Let Steadfastness Have Full Effect.

The time for talking is done my friends. It’s time that something was done once and for all. Many great people have stood fast to their principles and won great victories, yet where is today’s hero?
As the saying goes: Actions speak louder than words, and this is my intent with today’s article.
You friends, have always been given a choice. This choice is still on offer to you, but for far too long, you have waited for some-one else to fight your battles. Well now it is your turn. There is no-one ‘else’. Who will take up the mantle?
Today I am going to lay it on the line, and I am going to call you out, all those who talk about what needs to be done, what should be done and what we can actually do.

What is the Human Rights Act and why does Michael Gove want to scrap it?

‘In practice, the Act has two main effects. Firstly, it incorporates the rights of the European Convention on Human Rights into domestic British law.

Secondly, it requires all public bodies – not just the central government, but institutions like the police, NHS, and local councils – to abide by these human rights.

These rights are: Right to life, right not to be tortured or subjected to inhumane treatment, right not to be held as a slave, right to liberty and security of the person, right to a fair trial, right not be retrospectively convicted for a crime, right to a private and family life, right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, right to freedom of expression, right to freedom of assembly and association, right to marriage, right to an effective remedy, right not to be discriminated against, the right to the peaceful enjoyment of one’s property, and the right to an education.’

Are you just going to sit back, tutting and shaking your head, whilst all your human rights are stripped away in one fell swoop?

NHS agrees largest-ever privatisation deal to tackle backlog

‘The contract has raised concern because three of the 11 profit-driven companies involved have been heavily criticised, including two by the NHS regulator, for providing poor quality of care in hospitals and care homes. Labour’s shadow health secretary Andy Burnham said it showed that “chunks” of the NHS were being sold off – but the Department of Health insisted there had been no significant increase in the privatisation of the health service.

Depending on how many hospitals use them, the 11 firms stand to pocket up to £780m over the four years to December 2018.’

When you can’t get medical help, because the corporations who own the NHS (officially the best in the world) are hiring poorly or even unqualified people from foreign lands? When your relatives die because there is no money to help them recover? Will you simply tsk and tweet your disgust?

David Cameron’s cuts have damaged his OWN constituency, says cop boss

“The number of police officers is being reduced considerably as a result of financial cuts of nearly £105million over six years,” he wrote.

“We have already taken out £59million, and have to take out a further £45million over the next three years.

“The inevitable reduction in officers will not help us to keep vandalism at the current low-level.”

(Read Full Story Here)

As the Thin Blue Line gets even thinner and there are no officers to assist you when you need them; Will you continue to blame those who are doing twice as much work with only half the resources? As the crime rate increases, will you turn your back on those remaining officers?
Yesterday a friend and I hit several social media pages and asked the questions:
What do you want to see happen?
What changes would you make?
Like too many people these days, everybody is quick to voice their disgust, but when asked these questions, social media goes ominously quiet.
Well today that changes. Somebody needs to say what everybody is thinking and if nobody else is going to do it, then I will.
Forget looking to others. Stop waiting for the Russell Brands, The Bob Geldolfs and The Alex Joneses of the world. These people will only talk. YOU are the only ones who can actually DO something.
And today I call you out.
As the NHS becomes privatized, more people become unemployed. Is that you?
As the budget cuts deeper into our police forces, are you affected?
Do you understand what having NO human rights actually mean?
Are you prepared to sit back, wait and watch our demise, or are you ready to get out there and take action?
Have you finally realized there are no more heroes?
Here is my suggestion.
1. the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.
2. a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.
3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.
For those who have power, without knowing: Share the information you are privy to. Let the world know everything that is going on behind closed doors. I call out the whistle-blowers, the unwitting parties, the victims and the witnesses. Show us what you have been party to.
Take to the streets friends. Not your own, but go to the streets of those that mean to enslave you, to destroy you and show these people the foolishness in reducing our law enforcement officers.
1. a state of society without government or law.
2. political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control:
3. lack of obedience to an authority; insubordination:
4. confusion and disorder:
Union members. Call on your representatives and demand they take action en masse. Push them to work together to protect our beloved NHS and our welfare system. Stand with them as they undermine governmental control. Encourage and nurture their insubordination.
1.an effort by many people to change the government or leader of a country by the use of protest or violence
2.open opposition toward a person or group in authority
3.refusal to obey rules or accept normal standards of behavior, dress, etc.

