heard. I heard that:
US Military Lose $400 Million Worth Of Weapons In Yemen

Destroyed/lost – same, same. You know what’s interesting? Last week, I didn’t get a single notification that it was International Bullshit Week. Did you? Is there anything more, or are we done with the lies?
6000% Increase in Cancer Rates at Fukushima Site.Hushed up by international governments


Great. Thanks for that. 6 THOUSAND %! How come not one single person (in the higher ups, that is) has asked:

How much damage will this do to America and it’s citizens? Should we be concerned? Could we offer some sort of help, being that we have so many nuclear reactors that we absolutely know what needs to be done to try and contain this? Could we not cut off our noses to spite our own faces and just GIVE aid to the Japanese, just this once, maybe? Could we spin it so that it sounds like ‘helping you, is helping us’?

Is there anybody out there that firmly believes the weather and the water are solely confined to the Japanese coastline? That the winds and the tides couldn’t possibly move beyond the invisible barriers that are set up in the minds of these people who just don’t really care whether you live or die? Or maybe I just answered my own question there.

So that was what I found out whilst surfing the net. I wasn’t even looking for any of it. It just sprung up and said hello I am here. When you watch the news on TV or read the papers, you tend not to see these things quite so clearly, and even I only saw it, because I was filtering out all the crap I don’t really care about (Uma Thurman’s new face, Kanye’s new clothes line), and these were the stories that were left. I put them all right here, so you could see it, as a whole. So that YOU know, just how stupid your Government really believes you are.

Except one. There is only one story that I hope and pray, is a lie, or based in deceit. I really do. And it’s this one:

Now that is sad.

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