Is Jihadi John Actually Dead?

So, I could write an article about the horrible tragedy in France. I could add my voice to the thousands of other writers out there. Yes I could do that.

But I am not going to. Not because I don’t have any sympathy. Not because I don’t care.

But purely because something got overlooked, didn’t it? Something got missed again. And you need to know about it.

I am deeply saddened that so many people got hurt and killed of course I am, however the fact they were allowed to be hurt and killed is no surprise. So today’s article is by no means designed to take from the victims. That is why I am not writing about that. Later when the hurt is lessened I may show you, but I think you already know. If you follow our Facebook page Broken Breeds Exposes Dirty Deeds (, you will already know and that is good

On Friday the 13th, I was talking to the admin of this site about the Jihadi John story. I actually said “What else is coming?”

As we all know by now, it is never just one thing. These things always happen in pairs.

I have written about this many times. Let me show you some snippets and then I will show you the lies printed by the media just a few days ago and perhaps you will start to understand why it has not been followed up. That guy that was found in a brothel after taking an overdose? The news reported on his progress every hour. Curious.

Recent History and wow, that’s a lot, isn’t it?

‘You know, it seems that everybody is so keen to move forward that nobody seems to have been able to just stop and ask ‘did we resolve that in the end?’ or ‘what did we do about so and so?’ A good example of this is Jihadi John. Remember him? Alleged real name Al Jenny? Beheaded several American and British civilians? I don’t know about you, but after his name was broadcast with such confidence, I would have thought picking him up, would have been a cake walk, yet I haven’t heard a Dickie bird, nothing. Nada’.

Eugenics Or Just Incompetent?

‘Do we give our Governments too much credit? Is it possible that they just simply don’t know how to run a country? Which situation is the Red (False) Flag?

So there are currently two situations to keep us entertained and I can’t help but think:

Have you noticed it’s always two things?’

Articles written 2014.

“Who Will Make Me A Liar, And Make My Speech Nothing Worth?”

‘There is a new term out in the US right now. ‘Too big to jail’. I guess all these lies are coming out at once so that we become DE-sensitized, or apathetic you know? It’s a very clever way of ‘herding the sheep’.’

Re-posted April 17, 2015

Why You Should Surrender Your Weapons

‘What could irritate our opponent more than halting or affecting the cash cow of war?

Would The Government really expect their ‘dumb, stupid animals’ to refuse to be ‘pawns in foreign policy’ any longer?’

Re-posted April 17, 2015

And on and on and on.

On Friday 13th November 2015, I saw this article:

Daily Fail john story

Why has this caused me a problem? Well, let us have a little look at it in a bit more detail.

Jihadi John was ‘Evaporated’ yet his body was taken to a hospital? How? Were the civilians just sitting around when the bombs dropped and one of them thought ‘oh shit…. just look at that mess! I had better get the Dustbuster out. Hang on, I really ought to take all this dust to the hospital just in case there is some-one of importance in there. I am sure they could DNA test it’.

That was probably exactly how it happened, given that ‘Pentagon officials are 99 per cent sure the British Militant has been killed’.

How come I am the only one who seems to be questioning this contradiction?

a. To convert or change into a vapor.
b. To draw off in the form of vapor.

‘Britain says it has been working ‘Hand in Glove’ with the US to track him down’ – and yet when they sent their elite highly trained killers to find hundreds of hostages being held by ISIS, they failed. I can’t help but wonder if they found him the same way they found Osama Bin Laden?

‘Former London student hit at 11:40pm last night near symbolic clock Tower’. Are you sure about that? The ‘Crucifixion’ Tower. Nice touch there. Score for the Christians. The reason I ask is because of this article I read at 11:33am GMT on 13th November:

BBC news story 11.33 am 131115
Right, so this article was published at 10:24am. Notice the use of present tense? ‘As US forces carry out AN’. Not ‘As US forces CARRIED out airstrikes’ or ‘As US forces carry out airstrikes’ plural, implying that it was meticulously planned so therefore it must be true. Typo you think? It must be because by that time John had already been vaporized.
How do they know it is him?
Well, we have to wait and find out don’t we? Oh…. no…..wait……
Because not long after that terrorists shot up several locations in Paris and now everybody is more focused on that.
Well, not me. My eyes are open. I am not that easily distracted. I want answers.

How the US wiped ‘Jihadi John’ off the face of the earth

Warren said the Pentagon was “reasonably certain” Emwazi died.

While the strike itself was “fairly routine,” Warren said it was significant because Emwazi was an ISIS “celebrity” after appearing in videos beheading American and British hostages.

British Prime Minister David Cameron defended the attack, calling it “an act of self-defense.”

“This was a combined effort, and the contribution of both our countries was essential. Emwazi is a barbaric murderer,” he said.

