Planned Murder for Profit

Our admin team have been in deep discussion for the last several hours. We have debated whether or not we should publish todays article. After weighing up the pros and the cons, we realized, we simply can NOT ignore this.

Neither can you.

Late last year, we produced an article about post birth abortion. We were appalled at the bill that the American Government suggested was passed through Congress.

‘The age-old question that STILL has people baffled, yet arguing about it to date, is at what point does a life have rights? Some people say its at conception, others say it is when pregnancy is confirmed by a doctor, some say it’s when the organs are fully formed, still others say it is when the baby draws breath. I haven’t found a single person (outside the Government that is) who believes a child has absolutely no right to human life, up to the age of 5. Go figure.’

(Link to Original Article)

The original article was written January 3, 2014. 1 year and 7 months ago. After watching the first video, we believe we now know when a life has rights. You will too.

Recently, we watched how Planned Parenthood were selling parts of the unborn babies, post abortion. The videos are on YouTube, posted by The Center for Medical Progress. We would like to share just one of those videos. Please do not watch if you are easily upset or simply stop the video at 2 hours and 10 minutes. We thought we were not going to be affected by what we watched. We were wrong.

Like many people, we were unaffected at the time the videos were released. We didn’t watch them at that time as we were watching both Greece and the Feminists. Today, we feel ashamed that we didn’t follow-up on that immediately.

Todays article will be our shortest yet, but we believe it to be the most direct and important one we have ever put together.

We are going to show you a Youtube video, that will change your life and your opinion about abortion.

We have never seen anything like this and we warn you, it is very graphic. After we show you this video, we will show you another. This video shows for the first time, what the unborn baby goes through during an abortion, using ultra sound. It is extremely disturbing, but it is a fact that this is what happens each and every time.

The second one is about Kermit Gosnell. We had never heard of him, and that is no surprise. Mainstream Media covered this up. The Pennsylvania Board of Medicine knew he had committed murder, yet did nothing for over 42 years. For 42 years, he continued his murderous ways, but the government refused over and over again to investigate.
Watch the first video. Are you not affected too?

Please share this with everyone you know.

Yes, we came late to the ‘party’, but we will do what we can to continue the exposing of Planned Parenthood. Now watch what Gosnell got only 3 life sentences for and for every image you see, recall the process you have just seen above. Each and every time.

*UPDATE* Aug 20, 2015: Aborted baby still alive:

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