Celebrate! Rejoice! The time for fighting is done, or at least, it is for right now. Now is the time to embrace this new peace. The peace that England has created for herself. Start planning to rebuild your economy. Yes the pound was at an all time low, but mark our words, it will grow and grow, but your job is not done. You amazing people!

10:43 The British pound has steadied against the U.S. dollar after an overnight period of uncertainty following the Brexit result. It hit its lowest at 4:30am and has been climbing steadily, as at 10:43 it stood at $1.39

It is already climbing. This is the news you have been waiting for. These are the answers to all those prayers. You Britain, need to make this happen. You need to use all those years of hardship to rebuild. And you can. Oh yes you can.

What happens now the UK has voted Brexit – and what is Article 50?

‘No state has left the European Union before, and the rules for exit  – contained in Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon – are brief.

At 10.30am, the four most powerful men in Brussels – Donald Tusk, president of the Council, Jean-Claude Juncker of the Commission, Mark Rutte, the Dutch premier who holds the rotating presidency of the Council, and Mr Schulz meet. They will speak afterwards.

Un-tying Britain from the old membership is the easy bit. Harder would be agreeing a new trading relationship, establishing what tariffs and other barriers to entry are permitted, and agreeing on obligations such as free movement. Such a process, EU leaders claim, could take another five years.

Business leaders want the easiest terms possible, to prevent economic harm. But political leaders say the conditions will be brutal to discourage other states from following suit.’

People you do understand the bigger picture here, don’t you? As the UK wakes up to this historical event: The UK’s Independence Day! Other countries are now making their move. You have singlehandedly given those countries the boost they desperately needed to get out. France, Greece, Italy! These countries are looking to you and you have not disappointed.

The Dutch elections are held in March next year, the French in April and May and Germany in the Autumn. If an independent Britain proves to be a success, the block could quickly unravel.

‘On March 25, 2017, European leaders will mark the sixtieth anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, the EU’s founding document. It will be a fraught celebration.’

Brexit: Britain Votes To Leave EU, PM Cameron Resigns

‘Inevitably, there will be a period of uncertainty and adjustment following this result. There will be no initial change in the way our people can travel, in the way our goods can move or the way our services can be sold.

And it will take some time for the United Kingdom to establish new relationships with Europe and the rest of the world. Some market and economic volatility can be expected as this process unfolds.

But we are well prepared for this. The Treasury and the Bank of England have engaged in extensive contingency planning and the chancellor and I have been in close contact, including through the night and this morning.’

Other countries have wanted to leave the EU for a long time, but, like many people in Britain, were afraid of the consequences. Those countries have been waiting to see what Britain will do, and do you know why?

Because Britain has always been strong. Those countries have always known it, but you poor British people were constantly bombarded with signs of weakness – failing economy, loss of trade, unemployment. It started with Margaret Thatcher and you never got over that. Time to move on. Your eyes are open now. You are the first child born into this new situation. Choose how you define this new age very well.

Decades of serving an unknown master took their toll on this beautiful Emerald Isle, but not today. Today Britain sent out a very clear message to The New World Order: We shall take no more!

You wonderful people.

These countries could be next now that Britain has left the E.U.

‘Predictions that the E.U. could break apart might be a bit far-fetched, but there certainly are other countries where demands for similar referendums could gain momentum.

Sweden: The country views itself as the Scandinavian equivalent of Britain: It refused to introduce the euro as a currency. And in terms of E.U. politics, Britain and Sweden agree on 90 percent of all issues.

Denmark held a referendum last December, although with a much more limited impact: Danes decided against handing over more powers to the E.U.

That alone is not enough to predict whether Danes would really want to vote “out”: In fact, most citizens of E.U. member states think that Brussels should not become more powerful than it is, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey.

The Greek government’s debt crisis has mostly disappeared from the public debate and the headlines — but it will return sooner rather than later.

Greek newspaper Kathimerini fears that this ongoing crisis combined with a Brexit could ultimately become a threat to Greece’s E.U. membership status.

Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad had a clear message for the British ahead of Thursday’s referendum. “Don’t leave me this way,” a cover story’s headline read.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is not known to be a particular friend of the E.U., either. In fact, he has gained quite the opposite reputation. Last May, European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker greeted Orban, saying, “Hello, dictator,” while TV cameras were recording the awkward incident.

