Why Are People So Afraid To Voice An Opinion?

Everywhere you go lately, there seems to be somebody who just wants to have an argument, doesn’t there?

I mean, you could stand up and say the sky is blue, and pound to a penny, some-one will call you crazy.

I was reading a thread on a friends wall tonight. I asked her what she was talking about and she sent me a YouTube clip. Now this friend and I are both similar in our thinking, so I am okay with opening my mind to this ‘new’ suggestion.

There is this guy called Math Boylan and he is or was a graphics engineer for NASA. First question. What does a graphics engineer do?:

Graphics engineers create integrated graphics and visual effects systems that are used in the design and development of software applications, such as video games and operating systems. In terms of occupational focus, they are most closely associated with computer hardware engineers and software developers.

In particular, graphics engineers write code in various programming languages to create a visual user interface for systems software or end-user programs. They may also consult with art directors, graphic designers and other related professionals to provide them with the computer tools and software they need to produce motion graphics and visuals.

Do you remember the ‘good old days’ of comic books? They are not called that anymore. They are now called GRAPHIC Novels.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. So what is this Math guy (short for Matthew) doing with himself now? Well, first of all, I was disgusted. He looks like Denis Leary. Don’t get me wrong, I like Denis (still laughing over the ‘he’s a Asshole’ advert), but I really don’t like wannabes.

Math claims to be a comedian. He is not funny. The first video included him talking whilst trying to eat a pink grapefruit. The second is him drinking beer whilst filming his crotch and trying to sound deep and meaningful. Not easy when you are mumbling and trying not to slur your words. The third video was him doing lectures, whilst chain-smoking and insulting people. Why did I continue watching?

Many years ago in school, I attended a lecture. I forget what it was about because it was so dull and I admit I am easily distracted, however there was one single event that has stayed with me to this day.

We were shown a picture. It was a young man with a green Mohawk, wearing a leather jacket with chains and studs and these calf length Doc Martins over really tight skinny jeans. He is what some people call a yobbo or a head banger or a skin head. He was moving swiftly towards a little old man, who seemed quite frightened. Mohawk guy looked very intimidating. We were asked what feelings that image provoked and we agreed, animosity, concern, fear.

The lecturer then showed us the rest of the picture. Behind the old man were a couple of builders who were using a pulley to winch some bricks or something up the front of a building. The rope had broken and the Mohawk guy, having seen this, was about to save the old guys life.

Every day since that lecture, I have tried to look past the surface, knowing that not everything is as it seems.

So this is why I continued to watch the videos. And I am sort of glad I did. The first question this guy asked was how do you know the images you have seen, which you are told is the Earth, is true?

He has a point. I have never been into space. How would I know what Planet Earth looked like?

If you have read a single article on this blog, you will know how I feel when The Governments decree what we should and shouldn’t know.

Now, okay yes I know there are some people out there who do believe the world is flat. I am not going that far out of reality, but again, going back to this ‘Graphic Engineer for NASA’, why would I question him? Well, whilst he does have a couple of valid points, I do have to play devils advocate. I read his FB timeline. I am surprised to note what he claims to have accomplished:

Hi, I thought I would call myself a wizard. My name is Math Powerland. I am here because I have a different way of seeing the world. I want to share it.
painting since the age of 3 years old.
began exhibiting and selling in galleries age of 14.
courted by all Universities to pursue a BA in fine Arts decided to study philosophy and Political Science as I was already a professional artist. museum of Fine Arts rental gallery age 19. All other aptitudes and expertise came as a result of necessity boredom and a deep concern for a mass misprogramming by other monarchs of humanity in order to have them culled sterilized ready to serve 2001 September 11th began painting floorsBegan painting floors? Is that some sort of code? The day the twin towers came down? How did he go from painting floors to working for NASA? I can’t seem to find anything that suggests he did work there though, and that’s a problem. He doesn’t mention it on any of his sites or accounts.He also added in his about section that Facebook disclaimer crap. You know the one I mean:


