Welcome To The Suck: WW3

So it begins. You know you are in trouble when your own Governments tell you to stockpile food:

Inside Europe: Germans urged to stockpile food and water

‘Germany’s cabinet has approved a new crisis strategy geared towards better protecting citizens during emergency situations. The 70-page plan includes steps for scenarios such as terrorist attacks, as well as some intriguing recommendations regarding stockpiling. DW’s Gabriel Borrud has more.’

Now you may think that this has something to do with illegal immigrants and you would be wrong. Dead Wrong:

Czech Government Tells Citizens To Prepare For The Worst

‘After the German government told its citizens to stockpile food and water in case of a catastrophe, the Czech government is also now reportedly warning its population to prepare for the worst. On Sunday, Frankfurter Allgemmeine Sonntagszeitung (FAZ) reported that the German government is set to enact a new “Concept for Civil Defence” which will “require the population to stockpile enough food for ten days.”On the other side of the border, Czech media is reporting that the country’s food reserves are “struggling” and would be incapable of meeting demand in the event of a national crisis. Supplies of milk powder are particularly low.The government is calling on citizens to increase their “self-sufficiency” and “food safety” by stockpiling more food.’

Russian Citizens Stockpile Essential Supplies Amid World War 3 Fears

‘“With Vladimir Putin having recently purged 50 of his top commanders following an old Soviet doctrine that calls for exactly such maneuvers ahead of war, there appear to be a variety of actions being undertaken by both East and West in anticipation of a large-scale conflict.”

“NATO is deploying more assets to the Eastern front and the Russians for, their part, are feverishly deploying new weapons systems, one of which is reportedly capable of obliterating an entire U.S. state the size of Texas, as well as a Tsunami torpedo that could wipe out entire coastal cities.”’

North Korea’s Military Stockpiles Food Supplies in Anticipation of Sanctions

‘Authorities have lectured citizens that there will be a “great war for unification” this year, and that newly recruited solders are referred to as “unification soldiers,” the source in North Hamgyong province said.
“All culture courses teach us repeatedly that America’s hostile policy and sanctions are responsible for the country’s economic challenges,” he said. “As a way to overcome the challenges, the government recently replaced the phrase ‘self-survival’ with ‘self-strenuous efforts.’ There is no other way than relying on Chinese and Russian aid as Kim Jong Un makes preparations in response to international sanctions,” said a Chinese source who lives in China and is familiar with what is happening in North Korea.
“But because aid from China and Russia will also be limited this time around, North Korean residents will suffer the burden even more,” he said.’

Why would all these particular countries be stockpiling food? Why not Syria, Iran, Iraq etc? You know the answer to that already but some of you are still too blind to see. Never mind that though because it is too late for you. Why? Because the war has already started and you can’t do anything about that now:

US Navy fired warning shots at Iranian ship

‘After a brief radio exchange, the Iranians refused to leave, CNN reported, forcing the U.S. ships to follow defensive maritime procedures and fire three warning shots at the Iranian vessel.Cook said there might have been two additional incidents on Wednesday involving the same two U.S. ships, as well as the USS Stout, and Iranian vessels.

“Bigger picture here, these were incidents that crews deemed were safe and unprofessional,” Cook said. “They’re not conducting themselves in a way that professional navies do.”
On Tuesday, Iranian navy boats approached the USS Nitze at a high speed near the Strait of Hormuz. The Nitze fired 10 flares at the Iranian boats.’
Now, we all know the ‘bigger picture’ is actually much bigger than America wants you to see, so allow us. Why would the US launch missiles against Iranian boats? Because ‘they got too close’? We think it was much more likely because of this that happened two days prior:

3 Reasons Russia’s Bombers in Iran Were a Big Deal

‘What are we to make of the Russian military’s use of an Iranian air base last week as a staging point for airstrikes in Syria? U.S. intelligence officials have been working on this question and the U.S. State Department was caught flat-footed by the development. “[W]e’re trying to get a better assessment of what’s going on,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters in a briefing on August 17, but “fundamentally this isn’t helpful.”’

Of course, anything that doesn’t work in Americas’ favor, is considered ‘unhelpful’. But there is so much more to this story.

