The Trouble with Trump

There is a burning coming, get ready.
It is not often that the admin of this site disagree quite so strongly on any topic. In fact, we all agree that since the beginning we have never disagreed quite so openly on any subject. So be quite assured, this article is likely to make or break the great team behind Political Beast. No matter, needs must when the devil drives, so they say. Ultimately, it is down to the editor to amend or publish or even bin this article.
First let me tell you about our team. In fact let’s not, find out for yourself:
About Us

What you wont know from the ‘About Us’ section is that aside from the editor and the 3 main contributors, we have an additional 5 researchers. So, in total we are a team of 9. Now you would think majority rules and usually yes that is true, but we like to understand each others point of view before we commit to any story. We like to be certain that we are portraying our various opinions and whilst that has never presented us with a problem before, today is quite different. And boy what a problem that is.

What we have agreed upon, is to post both sides of this argument and let you decide for yourselves. That is the fairest way of dealing with this. We have even considered running a poll, that is how bad our meetings have been over the last two days.

Just to note though and I hope our editor likes me as much as I do, as the main writer, the one with his neck on the block as it were, I am not entirely impartial and that will probably become apparent.

So the problem is like most of the world, although none of us understand why the whole world is getting involved, we are split over whether Trump would be a good, great or crappy President. Whilst a shouting match ensued, what became apparent is the reasons against Trump are not really valid reasons at all. They are just  fact-less nonsense spewed out by mainstream media and much like Chinese whispers (has this been made a racist thing to say yet?), these have grown from fact-less nonsense to out right bigoted propaganda. Let’s dive straight in, head first:

The most popular reasons for not voting for Trump seem to be:

He has been bankrupt 4 times.

He has been married 3 times.

All his businesses have failed.

He is thick/stupid.

He is a racist.

He has no moral compass.

We are absolutely not going to entertain the more pathetic reasons such as his hair. Come on now, really?

We are going to address the 6 seemingly most common and popular reasons for not voting for Trump. Who knows, maybe some people will learn a thing or two.

  1. The Bankruptcy Issue

Clearly this argument comes from those people who have never had a business or have never been involved in the administrative side of a bankruptcy. Lucky for you, one or two of the admin here have. What does bankruptcy mean to you? In most cases we think you will say that bankruptcy means going right out of business. Going broke. Can you say that a billionaire is broke? Doesn’t sound right does it? Like when Obama said increasing the debt limit doesn’t increase the debt. Technically that is true, but why would you need a bigger overdraft if you had no plans to use it?

Bankruptcy is a term used for a procedure that helps businesses and consumers  get rid of their debts and repay their creditors. Before you can file for bankruptcy, you have to prove that you are entitled to it and even then it has to be agreed upon by a court.

Okay so that is the first thing. You need a court to agree that you are covered by the bankruptcy terms, before you can file for it.

Bankruptcy takes two forms: Liquidation and re-organization. The first results in a company not being able to meet its obligations. That company is then brought to an end and anything left over is split between the shareholders and the creditors, meaning that what is owed is returned before the company shuts its doors. This is not what happened to Trumps businesses.

The second is re-organization. This is what happened to Trumps businesses and breaks down like this:

Re-organization is the preferred choice of businesses who wish to restructure their debt. It has to be voted upon by 20 trustees, who are made up of independent creditors, IE: Not the companies creditors.

In September 2015, Politifact posted the following article:

Fact-checking claims about Donald Trump’s four bankruptcies

Trump’s four bankruptcies were Chapter 11 reorganizations (named for its location in federal bankruptcy code), which are designed to restructure businesses without shutting them down completely. The purpose is to “save” the business, as opposed to other forms of bankruptcy which would liquidate the company, said Michael Venditto, a partner at the Reed Smith law firm who has extensive experience with Chapter 11.

Because they keep coming up, we decided to outline Trump’s four bankruptcies. We also talked to some finance experts, who told us Trump is correct that Chapter 11 reorganization is not always the result of bad business decisions.’


We strongly urge you click the link as it details the 4 bankruptcies and what actually happened there, but  there is an interesting point. Trump chose to restructure those businesses over shutting them down, thus in effect, saving people’s jobs. How can it be wrong to want to keep people employed?