The French are some of the biggest E.U. skeptics: 61 percent have an unfavorable view of the union. (In comparison, in Hungary, only 37 percent of the population hold a similar opinion.)

Besides Germany, France is continental Europe’s driving force. But it also faces a multitude of problems, including a weak economy and a high terrorism threat. Some of the origins of these problems have been blamed on the E.U. or conditions created by its member states.’

Now that other countries have seen this, they will leave too and the NWO will fall. Just this week hundreds of millions of pounds will NOT be sent to the EU and, no matter what people tell you, that is going to have a big effect on what the EU can do from now on, after all, money makes the world go round, doesn’t it? Do not under-estimate the power you have Britain.

Of course there is going to be trouble. Nuclear war is now closer than ever friends. Be warned, The NWO will not stand for this. Expect some skullduggery from that quarter. David Cameron (the sacrificial lamb) is leaving, and the door is open. You can not vote for the new PM, so keep your eyes open. Watch carefully. The next PM will be a NWO stooge, you know it, so watch your back.

Who will be our next Prime Minister as David Cameron resigns following EU Referendum defeat?

‘David Cameron has announced he will resign his post as leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister.

He has not set out a full timetable but has suggested a new leader will be in post by October this year meaning a leadership contest will be underway in the summer.

The process for electing a new Conservative leader is fairly complex.

Candidates must first be nominated by two sitting Tory MPs via a submission to the chair of the 1922 committee Graham Brady.’

Britain, you may not like our next words, but heed them well. You need your allies around you. You need Russia. Dont let the opportunities for change pass you by. You need to continue this new surge in defiance. Grab every opportunity now with both hands and hold on for dear life. As you have proven today, you can change what you don’t like at a later date, but please take everything offered to you right now and in the following weeks and months.

Ally yourselves with Russia and China will welcome you. China will open your economic pathway. These countries will protect you when the time comes and you can bet your last pound, the time will come.

For Russia, Brexit would be an opportunity not a tragedy

‘Supposed Russian excitement at the prospect of more division in Europe has been used by the remain campaign as a reason for voting to stay. Guy Verhofstadt, a former prime minister of Belgium, wrote in the Guardian that Vladimir Putin is “the only leader who would stand to gain” from Brexit.

A delegation of MPs from the parliamentary foreign affairs committee spent three days in Moscow earlier this month, as part of an inquiry into bilateral relations between Britain and Russia. MPs on the trip said the EU referendum did not come up much in their meetings with Russian politicians and officials, with little sense that their Russian counterparts were engaged in the issue.’

China Calls for Calm After Brexit, Seeks ‘Stable and United’ EU

‘China shared $598 billion in trade with the EU last year, second only to the U.S. With slowing growth and significant capital outflows, China was among the Asian economies most vulnerable to a Brexit vote, Bloomberg Intelligence economists Fielding Chen and Tom Orlik wrote ahead of the referendum Thursday.

“We respect the choice of the British people and we highly regard our relationship with the U.K.,” Hua said. “We would like to continue our cooperation with the U.K.”

See how these two giants are ready for trade with Britain? Ready to work for the better and not the self, as the EU do? Note that there is no condemnation for the fact the Chinese Stock markets are also suffering right now? Perhaps that is because they have been slowly declining for a while now, who knows? But we do know that, as our precious pound gains in strength, these countries will be keen to do business. And this will be on Britain’s terms. Not like the TPP with America. No. Britain can for once, draft her own contracts. Not beholden to a higher master. Not restricted by so much red tape that her industries fall again. Britain can be glorious again, only this time, please do it right. Do it differently from the way the EU do it and don’t make enemies for yourself. You are the face of change. The whole world is looking at you right now. Make sure you send the right message. Make sure that those countries understand, you do not need fear, hate and violence to be strong. You can do it just as well with a smile and kind words. Man, we love you Britain.

But for now, celebrate in your traditional ways. Let’s see the return of those infamous street parties! Embrace your neighbours. Restore your community spirit and show the whole world that leaving the EU is not the end of the world.

May we just say these last two thing directly to you England: Thank you and God bless each and every one of you.


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