Anonymous Backlash Over Threats

Some very strange things have been happening lately and it is funny how groups you would never suspect, play their hand and reveal themselves, albeit accidentally.

Today we are looking at Anonymous. We are saddened by the fact we have to do this, as we admit we got sucked into hype. Imagine thousands of unknown people, protecting us without a hidden agenda. It is a very romantic thought.

And then reality happened.

What has us intrigued, is the timeline of events. Very curious. So let us begin. A few week ago, this happened:

Anonymous are alleged to have millions of  followers. In fact, just looking at the group pages around the world, on Facebook alone, we count nearly 11 million followers. Imagine adding up Twitter, Youtube, their websites and all the other outlets? Donald Trump also has millions of followers. Using the same calculations, his figures are 8+ million.

Like us, you might think this was something to be concerned about. One of our researchers contacted alleged sect members voicing their concerns, which was primarily: why are Anonymous targeting Trump, but none of the others?

Now, as you may know by now, we firmly believe that if you want answers to questions, you go directly to the source. So we did. This is a very detailed situation, so let us make it very simple.

We were concerned that Anonymous were doing The Governments work and we were quite surprised to think that Anonymous would do that because they are supposed to be against tyranny right?

Who Is Anonymous: 10 Key Facts

Okay, so Anonymous became ‘famous’ after defending Wikileaks and Julian Assange. And there is our first question: Why isn’t Julian dead? You would think a person who ‘leaked’ so much important information that threatened National Security would have been disposed of in some way. The Government took action against Jonathan Pollard after all. Remember Jonathan Pollard?

Jonathan Pollard Free


He spent 30 years in prison, 17 of those years in solitary confinement. What Julian has done was about a thousand times more serious than that and yet he is beyond the scope of America? Jihadi John was ‘killed’ from thousands of miles away, yet Julian who is currently residing in Ecuador, which is ‘a representative democratic republic in northwestern South America, bordered by Colombia on the north, Peru on the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west’, is alive an well and living the good life, by all accounts. Think about that.

Right so back to business.

A long time ago we briefly looked at Anonymous:

Why You Should Surrender Your Weapons

Let’s have a quick look at this net ‘neutrality’. It surprises me that Anonymous seem to be in favor of this, given that they didn’t speak out about it (according to their Facebook page):


This doesn’t make sense to me and the only reason I can come up with for this, is that they have lost their account. That is the only thing that makes sense. Anonymous allegedly use the ‘Deep Web’ yet this neutrality will have a devastating effect on that. It will also stop specific stories being seen.’

As you can see, we even offered possible reasons why Anonymous didn’t speak out at the time. So put those two together. Anonymous supported a guy who threatened National Security and still lives to tell the tale, and they kept quiet on the hidden agenda behind Net Neutrality issue.

Then this happened:

Anonymous ‘Hacktivists’ Just Smacked The Taste Out of ISIS’s Mouth

Follow the prefacing “clarification,” the video explains the following, direct to ISIS specifically:

We will hunt you, take down your sites, accounts, emails, and expose you…
From now on, no safe place for you online…
You will be treated like a virus, and we are the cure…
We own the internet…
We are Anonymous; we are Legion; we do not forgive, we do not forget, Expect us

Again, we were well impressed. Take down ISIS? Yes please. Expose them? Hell yes. Except they didn’t did they? Yes they may well have taken down a couple of accounts, but ISIS have much the same modus operandi as Anonymous. They hide in the background, so how could Anonymous take down a group that is the same as themselves?  Whilst Anonymous may well have taken down a couple of Twitter accounts, did they really shut down ISIS? No. Anonymous appear to be a ‘hit and run’ outfit. Hit something once or twice and then move along, nothing to see here. Thing is, They are supposed to be huge aren’t they? So how come they can’t stay on top of things, like taking down ISIS? How come they can’t hack the Government system again and remove details relating to Julian Assanges treachery? No record of a crime, should equal no punishment for that crime right? How many cases have been thrown out of the courts because of a ‘lack of evidence’? In their defense they probably haven’t done this because Julian is not in any real danger? Perhaps Julian is a CIA operative after all?

‘We own the internet’? Do you know who else said that?

We own the Internet — and other fantasies of superiority

“We have owned the Internet,” Mr. Obama said recently. “Our companies have created it, expanded it, perfected it in ways that they can’t compete.” Like Ike and Mike, they think alike.