Those of us who are on Trumps side, think this is great. The man could have cut his losses and sacked everybody, but he didn’t. Which leads us neatly onto point 3 of the arguments against him (we will give airtime to point two later)

2. All his businesses have failed.

Really? All of them? That is kind of hard to believe. In fact The Trump Organization as it is called,  lists involvement in 515 subsidiaries of which, 264 bear his name and a further 54, his initials. Of all those who are making this outrageous claim, only one or two have gone so far as to actually name the businesses that they believe have failed and would you believe not one of those people have mentioned the Miss Universe organization of the Miss America pageants? Now either those people do not have the conviction of their own words, or they do not know that Donald Trump is behind both of these. And what about The Apprentice? The golf courses? The Real Estate? Nope, not one of those mentioned. Let’s look at what was thrown up and lets see if we can clear up any misunderstandings:

  1. Trump Airlines. Running from 1989-1992, was originally Eastern Air Lines, a business that was already failing. Eastern Air Lines separated the successful side of the operations, that became Northeastern Shuttle and that is what Trump took over even though the company never turned a profit.  In 1990, the company defaulted on its loans and 40% of the business was given over to US Air Corp. In 1992 Trump Shuttle merged into US Air Corp and became US Air Shuttle. So he bought it for peanuts and moved it on. Is that failure?
  2. Trump Casinos. Originally called Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts, it became Trump Entertainment Resorts in 1995. This is the area in which the bankruptcies were filed 4 times. So points 1 and 3 are actually part of the same argument and to those people who still use it we say nil points. Incidentally, in order to honour its debts, Trump wanted to sell off Trump Plaza, but that idea was vetoed by Carl Ichann. All assets were passed over to Ichann  Enterprises in 2014 and exited the bankruptcy. Today Donald Trump still retains ownership of the Trump Taj Mahal under the company Trump Entertainment Resorts.
  3. Trump Mortgages. This company is still going. It is now called 1st Meridian Mortgage.
  4. Trump University. Although it is called The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, it has never been accredited as a university or college, there was a lawsuit filed in August 2013. It changed its name to The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative in 2010. In 2014, Trump was found personally liable, so yes, that we would class as a genuine failed business, in so far as The University ‘label’ was misleading, but the venture is still ongoing.
  5. Trump Vodka. Trumps Super Premium Vodka was released in 2004. It received several high-grade ratings, earning itself 4 out of 5 stars. It was added to Drinks America in 2006 and expanded into different flavors in 2007 and, whilst there is no evidence to suggest this business has failed, you can still buy Trumps Super Premium Vodka in places such as
  6. The China Connection. Even among the haters, there is dissension. Some hate on him saying his China Connection failed and others hate on him for his China connection. Still haters don’t really need to make sense, do they? The best thing to do here, is to look at what the man actually said about this, in his own words: We will cut a better deal with China that helps American businesses and workers compete’.

A better deal? So not get out and don’t come back? Is that a fail?

So, the accusations regarding his professional life have now been addressed and we certainly hope you will correct the haters when they talk to you about it. If anybody out there would like us to join the thousands of people who have already proven beyond all reasonable doubt that Obamas’ birth certificate is actually (shock horror) fake, then leave us a comment and we will be happy to oblige.

Let’s move on to his personal life and his opinions:

Trump is a racist.

Is he really? Care to explain how the following supports your claims?:

How Many Muslims Will Vote for Donald Trump?

he’s third in the race, and top among Republican contenders, according to a new study from the Council on American-Islamic Relations. About 7.5 percent of those surveyed said they support Trump—though that trails far behind Hillary Clinton (52 percent) and Bernie Sanders (22 percent).

The Atlantic

UPDATE: 3-5-16   2:20pm EST   Stew Webb just reported , Tom Heneghan received further information on this murder plot on Donald Trump in the last 12 hours.  This murder plot is now CONFIRMED by multiple sources!  They want to kill him within two weeks!  Stew reports this is the same group responsible for murders of  other “loud mouths”, activists and whistleblowers in the past!  Stew asks all patriots to share this information through all means right now to put the light on this plot and back them off  murdering Trump and many others spreading the truth!  All the “good guys” within the government are asked for help!

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