Is Russia Ready For War With The US?

Originally posted on Apr 17th 2015
Did you know Russia have military just off the US coastline? Did you know that the USA are preparing for a ‘training exercise’ in 10 States? Did you know that a few of those States just happen to be the same States that opened the borders to and welcomed in the immigrants? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist does it?

The US Government have told us many times they fear a terrorist attack from those borders. They never once said it would be Russia, though did they? They manipulate MSM so that everybody watching would automatically assume it would be ISIS. Nobody ever thought to look for people who looked like us, but maybe a little paler. Admit it, we have been expecting the terrorist to be a little more obvious, haven’t we? A little more ‘extremist militant’ looking. Do you really think Jade Helm 15 is about training? If you do, I refer to back to Operation Bright Star:

‘Bright Star is a joint / combined exercise involving tactical air, ground, naval and special operations forces field training. Conducted every two years, Bright Star is designed to enhance military cooperation among U.S. and coalition partners, by strengthening joint commitment to regional stability and mutual interests. Participants include forces from: Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States. The exercise is an important part of U.S. Central Command’s theater engagement strategy, and is designed to improve readiness and interoperability and strengthen relationships between US, Egyptian and participating forces. The exercise began in the early 1980s and is one of many military exercises Central Command conducts in its area of responsibility, which validates training and demonstrates U.S. capability to respond to various contingencies.’

Right so let’s start at the beginning shall we? There is a theory that America are trying to trick China or Russia into attacking the USA.

‘Russia blasts Obama for planned ‘act of aggression’ against ISIS as Iran and Syria warn he could trigger ‘first sparks of fire’ in the Middle East

‘Iranian and Syrian officials slammed the White House for excluding them from an international coalition formed to destroy the terror group.

Later in the day, the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin – a key ally of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad – warned the U.S.that it would be an ‘act of aggression’ and ‘a gross violation of international law.”

Okay let me go back a bit. How do we know that this is what Obama is planning? Do you remember this article?

As you can see from the link above, everything that was stated in the one paragraph I quoted, is happening right now. So let me show you what else it said.

I am going to show you one letter. Just one. I will remove the names of the people in this letter (except one), as I want to be real clear, but I will leave in the places mentioned in the letter I am about to show you. You will see that I have put an * in parts and at the bottom of the letter, I will show you why I believe this is important:

‘Dear [Name],

When we last met, we agreed that I should check on the situation in Damascus*. I have been here for two weeks now and am satisfied that all is as it should be. [Name] is popular, with few challenges to his leadership, and none that he cannot handle. The peace plan goes ahead without interruption. There are several elements violently opposed to it, of course, but when I spoke to [Name], he assured me they can be contained’.

‘At 11.00am on 3 March, General [Name] will start to move his troops back to the positions agreed in the treaty document, just as [Name] begins his speech in the Dome of The Rock. There will be international observers in place to report the Syrian forces* have been moved in preparation for the fixing of the new borders by the afternoons agreement.

At 11:30, just after [Name] finishes, but just before [Name] makes his move, your command headquarters in the Golan sector* will receive an intelligence report transmitted from Aleppo* to the effect that Syrian troops* are moving towards territory under Israeli control*. You should order two battalions to advance in readiness for a possible attack*. I think you should let your staff know you are notifying Jerusalem immediately if what is happening, but our people will make sure that your message is intercepted.

At 11:45, a message will be relayed to your command post indicating that the Syrian force has launched an assault on Israeli forces* forward positions to the south of you.

At that point, I suggest you experience a total communications blackout.* [Name] tells me he can arrange something along those lines without much difficulty. At 11:50, you will order your men to attack. Once the two sides have exchanged fire, [Name] can re-establish communications with you.

From that point on, everything will go according to plan worked out between us in December. Please ensure [Name], [Name] and [Name] are all certain of their duties. I am particularly concerned that [Name] be one hundred per cent sure that all Israeli nuclear weapons are inoperative by that date* – if he cannot guarantee this by 1 March, we may have to fall back on Plan B, but as you know I would prefer to avoid the delay this would involve. [Name] may be popular, but his control is still too uncertain to allow us to waste time. There may not be a second chance if we fail on 3 March.