So, Iran let Russia use it’s military airbase and America are none too happy about that. That doesn’t really explain why Turkey is siding with America after allegations of conspiracy over the Turkish Coup does it? Very strange behavior. Recently we were asking the question: Is America punishing Turkey? Now however, we think Turkey was a patsy. In a past article we told you to watch out for the patsies. Why, you ask? Because of this:

Turkey Invades Syria, Backed By U.S.

On Wednesday morning, Turkey abruptly launched an all-out military assault on Syria, sending in tanks, troops, and engaging in airstrikes, in concert with airstrikes from the United States, to the northern portions of Syria near the Turkey-Syria border under the guise of combating ISIS forces. At this time, the military operations seem focused around Jarablus.

Turkey’s move raises even more questions now regarding the nature of its recent “failed” coup as well as its relationship with Russia and the United States. A troubling new dimension has also been added to the Syrian crisis as the Turks have now officially invaded a sovereign country in an already volatile region. Undoubtedly, we will be watching these events closely.’

We have a theory on this: Turkey is letting the US fund it’s military in order to fight ISIS. So, in effect, America is paying Turkey to clean up America’s mess. Those ISIS fighters were funded by The States, remember? Turkey are doing this and at the same time, working with Russia, diverting a few dollars here and there and why not? Isn’t that exactly what America does?
Can you see what is happening yet? No? – Let us continue then. Last week this happened:

Erdogan Threatens To Abandon US Dollar In Trade With Russia

‘Perhaps the most notable development was reported today by Turkey’s Gunes newspaper, which said that as part of the discussion between Putin and Erdogan on Tuesday, the Turkish president suggested to abandon the US dollar in bilateral trade between Turkey and Russia, and instead to transact directly in lira and rubles. This would “benefit both Russia and Turkey”, Erdogan allegedly said in his August 9 meeting in St Petersburg, adding that this would relieve the lira from the USD’s upward pressure.

Needless to say, such a bilateral agreement would further infuriate Turkey’s European “friends”, permanently halting Turkish accession into the customs union, in accordance with Austria’s recent demand….. Which, incidentally, means that not only Erdogan, but now also Putin, holds key leverage over the career of Europe’s most important politician.’

It all comes back to the dollar, doesn’t it? We are surprised at this because isn’t America backing the concept of One World currency? Does America truly believe that the currency of the New World will be the dollar? Why do they think that? Hasn’t O’bozo already stated that the New World Order has been in effect for a few months now?

Yes, but he also told you that you need to control him because he has already changed laws to benefit himself and you still didn’t pay any attention to that, so this is what happens when you don’t listen.

Obama Admits He ‘Changed Law‘ With Executive Order

“What you’re not paying attention to is the fact that I just took an action to change the law.”

This is an interesting, and potentially damning, admission against interest for the former law professor.’

So this ‘invasion’ – is it a real invasion or is it American spin? Well, to answer that question, you need to know what else is happening around the globe:

North Korea threatens nuclear strike amid US-South Korea drill

‘The US military has also been beefing up its presence in the region, jointly deploying three strategic bombers, the B-52 Stratofortress, B-1B Lancer and B-2 Spirit, to the region for the first time.

When asked if the US was concerned about the increase is hostile rhetoric out of Pyongyang, US State Department spokesman Mark Toner answered, “There is always concern, but I don’t think that is going to keep us from moving forward.”

Beijing tells citizens to prepare for war

‘For the US, the military domination of the South China Sea is important for various reasons. The US Navy regularly transits through the South China Sea, especially in recent years in support of their operations in the Middle East. The protection of its aircraft carriers is a major national security interest of the US and Chinese deployments in the Spratlys would be a serious challenge to them. The surfacing of a Chinese Song class submarine within five nautical miles of the USS Kitty Hawk during an exercise in the East China Sea 2006 was a major shock to the US. It was repeated in 2012, when Chinese submarines sailed close to the USS Ronald Reagan.

Chinese Threaten Japan, Australia Over South China Sea; Time For US FON Ops?

‘Earlier this month, a fleet of 14 government vessels accompanied several hundred fishing vessels into the East China Sea in waters that Japan claims as its Exclusive Economic Zone. Cheng is critical of the Obama Administration’s response. “What the hell have we done? We’ve done nothing, absolutely nothing. This administration is giving the Chinese a free pass and it’s therefore no surprise the Chinese are pushing hard.”