A month later:

‘Murder over 120 million citizens’-Terrifying. Remember the spots on mailboxes? Anonymous confirmed what they were for. That was June 2015. 4 months ago, there was a follow-up. Great:

Not great. ‘These camps are all empty’. Still,  The US Government are really slow aren’t they? Did Anonymous reveal something we didn’t know? No, they didn’t because in February 2013, there was this:

Can you see it yet? It was Anonymous that were pushing Obama’s FEMA camp fear. ‘We are not going to forget this betrayal’. Really? So why is it still in operation 3 years later?. Why didn’t Anonymous hack the Governments website and retrieve the actual plans behind the FEMA camps? Official documentation to prove what they were saying, instead of pushing this agenda, instead of letting people being hated upon and called conspiracy theorists (which isn’t actually an insult any more, you know that right?), instead of letting people focus their anger on those truthers’? Quick distraction here, why are conspiracy nuts called ‘Truthers’ if there is no truth in their theories? How much hacking did Anonymous actually do, to give you the same information that has already been exposed for several years?

‘Your death is inevitable’. No sh*t Sherlock. Again no ‘stolen’ information from the hacktivists proving their words. But you don’t really need any proof that you are going to die do you? Everybody dies. Perhaps Anonymous don’t know that? Vague generalizations, using words like ‘most likely’ and information that came from the President himself, through Mainstream media. We are beginning to lose faith.

Here is the thing. Anonymous, You should have expected this. When you are asked questions you don’t like by a person you don’t know, you really ought to take a deep breath before you respond. When you go straight to personal insults on a woman who just wanted your reassurance, then you are showing yourself to be the Government run agency people are accusing you of being. You, above everybody else know that guilty people insult. Genuine people respond with respect and dignity. Using comments like ‘I will let you finish looking in your mirror before I respond’, ‘Have you finished your drink yet’ and ‘when you stop your head wobble’, you show yourself to be nothing more than a petty little man who clearly has a hidden agenda. You made a very important comment to our researcher. She supports a website called UK CopHumour. It is a page that raises awareness about good cops, and is not above making jokes about Law enforcement (in other words, themselves) around the world. Their website is designed to promote the good side of Law Enforcement (the clue is in their name ‘humor’), whilst also acknowledging the bad. They are also trying to raise money to support those good cops, after all the widely publicized news about cuts to the law enforcement system.  If there are less cops around, there is more crime right? To slate her for that whilst you yourselves acknowledge Government influence, is extremely petty. Citing Julian Assange and the also still breathing Edward Snowden in your defense is hypocritical. She does not allow the police to tell her what to do. You clearly are following a Government agenda in everything you are doing. Co-incidentally it was only after her pointing that out to you, that you posted this:

Anon 2

‘An Experiment’, yeah right. Back in December 2015, you first started your attack on Trump, but you failed to mention white rose at any point, whether directly or indirectly. Back peddle much? How exactly did Donald Trump ‘unwittingly’ take part in that? Did you choose him because of the amount of people supporting him? In effect you seem to be trying to gain more notoriety by attacking Trump (the guy with the most supporters of all the candidates) and not Sanders, Cruz, Clinton, Rubio? Given that you claim to be a very large collective, could you have not ‘attacked’ all of them, thus making your ‘white rose’ message more authentic, whilst also proving that not one candidates is above reproach, or even fit to be President? You know, in accordance with that ‘Anti Tyranny’ thing you claim to be all about? Have you just announced that you have used Trumps popularity to push your own agenda?

AnonNow you say The Secret Service and the FBI? Ha ha! ‘Fooled you’! Of course you did. You only posted that after this happened:


Mysterious white powder spills on Eric Trump’s wife after she opened letter sent to their apartment which demanded his father drop out of the race

‘The letter arrived at Eric Trump’s apartment the same day the hacker group Anonymous released his father’s phone number and social security number in a targeted cyber attack.

Eric has been a staunch supporter of his father as he bids to become the Republican nomination for President.’

Even then, you were not going to do a thing, but then the sh*t got real didn’t it?

Secret Service Investigating Hack of Donald Trump by Anonymous

‘On Friday, the Secret Service announced that they have launched an investigation into the Anonymous doxing of Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump as part of OpWhiteRose.’


Got a bit out of hand, didn’t it? Do you really believe that people would not follow through on your threats? This is highly irresponsible behavior, endangering the lives of a man and his children. Who else wants Trump gone?


