Why Religion Contradicts God

Originally Posted on Apr 17th 2015

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day. She is a sweet lady who does good where ever she can, but still I can’t figure out if she knows her stuff or is just a crazy lady, you know? I am generally a good judge of character, but this person is an enigma.

Unlike me, she does believe in God, but her theory about religion is quite thought-provoking. We were talking about the End Times prophecy, the Tribulation and the Rapture. Tomorrow is the last of the tetrad (I talked about in an earlier article). She had recently read that article and wanted to tell me of an experience she had. I do believe that she believes it happened, as I have known her for several years and she is normally very down to earth, so I have no valid reason to question her.


I don’t know if it’s just me, but her opinion is sound in theory. So much so that I asked her if I could share that theory here today. Perhaps she knows more than I do, after all she has the big man on her side.

Oh boy. So, remember, all my articles are not designed to convert you or to tell you what is wrong with you. They are just written to expose truths that otherwise might not be noted in Main Stream Medias. This article is no different in that respect, though it is not something I would have written had I not thought she had some merit to her argument. We talked about this for quite awhile before I decided to share it here today. It is the experience of one person. A person that does believe in God, but does not believe in religion. I know. I asked her the same question:

How can you believe in one but not the other? Her response is incredible. IF she is right, then some people are in big trouble.

First, I asked her why she would allow me to publish this theory and she said because God wanted her to prove her trust in him, prove she believes in his word. His word according to him. She also said that God would send her a sign when the time was right to reveal this ‘truth’ (I put that in apostrophes because this is how she termed it. A truth). According to her, now is that time because of the tetrad and the oncoming storm.

So these are her words. Please do comment on what you think or believe. Do you think she is right? This is what she said:

“God has tried to get his truth out, but humans are so drunk on material gain, self and power that they are not listening to him. Hopefully, in this time, we can change this before it’s too late. But time is running out. By 2nd August, this will all be over and we will know one way or the other.

Now is the time to connect with people. Those we have lost contact with. Those who we fallen out with. Those we have something, anything in common with. Those bonds are vital now, to move forward in the way God intended. We can not get through this time by ourselves. We were never supposed to.

God has sent us a series of tests. All he wants is for people to prove they trust him and they believe in him. He wants people to listen to him in order to get though the End Times, to hear and understand his teachings. There are people in this world that we are supposed to trust implicitly. That we are taught must not be questioned. Those are the people who God has sent to challenge us and it is only by working and talking to those we need to connect and/or reconnect with that we can overcome those challenges. Every challenge we lose, is a challenge that will hurt us. That is Gods way. God is all-knowing. Although we may be created in his likeness he knows more than our past and the present and the immediate future. He knows everything. To those people who have asked why does God allow this or do that, the response is if you knew everything God knew, you would be God. Ours is not to reason why. Ours is only to know that there is a purpose behind everything. This is why we need faith. We need to have faith that we are doing the right thing in God’s eyes. No-one else can tell you if what you are doing is right or wrong, for it is not they that will judge you when the time comes.

We can not win these tests when we allow ourselves to be tied down with superficial binds. Our desire to compete with and against each other, is blinding us from the goal of completing the challenges we face globally. And it is global. God created everything. Earth to us equals everything we know, everything we are and everything we hope to be, but for God himself, Earth is just a speck, like a grain of sand out of an infinite amount of grains. To him, our working together is nothing more than a team of ants working to build a hill. To us, it’s the biggest obstacle we face.

God wants us to share our wealth. If you have a glass of water and some-one needs a drink, give that person your water. There is no need to give them the whole glass as that would leave you in need of water, but you should give that person half of your glass of water. In this way you have water and the other person has water and neither of you is thirsty.

In this same way God wants us to believe that religion is wrong. If you remove religion, you remove conflict. Religion itself is a test of Gods will. Religion is the platform in which we worship false gods. I asked what does this mean and the best way I can explain the answer to that question is like this…”

(Author’s Note: What this lady says next ties in with my opinion, documented in the article: https://notapoliticalbeast.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/who-said-vengeance-will-be-mine/.

As she proved to me the other day, she was given this ‘message’ on December 5, 2014, a few months before I published that article).

“When it comes to religion, so many people commit sins and each week or month or year, they go to a church and ask for forgiveness. They are told ask for forgiveness and you shall be forgiven. But it is not God that is forgiving these worshipers. It is the priest, the vicar, the holy man who forgives the sinner, not God. So that holy man acts as a representative of God. The holy man can not see the heart or soul of the worshiper. The holy man can not know if the worshiper is truly remorseful. Only God can do that. That holy man is holding him or herself up as a false god when he gives forgiveness for he has absolutely no idea, no concept, no understanding of whether or not the real God would forgive that person. The holy man has made a decision to forgive based on falsehoods. The falsehood that he knows what God would do and the falsehood that the worshiper is truly remorseful.