Please be sure the timetable for that day is adhered to scrupulously. Once [Name] has acted, there can be no going back. The Israelis must be shown to be the aggressors from the start. [Name] will ensure that complete control in Damascus by 11.30, but it is vital that Syrian troops be in control* of as large a portion of Israel territory as possible before other Arab forces enter the war*. The invasion will have moral legitimacy, but without actual possession of territory, this will amount to nothing in the subsequent negotiations. We must have enough land to be able to offer concessions to the Jordanians and the PLO in the east*, whilst retaining all other regions for our exclusive use. Ideally, we need to keep overall control of all regions currently inhabited by Jews, since they will be essential to us as our labour force during the first phase of occupation and Syrianization*.

As you may know [Name] has been looking more closely at the question of legitimization. Our best argument, he feels, will be to reverse the Zionist claim to the region which is based on nothing more than biblical texts.

As I said in my last letter our biggest problems are going to be justification and control. I heard a few days ago from [Name] in Washington about the present situation of the Arab lobby there, and he thinks the Zionists have been considerably weakened* in the past year or so. It will not be easy, of course, but he thinks that if we can manage the initial takeover without too much bloodshed, the Americans can probably be persuaded to accept the whole thing as a fait accompli. The Jewish lobby will go crazy that’s obvious, but they’ve made a lot of people impatient there recently, especially since Lebanon, and they’ll find it an uphill push. What American politics lose in Jewish votes, they will get back in deals with the Arab world*. The main thing will be for us to insist on a pro western, anti communist stance right from the beginning. That way our victory will be seen as a plus rather than a minus. In fact, we’ll soon be regarded as having removed a long-standing thorn in everyone’s flesh. If Syrian control puts an effective end to tension in the region, there’s no reason why the entire world – and I include the soviets – should not feel grateful to us for what we have done.

But control will be more difficult. You know the Israelis better than I do, and I think you are right when you say they’ll take a Masada-top view of the situation: better to go out fighting to the last man than let yourself fall into the hands of the enemy. Please be careful how you set up the internment camps*. We can’t afford to give the wrong impression, otherwise we’ll lose the goodwill of all the people we’re trying to make see our action in a favorable light. No hints of concentration camps. Internees will be restricted to known terrorists, and there must be provision made for the rapid trial of cases. The Labour camps should be guarded discreetly and made to look as much like simple continuations of the existing kibbutzim* as possible.

We will, of course, have to transfer a certain percentage of the population, Can we consult at greater length on this once control has been established? I’d like to work out a scheme for bringing back Palestinian refugees direct from the camps or from places like the Gaza Strip and displacing Jewish settlers who have taken what was clearly Arab land in 1948. That will make a good start. I’d like the Jewish refugees to stay within Arab jurisdiction if possible, however, since they could cause problems if allowed to go to Europe or America and join forces with other Jews there.

The main thing at this stage is to be sure everything is ready for 3 March. There must be no hitches. Your people in the air-force must ensure the sabotage operation goes ahead smoothly, otherwise we may have problems. If you think that’s a weak spot, see if you can do something to remedy it, even at this stage. I know you are still unhappy about the young men you sent from Iram recently but I have worked with others from the city for several years and I can assure you they are well-trained and absolutely reliable. They need time to adjust to their environment, that’s all.

I will see you before I leave for Iram. If only Hajj Amin* were alive to see this day. In his name, then: this year in Jerusalem.


Crisis of Confidence Surfaces Between Damascus and de Mistura

Syrian Forces –

Hezbollah and Syrian army take new ground near Israeli border

Golan Sector/Aleppo/Israeli control –

Netanyahu: Iran Opens Third Front against Israel on Golan

Communications blackout –

Internet ‘Kill Switch’ Would Give President Power To Shut Down The Web

Sanctions on Israel –

Obama makes ‘1st move’ toward ‘sanctions’ on Israel

Syrian troops in control –

Syria says it reserves right to invade Golan Heights

Arab forces enter the war –

As US lets Yemen fall, Israeli ire pales next to Arab fury

Concessions to the Jordanians and PLO in the east –

Houthi Militants Protest After Saudi Airstrikes in Yemen



UN report finds Islamic State is undergoing a ‘Syrian-ization’

Zionists considerably weakened –

Did Israel Weaken Hamas?

