Conservative/Labour/None of The Above?

1. disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.

2. cautiously moderate or purposefully low: a conservative estimate.
3. traditional in style or manner; avoiding novelty or showiness: conservative suit.
4. (often initial capital letter) of or relating to the Conservative party.
5. (initial capital letter) of, relating to, or characteristic of Conservative Jews or Conservative Judaism.
6. having the power or tendency to conserve or preserve.
In a previous article, I looked at the UKIP party with regards to the upcoming elections. Today I want to look at the two main players,  Conservative (Blue) and Labour (Red).
I put the definition of the word conservative at the beginning of this article, because I want you to be crystal clear about what it is supposed to mean and then I want you to look at the proposals the blues have offered in order to get re-elected. Then tell me they mean the same thing.

Today I was sent three articles all about the Blues and the Reds. I would loved to say I was horrified, but after spending over a year looking at US politics, I am sad to say, this is not the case. As I have always said, it appears the UK are merely copying what Big Brother is doing. That is sad. Sad that we have no mind of our own, that we can’t seem to make our own decisions. Let me show you what I read today.

In April of this year, conservative Prime Minister David Cameron outlined his proposals for the 2015 elections:

David Cameron: Conservatives offering ‘a good life’ for all

‘He pledged to pass a law to keep minimum wage workers out of tax, double free childcare to 30 hours a week and boost “right to buy” home ownership.

“We are the party of the working people offering you security at every stage of your life,” he said.

His goal over the next five years, he said, was to “turn the good news on our economy into a good life for you and your family”.

(Read Full Story Here)

“They’re about realizing the potential of Britain, not as a debt-addicted, welfare-burdened, steadily declining, once great nation, which is what we found. But a country where a good life is there for everyone willing to work for it.”

**Just a quick note for those who are not familiar on UK politics and the parties involved. LABOUR are the party of working people. It’s all right there, in the names: Labour/Conservative/Liberal Democrats. So, clearly Cameron is muddying the waters straight away, unless he is suggesting a bi-partisan approach to running the country? Somehow I doubt that. We seem to forget that Conservatives do NOT run this country alone. They only won the last elections because they became a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, so it was a coalition, not an outright win for the blues. To me that is very important. Whilst they had to rely on another party to get the win last time, what if they can not secure that same co-operation this time?**

‘But Mr Miliband said the Conservatives had “absolutely no idea” how this and other spending commitments, including a £350m pledge to double the amount of state-subsidised childcare for three and four year-olds, would be funded.

“The reality about the Conservatives is that they are the party not of working people, from first to last and always, they are the party of the richest in our society and that is absolutely the case with what they are saying today,” he said.’

Sadly, I do have an idea about those spending commitments. And so does Cameron.

‘In the 2010-2015 parliament, the coalition government raised taxes by £64.3 billion. It also raised VAT from 17.5% to 20%, which hit the poorest the hardest. The Conservative Party has promised that if elected it will not raise income tax rates, VAT or national insurance contributions. Labour has also promised not to raise the basic rate of income tax, national insurance or VAT. This may appease middle classes but does not reduce the amount of taxation on the less well-off.

The poor rely on tax credits and social security benefits, but there is little help there. All three main parties are committed to reducing government expenditure, though there is little detail about what is to be cut. The Conservatives have said they will cut public expenditure by an average of £12 billion a year during the life of the next parliament, but are not saying where the axe will fall. Labour meanwhile has promised to protect the value of tax credits given to working poor, but that guarantee does not apply to all other benefits.’

(Read Full Story Here)

The articles I received today look more closely at this paragraph, in particular that line ‘does not apply to all other benefits.’

In June of last year, MacMillan posted this story:

Thousands of Cancer Patients Wait For Six Months or More For Disability Benefits

‘Waiting to benefit – the first-ever report looking at the impact of the new disability benefit for cancer patients – surveyed 210 cancer patients who have been supported by Macmillan’s benefits advice services. The report shows the detrimental impact these benefit delays are having on cancer patients:

• Over half (56%) found their finances took a hit

• Two fifths (40%) were unable to adequately heat their homes

• One in three (34%) felt the delays had resulted in mental health problems such as anxiety or depression’

(Read Full Story Here)

 Are these the types of ‘working poor’ that the Blues and the Reds want to ‘protect’?. Well it appears not:

Shocking Cameron’s Britain: terminal cancer patients told to work or starve

(Read Full Story Here)

There are many witness statements on this page, so please do go read them all. Essentially every statement says the same thing – If you have more than 6 months to live, you are required to look for work, or your benefits will be stopped.