Okay, I am surprised that some-one who is this smart doesn’t know this ‘disclaimer’ is bullshit. To suggest that this disclaimer has merit, is to imply that every individual about section in a persons Timeline or on a page, is actually read and noted, or that Facebook will comply. And we know that’s not true, don’t we kids? Also, the spelling mistakes are everywhere. I am not a rocket scientist either, but I know how spell checker works:

I have hard evidence the earth is flat and infinite, that everyone ‘s been lied to and brainwashed. The picture of the earth from space, they claim they took on Apollo 11 and other missions to the looney surface, was to prove Copernicus, that the earth is a ball and the sun is fixed. Fixed like a cat they say. For over 450 years they repeated it , the public unassuming ,accepted it without proof, without anyone reaching even crossing either North or South POLE without the invention the airplane , or mere air ballon , just intellectually hyperbole and stuffy equations , and the invisible inconclusive force of gravity. It would not be until 400 years after saying it was a ball a human would claim to craft a vessel to reach high enough to see finally if it was. And If it wasn’t after all that, do you really think they would tell you? Even the south pole had not been fully crossed and they would claim to set foot on the moon. The photo of the earth taken from that mission and all others to the moon are in my expert, humble opinion obviously, certifiably , paintings. Regardless, how would you know ? You’ve never and never will see it from that POV. And no, richard branson’s 1st class space travel won’t happen it will not be high enough either, and will never get off the ground to the masses. Only the fiat fat rosy rich club of society sirs and heritage handlers will be able to ride that herring in the sky.Antarctica is the beginning of a new world, an endless ice sheet. Beyond which are other massive sections like the one we are in here that we call earth, it is round as we are only in a round section, going around and around in circles . No commercial air crafts skip a shortcut under the south pole to get from South America to say Australia or Africa faster , like some do over the north cap. The UN flag is a legal tender diagram and to scale map of the earth you think is a ball from pictures you’re mind has been conditioned to think are real but you have never seen from that point of view.It is this real legal shape of earthly real estate you call your world earth, or the globe inwhich you live on . You are indeed in a section of a much larger surface area. The Sun is rotating around a magnetic north , which is caused by massive magnetic meteor that is under the earth’s crust at what we call the magnetic North. The conduction between this sinking rock and the sun is what spins the sun and tempers its velocity at varying speeds through out the seasons. The endless wasteland of ice called the south pole is that last white rung on the UN flag diagram of the flat earth. The South pole is in fact 360 degrees around us . Compasses , energy, physics all work in this model but it is bigger, more stable and inertia is a product of heat rising and then stopping as it meets another dimension , cold , which is descending. We are between 2 temperature fields, it gets colder as we go higher , the cold gaseous state above and the hot liquid state is below us: lava magma, the earth’s furnace below . In the middle of these 2 dimensions is life , where we exist and subsist . The two thrust onto each other in the universe and their meeting creates the galactic plate, or the floor of the universe. The question ought not be what time or what place is it but rather, what dimension are we , or what dimensions are we in between? As everything is in between even sleeping versus awake state. These geothermal sections of continental life are endless across the plate , like petri dishes of social and biological engineering, perhaps by aliens delegated through human monarchs, or just an elite that have stopped the divulgation of all new aquisitions of land mass to the present earthly public. Herein the lunar missions all land of earth has been discovered don’t go looking beyond the photo. Why tell the slaves there’s more land if every time we send them there to new land they are simply to revolt like the Americans did ? What would happen to the markets if abundance of everything due to more land mass and soil was revealed? Scarcity would no longer rule the economies and the rich would be valueless. Scarcity root word being , scare. The stars you see at night all around , are enclosing very slowly on us . Some fall and whither away diminishing as they approach the massive radiation belt we call the Van Allen belt or ionosphere under Tesla , other stars are huge and enter into a geo-conductive relationship with larger submerging magnetic rocks , which were once meteors. These meteors have been thrust from the cold dimension by the descending weight-force of cold pressure hurtling the rock toward the plate. They pierce the plate melting it on impact . They float above the magma underneath resting in the ice and through it’s magnetized field on Van Allen entry attracts the magma toward its center in a geothermal convection. Each of these rocks are now sinking poles without stars . They can be completely subsumed unless a star sun hurtles down from space inward toward the plate. As these stars, suns, hurtle inward and pass a sinking magnetized rock, they enter a geo-magnetic orbital relationship with the submerging magnetized rock thus creating a northern pole and lifting the rock back up from its sinking trajectory into the magma below. As this sun rotates around it at approximately 500 – 1000 km in altitude it begins to cast a path of light on the area around the magnetic rock creating a flashlight affect as it rotates in a magnetic orbit around the pole , thus day on one side and night on the other , the time depending on the point of which the star sun will be as it hovers in its rotational path around the magnetic sinking rock. Orbital convection of geothermal attraction is produced and a higher charge of ground level electricity melts the top layer of ice thrusted apart and upward by the impact releasing volcanic activity from below. Exposed to the gaseous upper cold dimension the magma hardens and releases Carbon Dioxide , hydrogen , and every other building block of life that is trapped throughout the ice shelf of the infinitely expanding galactic firmament and the magma composites below. The magma hardens into tectonic plates. Within these plates will be the residue of the melted ice forming our oceans. Therefore all stars rotate around other pockets of earth-like sections across this infinite flat plane. Our earth section rests upon it. If you don’t believe me look at the UN flag, that’s the shape of your earth . So technically, they are telling you in your face legally, and aren’t lying. You are simply in a section folks of a much bigger piece of real estate.