American deals with the Arab World –

Like Israel, U.S. Arab Allies Fear Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal

Concentration/Internees camps Kibbutzim –

Hajj Amin –

Hajj Amin al-Husayni: The Mufti of Jerusalem

So what has all this to do with Russia’s potential attack on America? Lets remove the names of the places mentioned in the letter above, and insert some different places:

Substitute Damascus for America –

US-Backed Syrian Opposition Won’t Attend US-Backed Peace Talks

‘On the surface this is unsurprising, as the SNC similarly boycotted the January talks. Yet after those talks failed, the US subsequently backed the next round of Moscow talks, saying a settlement was necessary for ending the civil war.

It was a huge shift for the US to back the talks, and it is likewise a significant shift for the SNC to continue a boycott against the expressed policy of the US government, which continues to bankroll it’

Syrian Forces for Russian Forces –

Obama’s Foreign Troop Martial Law Occupation Forces Are Already Here

‘DHS, along with its acquisition of 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition and its 2700 armored personnel carriers, is the executive head of this new army of unconstitutional thugs which will head the upcoming martial law enforcement troops. The other two parts of this force would be the Chinese and Russian soldiers who are presently training on American soil and have been for some time.’

Golan Sector/Aleppo/Israeli control changes to China, Russia and India –

China, Russia and India: A Budding Alliance against America?

‘India is not a pro-Western democratic bulwark, and never will be.

India has one true strategic partner – Russia. That relationship is deep, multifaceted and as old as ANZUS. Modi calls Russia “a pillar of strength” and India’s “most important defence partner.” Russia has supplied a significant portion of India’s military hardware, is supplying most of India’s nuclear reactors, and continues to play a significant role in India’s military-industrial complex, including submarine and ballistic missile programs. Likewise, Russia’s relationship with China is “the best it’s been in 450 years.’

Once you remove the immediate barnacles in the China-India relationship, an interesting coalescence of interests emerge between China, India and Russia.’

Change Syrians Troops in control to Russian Troops in control –

5 Russian Weapons of War America Should Fear

‘The bottom line is that the United States is not going to engage Russia in a war—however it might face Russian weapons during a conventional conflict where those weapons have been sold abroad. Therefore, the article won’t address the most obviously dangerous Russian weapons—such as nuclear weapons or nuclear-powered submarines—but will instead focus on systems that American forces may realistically face in combat one day.’

Arab Force enter the war, change to Turkey forces to enter the war –

Turkey Sees Russia as ‘Rising Power’ – Turkish Economist

‘In December 2014, Russia closed its long-time South Stream project, citing Brussels’ opposition to the gas pipeline. Instead, Russian energy giant Gazprom and Turkish pipeline corporation Botas agreed to construct a Black Sea gas pipeline with an annual capacity of 63 billion cubic meters. The first leg of the Turkish Stream pipeline is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016. Turkey is a NATO member and supports “moderate” Syrian opposition, fighting against President Bashar Assad, unlike Moscow.’

Syrianization/Russianization? –

The EU vis-`a-vis Ukraine: Rhetorical Entrapment?

‘In synthesis, this could influence the emergence of a certain degree of (dis)favouritism through which any form of closer cooperation with a non-member state is looked upon, a feeling that will most definitely influence the potential process of integration due to the consequences of such presumption of amity or enmity’.

Zionists considerably weakened becomes Israel considerably weakened –

Borscht Belt: Will Israel Spurn America for Russia?

‘If Russia could legitimately present itself as being on the side of Israel and against jihadist terror in the Middle East, it would be much more difficult for American presidents to pass sanctions against Russia or try to bring its neighbors into NATO against Moscow’s will if the American people, even if only a sizable minority of them, viewed Russia as a reliable friend of the Jewish state.

The benefits to Israel are more complicated. On the one hand, a strong tie with Russia would provide Israel with comparable security guarantees as the U.S., but less diplomatic support. Russia, particularly if it supported Israel, would have very little sway internationally, except insofar as Russia has a permanent seat on the UN Security Council and could veto anti-Israel resolutions there.’