Gather our military together. Ask them to stand down, to rebel against this fascist autocracy. Tell them that our country needs defending from this tyranny, from within. Tell them when they come home, they will not get a heroes welcome. They will not get aid. They will not even have their basic human rights, the very thing they are fighting for. Refuse to obey those rules that were made to control us.

In 2009, our glorious dictators left us, to go on holiday. The country was essentially left to its own devices. Do you know what happened? There was a slight rise in the economy and the crime rate briefly dropped. What does that tell you? That we are not brainless sheep who would get ourselves killed without a shepherd to keep us in one place. We CAN live without dictatorship. And we must if we want to keep the ‘great’ in Great Britain.

If all the sheep were to disobey that shepherd, what would he do? He wouldn’t kill them because they are his livelihood. He depends solely on them for his bread and butter. He could only wait and see what the outcome would be.

And that is exactly what would happen.

Gather together friends and let the word be known that without your active participation in this revolution, you will:

Not have a right to life – they can kill you when they want for no reason, just like the US cops are killing people.

Not have a right not to be tortured or subjected to inhumane treatment – they can do whatever they like to you. Exactly like the do at Gitmo.

Not have the right not to be held as a slave – They can make you work for nothing. As they have done before.

Not have the right to liberty and security of the person – you will not be free from oppression and you will never be safe again.

Not have the right to a fair trial – you can be jailed for anything they deem fit. Exactly like Jonathan Pollard and the Palestinians in Israel and the Salem Witch Trials.

Not have the right not be retrospectively convicted for a crime – if they want you locked up, you will be. Carl Lewis, Nathaniel Ricardson, Jonathan Pollard, Warren Sapp, Craig Charles, Keanu Reeves to name but a few.

Not have the right to a private and family life – those cameras inside your home will be mandatory.

Not have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion – Paris, Dallas.

Not have the right to freedom of expression – Essex University, Birmingham University, Oxford, Cambridge, London South Bank University.

Not have the right to freedom of assembly and association – The Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill.

Not have the right to marriage – Northern Ireland.

Not have the right to an effective remedy – Homeopathic remedies banned in the NHS.

Not have the right not to be discriminated against – In the UK, it’s the disabled, the poor, the unemployed to name but a few and soon it will be everyone and you won’t be able to defend yourself.

Not have the right to the peaceful enjoyment of one’s property – You can be deprived of your possessions, as in America cops can seize your home and your car for misdemeanors.

and you most definitely not have the right to an education – Budget cuts across the UK.

So, you see it is already happening. In other countries and in the UK. Your choice is will you accept defeat or will you rise against the machine?

In 1986 Jimmy Somerville of a British band called The Communards wrote this song. What has actually changed in the last 30 years?
This is Breadline Britain this free and promised land.
Breadline Britain where the rich don’t give a damn.
People getting hungry and people getting poor,
People getting destitute and more.
This is Breadline Britain Oh you’ve got to understand.
Breadline Britain where evil’s in command.
Where money buys only pipe-dreams and a worker’s life is damned
Democracy and freedom are a far off foreign land

This is Breadline Britain where the sick don’t stand a chance
Breadline Britain where fascism leads a new dance
Where they’d privatize your mother if given half a chance
This is Breadline Britain You’ve got to make a stand

Breadline, breadline, breadline Britain
Breadline, breadline, breadline Britain
This free and promised land

If you decide you will take a stand, let us know. Send us videos, photos etc and we will post them right here:


Leave us your comments below. Do you agree with the changes proposed by the Government? Has any of it already affected you/your family/your friends/your place of work/your colleagues?

We want to hear from you.

It is time to actually start that revolution we have spent years just talking about. It’s time these shepherds found out which just side their bread is buttered.


How do we know this is going to happen?

9/11 saw the introduction of the TSA.

The Boston Bombings saw the introduction of CISPA

Charlie Hebdo saw the introduction of Net Neutrality.

#LondonAttack: Terror police and MI5 probing chilling social media warnings of ‘imminent attack on capital’

Many of the threats were telling Muslims to avoid Covent Garden, in Central London as a blast was going to be launched against British civilians.

Pictures of assault rifles were posted on some accounts, while others apparently showing explosive devices, nails and ball-bearings were uploaded on others.



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