(Note again present tense. IS a barbaric murderer, not WAS)

The New York Post

New York are 5 hours behind The Daily Mail. The Daily Mail published their version of this story at 3:30 AM, which would be 10:30 PM Thursday night in New York. Hm…. The Daily Mail posted the story an hour and 10 minutes BEFORE the US drones were ‘given the green light’. WHAT??? How?? Even if The Daily Mail had an office IN New York and posted from there – Why wouldn’t the time on their page reflect that? It clearly says GMT. Really? Let’s say that they updated the story at 11:32 (as stated in the screen shot) and that they really were posting from New York, what did they even post 3 hours and 50 minutes after the fact, that they then wanted to change 8 hours later? ‘The Daily Mail predicts an attack that will ‘evaporate’ Jihadi John or some-one else of importance, maybe. Whoops we shouldn’t have told you that yet’. Doubt it. IF they got the story first hand, that would explain why the BBC WORLD NEWS didn’t actually report it until lunchtime the next day, which just about coincides with the edited version. Regardless, all this says is that whilst officials are only reasonably certain, the media are convinced. And they want you to be convinced too.
Do you know how he was identified before he was killed? He had a very distinctive one-off, never repeated, exclusively produced for that ‘unique British militant look’ baseball cap on his head. That’s right.

Jihadi John pinpointed by SAS for US airstrike because of BASEBALL CAP he always wore

‘Though part of a gang of four Islamic State Britons dubbed “The Beatles” by UK and US intelligence forces, the bloodthirsty butcher, real name Mohammed Emwazi, was the only British Jihadi allowed to wear Western clothes in the terror group’s heartlands.

Emwazi, frequently seen in baseball hats in England, had acquired a New York Yankees cap in IS stronghold Raqqa.’

ISIS-619501The Express

So many points to make.

  1. The SAS ‘couldn’t find’ hundreds of hostages being held by ISIS, but they spotted this baseball cap from a million miles away?
  2. Just because he was ‘the only British Jihadi allowed to wear western clothes in the terror group’s heartlands’, doesn’t mean some-one else wasn’t wearing it at the time he is alleged to have been evaporated. I am not allowed to surf the net at work, but I do. We all do things we are not ‘allowed’ to do. That is not very convincing evidence. Neither would I call that a ‘hard fact’.
  3. ‘That vital information allowed a Syrian agent planted in the town to track his movements’. Uh-huh and wasn’t a Syrian passport found about the person of a confirmed ISIS terrorist in France on that very same day?

Passport linked to terrorist complicates Syrian refugee crisis

One of the men who attacked Paris held an emergency passport or similar document, according to an unnamed French senator who was briefed by the French Ministry of the Interior. The senator told CNN the bomber falsely declared himself to be a Syrian named Ahmad al Muhammad, born on September 10, 1990, and was allowed to enter Greece on October 3. From there he moved to Macedonia, then Serbia and Croatia, where he registered in the Opatovac refugee camp, the lawmaker said. Eventually, he made his way to Paris, where he was one of three men who blew themselves up at the Stade de France.


New survey shows how many Syrian ‘refugees’ SYMPATHIZE with ISIS and it’s NOT GOOD…

‘ In response to the survey’s findings, Investors Business Daily pointed out, “That means 23% — or almost 1 in 4 — could be susceptible to ISIS recruitment.”

The Right Scoop
Now, as you know, I tend not to believe a word out of Mainstream Media, so let’s find out what truth-seekers are saying. Do they believe the story that an anti-ISIS Syrian person just happened to have access to the inner sanctum and was then able to signal SAS troops, (who had been following John all day, so quite possibly didn’t even need that signal) to let them know that the guy wearing the Yankees cap was John, which then enabled them to ‘evaporate’ John and his mates in a car and then take the body to a hospital, where it is now pending an official identification, according to a news report that was published over an hour before the attack took place?
Incidentally, Where is that Syrian person now to confirm this story? Oh that’s right, he probably (conveniently) died in the explosion. Shame, that could probably have allayed any doubts people may or may not have.

MI5 Candidate “Jihadi John” Supposedly Killed in Syria

The New York Times admits today it is not known if Emwazi was killed in the airstrike. It should be added there is evidence Mr. Emwazi is not who the government says he is. The New York Times and the establishment media, however, rarely bother with such details.

Secretary of State John Kerry and Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain said on Friday that they did not yet know the outcome of an airstrike the American military launched on Thursday to kill Mohammed Emwazi, the Islamic State’s most notorious executioner.’

Before It’s News

Well, it seems there is surprisingly little information from alternative media. Curious. Now either they are being distracted too and after all it is not hard, is it? Turkey told France of the attacks two days before they happened. The French and German Intelligence agencies knew the ‘terrorist’ and were monitoring them in the run up to the attacks and ISIS claim responsibility as ‘being for Syria’. Now, what happened in Syria that would make ISIS attack France?

Could this be what I-CIA-is were referring too? Could it be that The USA are using France to instigate WW3 because they are getting nowhere fast with Russia? Too many people are supporting Putin. I guess it would be really bad to attack the most popular guy in the world at this stage, wouldn’t it?

Perhaps they are talking about this?

Here is my point. It is all very well for ISIS to say this is for Syria, but for what in Syria exactly? I personally would have thought they meant Jihadi John, however they are not confirming nor denying that he is dead, but then again he is just a cog in a bigger machine.

Is John really dead or is this another unfounded claim by the US, supported by the Brits to give the story some legitimacy? Is alternative media not following up on it because it is so clearly BS, or are they hedging their bets?

3-nil to America. Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Jihadi John.

Personally I think IF he is dead, then it was neither America nor Britain that were responsible.  I also think it would be a very bad idea if America bombed an area that Russian troops were well-known to be in, but what do I know?

Before I sign off though, one more thought. Unlike Saddam and Osama, John is British. That means they should be flying his ‘body’ home or a member of his family should be going out there to I.D the body, shouldn’t they? Wonder how the US will wriggle out of that one.

What do you think?

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