America (Russia) deals with the Arab World –

Jordan and Russia to sign $10b nuclear deal this month

‘These nuclear agreements come as the West is reportedly close to reaching a nuclear deal with Iran. Experts worry that if Iran goes nuclear or if a deal is reached, it will lead other Sunni Middle Eastern countries to follow suit with their own programs.
“The agreement is expected to open opportunities for South Korean firms to participate in Saudi Arabia’s nuclear reactor project,” said An Chong-bum, Park’s senior secretary for economic affairs, the Korea Herald reported.’

Russia Has Constructed Massive Underground Shelters In Anticipation Of Nuclear War

‘Russian television has reported that 5,000 new emergency nuclear bomb shelters were scheduled to have been completed in the city of Moscow alone by the end of 2012. Most Americans don’t realize this, but the Russians have never stopped making preparations for nuclear war. Meanwhile, the U.S. government has essentially done nothing to prepare our citizens for an attack. ‘

Paints a different picture, doesn’t it? It is not completely far-fetched to imagine the places mentioned in the letter might be incorrect (or are they?), but the fact remains, the situation is the same.

Now, you might be thinking, well this is all very well and good, but are America doing anything to prove there might be any validity to these claims? Well you tell me:

Military exercises to be held in county

‘“We have Army Green Berets, Navy Seals, Marine Special Operations Command, the 82nd Airborne Division and we also have some of our inter-agency partners such as the DEA, FBI and the joint personnel recovery agency that will be working with us.”
“We’re getting these guys back into the woods,” Mead said. “We’re getting them back into the field to make it hard for them.” Mead said county residents will see increased aircraft in the area at night and warned county officials that there may be an increase in noise complaints.
Some participants will be carrying weapons with blank ammunition and some may be wearing civilian attire while driving civilian vehicles.’

JADE HELM 15 is REAL & Here’s the Proof

“The human domain is the totality of the physical, cultural and social environments that influence human behavior to the extent that success of any military operation or campaign depends on the application of unique capabilities that are designed to fight and win population-centric conflicts. It is a critical and complementary concept to the recognized domains of land, air, maritime, space and cyberspace.”

More States Added to ‘Jade Helm’ Military Exercise

‘Additionally, two states – Texas and Utah – appear highlighted as “hostile” territory, according to the slide show, leading to fears that traditionally conservative areas may be a simulated target for future domestic operations. The U.S. Army has even built a mock American city in Virginia, complete with subway carriages carrying the exact same logo as those seen in Washington DC, to practice occupying urban areas. U.S. Army Special Operations Command spokesman Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria has attempted to tamp down concerns over the drills, claiming they are “Just a regular training exercise,” and adding that more information on the drills would be released later today.

Jade Helm 15

Are you surprised to see those training exercises taking place next to the US-Mexico borders?

I talked about this in my article Are The Players Being Played?

Perhaps Putin heard of the ex CIA officer asking for Russians to assassinate Putin? Or maybe the rest of the world are just sick and tired of Americas ‘holier than thou’ attitude?

Do you know what the most bizarre aspect of all the above links are? Every single country that is forming an alliance, have understood that they don’t agree with each other on every topic (such as Turkey and Russia have a different stance on the Syrian Civil War), but they are still prepared to work with each other, in spite of their differences. This could be viewed in two ways. The first is that these countries are putting aside their differences for the common good. That is great news, proving that there are other alternatives to war.

The bad news is that America must be in a really bad position, that her enemies would rather work with each other than her. Or maybe it’s the old adage: The enemy of my enemy, is my friend. Could these countries surround the USA and hit her from all sides? Of course they could. The question is, will they? This ‘training exercise’ looks more like circling the wagons to me. Too little, too late.

America should be worried. Really worried.

April 14, 2015 *UPDATE*

RAF jets intercept Russian planes near UK airspace

‘Earlier in the day, the Royal Navy deployed HMS Argyll to track three Russian ships, including a destroyer, as they passed through the English Channel.

Tensions between Nato and Russia have risen in recent months over Moscow’s role in the conflict in Ukraine and its annexation of Crimea.’

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