When the holy man forgives and the worshiper goes back to his or her normal routine and does the same thing again, the cycle is repeated. Go to a church, ask forgiveness, be forgiven by man, go out, do it again. God wants us to see that this is not how he works. Forgiveness from God is not a commodity. It is not something you can bargain with. You can not say you are remorseful, ask his forgiveness and the commit the sins again. God is not man. He is not some-one you can con or trick as you would a parent or an employer. You can not to God and say, I can not come into work today because I am sick and believe that God will not know you are deceiving him. If you ask for forgiveness and you are truly remorseful, God will forgive. However, to do the same thing over and over? God is all-knowing. You can not deceive God the way you deceive yourself. The way you allow the holy man to deceive you.

How many times do you think God will give you his blessing to go out and keep doing the same thing over and over? That is not how God works.

All religions are the same. You are being deceived by false gods because you turned your heart, your soul away from the one true God.

God wanted me to ask this. When the tribulation comes, will it be the holy man that saves you or will the holy man be punished for his sins too, for aren’t all men equal in God’s eyes? When the holy mans time comes to be judged, will he tell God that he has been good, that he did well, that he followed the scriptures and, in God’s name, led a good and just life and will God believe him? God is all-powerful. How will the holy man convince God that man has the right to do Gods work? If man had the same knowledge as God, he would be God.

What happens at the time of judgement when God says to you: You have followed false gods, you have broken my commandment?”

*On the subject which religion is the right religion:

“Has God allowed any human to come back from his realm to spread the word about which religion you should follow? no. Did God send some-one to guide you along the right path? yes. He sent his son. The closest connection to God there is. Why do you turn your back on this?

There is no hell but that which we make for ourselves.

God asks why are the churches abundant and his greatest creation (man) goes hungry? Why are his people deprived of medicine, when he provided enough natural vegetation to heal the whole planet? Why are only a few educated when he gave everyone knowledge? Is there not enough knowing to share?

God’s son entered the temple and overturned the tables. He said to the money changers “My house shall be a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of robbers” and yet still God’s followers enter that den knowingly and willingly today. They pass the poor and the dying and enter that den to give of their wealth. And yet the poor are still poor. The dying still die. The sick remain sick.

Why do you turn your back on he who lives in your heart, and yet follow those who do not know him?

During the time of the Tribulation, God will take only those who have led a virtuous life. Only those who have truly believed in him, had faith in him, have followed only him. He did not create churches. His only son tore down the money changers in the temple, yet the holy man asks you to give what you could share with others, to him. And he does not share. The holy man has not suffered in the way God’s creations have suffered. He has lived a life of abundance, whilst others have suffered without succor. Yet is it those who have suffered that will be rewarded when the time comes, for it is those people who had faith that God would lead them. It is those people who have truly held God in their hearts.”

And that’s all there is.

I spent some time digesting what she told me. You see why I had to share it?

To me, this message is saying: those people who believe they will be saved during the Time of Tribulation are in for a shock because by keeping their wealth for themselves, and giving to a person who would have you believe is the direct link between you and God, are doing exactly what God said not to do. Why would God save those people? Doesn’t it seem more likely that those ‘holy men’ are actually servants of what people call Satan? Turning people against people? Yes we are told that God gave us free will, but really? If he did give us free will, without restriction, then why do we have to be judged? And if we are judged (not too sure about that one either), then surely just saying I exercise my right to free will/speech etc is sufficient to get into ‘heaven’?

Okay so, what do I believe now? I believe my friend had this experience. I said earlier that she proved that this conversation took place. How do I know? Two things. I was given a book years ago titled Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch. I started to read it and then stopped because I thought it was rubbish, but I have known my friend for many years and she is not one to put herself in the firing line. Also, she recorded the experience and sent me the audio, which is timed and dated.

I believe churches are nothing more than robbing bastards. Always have done and now I believe that I am one of those to be saved. That sounds a bit egotistical doesn’t it? I apologize. Why do I think this? Because I have always listened to my heart. I have never been led to believe one thing or the other. I have bucked the system and asked questions of those I am told to follow without question. I have been respectful of other peoples’ beliefs. I give what I have, to anyone who asks it of me. And in a bizarre way (perhaps because of those beliefs) I actually find my self agreeing with God.

She said by 2nd August we will know one way or the other. That’s a bold statement. Is there anyway to verify that?

August 2nd will be a Sunday. Okay, so God rested on the sabbath. Big deal. What else?

Verse 8:2

Deuteronomy: Remember how the LORD your God led you all the way in the wilderness these forty years, to humble and test you in order to know what was in your heart, whether or not you would keep his commands

Matthew: Suddenly, a man with leprosy approached him and knelt before him. “Lord,” the man said, “if you are willing, you can heal me and make me clean.

Ephesians: For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—

Colossians: Be careful not to allow anyone to captivate you through an empty, deceitful philosophy that is according to human traditions and the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.

Okay, so this is another one to keep an eye on.

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