Who is Math Boylan?


‘Floor resurfacing solutions with innovative floor designs and murals, extensive knowledge in high end coatings finishes epoxies, paints and their alchemy , unique exclusive access to the world’s most durable zero toxic glass finish epoxy, surface and geometry expert, murals, interior landscapes of art and design, music production film making, editing (final cut) protools, marketing, forging new markets, marketing, graphics, professional speaker, scientist, political activist and scientist, composer, martial arts expertise, professional stand up comedian and actor in french and english markets, business strategist, space enhancer, carpentry,

Specialties:paint, composition , high realist, perception, hyper-vision, intuition, assessment , time management, meeting deadlines with perfect results’


‘Maestro Math Art , music , design, life. the comedy of pleasures the genious of innovation the battles of risking to learn the glory of being totally yourself’.


And here is my next issue. Some of these credentials just don’t add up. Although I have been searching for over an hour now, I can find many people who SAY Matthew Boylan aka Math Boylan aka Math Powerland aka a wizard worked for NASA, he even says it himself. I just can’t find anything to support that claim.

That being said, can we disregard what he has to say? well, without the proof (and I mean going into outer space ourselves and taking pics with our own cameras) the answer has to be no.

But then I saw something else. This gives more credence to the theory the Earth is not round, like a perfect (un-deflated) ball:

I believe John Lennon. Always have done. I also believe in the Winter and Summer Solstices. I believe in Stonehenge. I believe it is connected to the Solstices, so this theory does have some merit. However, I still don’t believe the world is flat.

And that brings me to the point of this blog. Take Alex Jones and Info-wars. Does Info-wars lack merit because they stand up and say what no-one else wants to? Or just because they stand up and say something period?

At what point does a conspiracy become a fact? Even today, we see The Government admit to things like Chemtrails and yet STILL people call it conspiracy.

Imagine if more people were less inclined to argue just ‘for argument’s sake’, and instead said, I don’t know, but I am prepared to keep an open mind about it.

I want to hear your thoughts on this. I want you to show me proof either way. Is the Earth ball-shaped, pear-shaped. flat, square or none of the above?

Why do you think that and do you have a basis for your theory/opinion?

Come on, put your neck on the block. I promise I wont cut your head off.


*UPDATE* July 9, 2015:

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