We do know for a fact, that Hitlery and Obozo are working together because they each have too much to lose, but we don’t understand why Anonymous are playing into that? Perhaps because it is not working? Do they know they are losing their control?:

Protester Tries to Storm Stage at Donald Trump Rally

“All of the sudden a planned attack just came out of nowhere,” Trump added. Earlier on Saturday, Trump tweeted that “thugs” were to blame for the violence in Chicago.

Trump said some of the protestors “represented Bernie [Sanders], our communist friend,” referencing that some were carrying signs supporting the Democratic contender.’

Neither Hitlery nor Obozo spoke out against gun related crimes after this. Neither one of them spoke out against the 2nd amendment, did you notice that?

Surely a ‘collective’ that is against tyranny, would be exposing all the candidates, not promoting the campaign against Trump? The only answer we can come up with is that Anonymous really are a Government controlled cell. Having been so obvious in their attack, they are now busy with damage limitation.

And whilst we were researching this article, we also found this little gem. Forgot about this didn’t you?

‘The Average American sees through it’ ‘When you act like a child…You prove he is right’ ‘I think your judgment of morality is shot’. What a shame you can’t hear yourselves sometimes. Doing the exact same thing you accused others of doing. Now what is that called?

This was posted in December 2015. So you changed your mind did you? Well apparently, some of you didn’t get that message:

The Anonymous attack on Donald Trump is setting off a hacker civil war

‘It’s a strange twist from what the shadowy hacker group has done in the past, in that there are now dueling statements and mixed messages going public. While there is no central leadership, Anons often loosely coordinate hacks and rally together, whether they were going after the Church of Scientology or helping to support Arab Spring protesters.

Now there are some calling to take down Trump’s websites, while others openly criticize the operation as being irresponsible and “cringe-worthy.”

Let me tell you why we think you are furiously back peddling. In fact no, we will not do it. We will let your followers do it for us. These are a few of the many comments that are appearing on your pages, over a variety of subjects, in no particular order. Are you paying attention? We have omitted their names, because they are pawns in your game. Before you start though, we just want to point out, these are all from your open pages.  More sheep:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One more thing. In the message to ISIS Anonymous said: We will hunt you, take down your sites, accounts, emails, and expose you…From now on, no safe place for you online…You will be treated like a virus, and we are the cure…, right? So what happened?

Isis claims responsibility for Brussels attacks ‘in revenge for Belgium’s role fighting militants in Syria and Iraq’

‘It said Belgium was targeted as “a country participating in the international coalition against the Islamic State”, although the country only carried out a limited bombing campaign confined to Iraq before stopping its air strikes in June 2015.

More than 100 supporting troops and military advisers are believed to remain in the country.

The timing of the attacks, coming days after the arrest of Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam was considered significant but no mention of the captured militant was made.’

Obvious questions here Anonymous:
1) How were ISIS able to organize this attack when you yourselves promised to ‘take down their sites’ and that no place would be ‘safe’ for them?

2) How come ISIS haven’t once mentioned all this damage you are alleged to have done to them? If you had taken down every way I could communicate with all my militant extremists, I would be pretty pissed. I would certainly mention that, even if it were just a byline somewhere.

Yet nothing. Nada.

So here is my point. You, Anonymous, are supposed to be the ‘knight in shining armor’ that we need to help us, the citizens. I hold you personally responsible for all the attacks ISIS have committed since you said you would hunt them down, you would stop them from communicating to each other in order to execute these attacks. We are disappointed to find that, even amongst yourselves, you can not agree on what you agree or disagree about. Even worse, instead of following through on your promises to the world, you then decided a change of tactics and jumped on the already over loaded band wagon, to add your voice to those who are advocating the death of one man and everyone connected to him? How can you expect people to follow you when you yourselves have clearly lost sight of what it is you are all about?

After you allowed yourselves to engage in Facebook politics, yes I now do firmly believe you are controlled by The Government. Petty insults are beneath you. To be honest, we didn’t expect that. On behalf of the researcher you insulted, we will not forgive. We will not forget. And yes, you can expect us. To monitor you, to hold you to account. To be the moral compass you clearly need right now.

You’re welcome.

What do you think? Do you think Anonymous have a hidden agenda? Do you believe that we are being fed half truths by the collective to keep us under control, whilst believing we are safe?

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