Many people in the UK have been forced to stop Chemotherapy treatment due to this ridiculous financial situation created by the coalition.

This .PDF document goes further into explaining this situation.

Universal Credit: The Problem of Delay in Benefit Payments

(Link Here)

Do you think they could make it any worse than this? You’re right. And they did:

Rochdale coma woman Sheila Holt told to ‘find work’

Ms Holt’s father Ken said her last job was 27 years ago and last year she was forced to go on a job-seeking course for eight days.

After each day she became more and more agitated until she “cracked” her father said, and was hospitalised following a “manic episode”.

But while in hospital she suffered a heart attack on 17 December last year and is still in a coma after suffering brain damage.

He said: “If they had left her alone she would not be in this condition. They were threatening her with cuts and she needs the benefits.’

(Read Full Story Here)

I understand that there are many people claiming to be ill, in order to get as much ‘free’ money as they can, to do nothing. I also understand that there are people who will use any means possible to make their case look authentic:


I also understand that there are women out there, who choose to spend their lives in perpetual pregnancy, churning out babies for years, just to claim benefits:

Britain’s biggest benefits families: TV documentary reveals the supersized broods who cost taxpayers thousands – but say having hordes of children is a human right

(Read Full Story Here)

So tell me, who exactly are the Blues and the Reds protecting here? It’s an age-old problem true. I personally, and this is only my own personal opinion (it does not reflect the opinions of any of the admins connected to this website or any of the pages we own), that we should adopt some of the rules they have in China. Should every family be ‘allowed’ to only have two children, surely the cost of benefits would dramatically decrease and wouldn’t that mean that those cancer patients who are currently dying for support, would actually GET that support?

Well, apparently no it doesn’t work like that. Apparently, it works like this:

Dozens of MPs rent out their London homes – while claiming more than £1.3million in expenses from taxpayers for hotel rooms

  • 46 MPs used expenses loophole, which is not against parliamentary rules
  • Allowed to claim £20,600 a year in London rent and £150 a night for hotels 
  • Mortgage claim ban forced them to let out second homes, MPs said

(Read Full Story Here)

So, where is the money coming from that will save us all? I don’t imagine there is enough money from terminal illness, but perhaps there is a plentiful amount in the givers of health care?:

‘Tory scorched earth policy’: National Health Service signs biggest-ever privatization deal’

‘The deal, worth up to £780 million, will see 11 private firms perform heart and joint surgery, carry out scans and provide diagnostic tests for patients from mobile medical facilities.

 ‘The Guardian calculates the four-year deal could secure the firms a maximum profit of £780 million, comprising of five national contracts of £240 million, £160 million, £240 million, £80 million and £60 million, respectively.’

(Read Full Story Here)

And THAT is how they will ‘save’ the country. Now I want you to ask yourself:

Is this what ‘Conservative’ means to you?

Please people PLEASE – Don’t vote! This is not the Britain you should be supporting. Ultimately, those people who are voting Conservatives in, are the ones responsible for taking away much-needed funds to aid cancer patients. You are the ones that are throwing money away on scroungers.

To Cameron I would say this: Be Conservative, but always remember what that word means. Always! It is supposed to be what you stand for. It is the name of the party you lead. Use it, or change your party name to: ‘Don’t care, Won’t Care’ or ‘Robbing Greedy Bastards’ (catchy, I like it) or ‘Thieves Are Us’.

I wanted to look at Labour today, but I might have to postpone that one. My stomach is not that strong. Instead, I am going to give the last word to a very popular young Englishman. It is my opinion that he speaks more ‘for the people’ than any Governmental agency. If only there were more people like this guy around, perhaps we could avert this disaster in the making:

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