And no country has the global diplomatic and military muscle to directly counter the PRC. “The Chinese can out-muscle Australia, and they have a decent chance at intimidating the Japanese,” he says.’

N. Korea threatens US with ‘nuclear hammers of justice’ after missile test

“The US vicious nuclear threat and blackmail against the DPRK only resulted in bolstering up its nuclear attack capability hour by hour and the US mainland and the operational theatre in the Pacific are now within the striking range of the KPA, no matter how hard the US tries to deny it,” the agency quoted Kim as saying.

Once again, Pyongyang threatened its rivals, in particular the “US imperialists” and the “South Korean puppet group,” which are currently staging a joint military exercise “aiming at a preemptive nuclear strike at the DPRK with huge nuclear strategic assets involved,” according to the article.

“The [North] Korean people would deal merciless blows at them with nuclear hammers of justice so that nails of injustice may not come out again, once an opportunity is given, now that the DPRK has in place all substantial means capable of standing up against the US nuclear hegemony,” KCNA reported.’

China Threatens India Against Deploying BrahMos Missile in Arunachal Pradesh

‘The Indian Army has so far raised three regiments equipped with two earlier versions of the BrahMos. It was jointly developed by India and Russia and is named after the Brahmaputra and Moskva rivers. The missile has also been fitted on Indian warships. The new regiment for the Northeast will have some 100 missiles, five mobile autonomous launchers on heavy-duty trucks and a mobile command post.’

America, you have a big problem. But it doesn’t end with Asia Pacific. It goes way beyond that now:

Russia And China Team Up To Take On US In South China Sea

‘Russia and China will hold joint war drills in the South China Sea in September 2016, the two countries announced Thursday, challenging U.S. calls for China to heed an international tribunal ruling that denied Chinese territorial rights in the South China Sea. The drill is the first of its kind in the South China Sea in the history of the two navies, marking an elevated posture in an already contentious region.’

The war drills will take place in the disputed territorial waters that China’s Navy called, “China’s inherent territory.” China said it will “never stop’ expanding in the South China Sea in a Tuesday statement to  Adm. John Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations.
The Council on Foreign Relations noted in 2015 that 5.3 trillion dollars of world goods moved through the South China Sea, with 1.2 trillion of that bound for U.S. shores. Any disruption in this shipping channel would throw world markets into chaos.’

Very clever, isn’t it? All those sanctions that America put on these countries in the past. Looks like the ‘bad guys’ have been learning lessons and are now putting those same lessons to good use.

Russia is teetering on the brink of ‘all out war’ with Ukraine

‘With the increasing possibility of what Hollande has called “total war”, alarm is growing in the international community – not least within France and Germany, the two countries which helped broker the February 2015 Minsk agreement. Under that deal, both sides agreed to measures including an immediate, full bilateral ceasefire and the withdrawal of heavy weapons from Donetsk and Luhansk, where fighting since 2014 has seen separatists seize significant portions of the regions, raising international fears about the viability of the Ukrainian state.’

Sirens Wail As Russia Awakens To Full Combat Alert, NATO Alliance Begins To Shatter

‘Most critically being kept from the American public as its corrupt leaders push for total war, these MoD reports conclude, are the recent, and shocking, reports detailing how US defense contractors supporting Hillary Clinton are now telling their investors that “the Russian threat is great for business”—and who are being aided by an unprecedented massive propaganda campaign by the, likewise, Hillary Clinton supporting American mainstream press against Russia that former Reagan administration Secretary Paul Craig Roberts recently said about: “I should be hardened by now, but it never fails to astonish me that agents for the elite are willing to tell the most blatant and transparent lies.”

‘Great for business’? Well it seems that Russia and China are a step ahead of America in this respect. Stop the shipments crossing the South Sea and you stop ‘business’ period.

America know all this is coming of course. They just haven’t got round to informing her citizens:

U.S. Calls on Americans to Leave Gaza ‘As Soon As Possible’

‘The United States on Tuesday called on Americans in the Gaza Strip to leave the coastal enclave “as soon as possible.”

Palestinian militants and the Israeli military have not engaged in a conflict since the seven-week war that began in July 2014 and left more than 2,200 Palestinians and 70 Israelis dead but flare-ups have been intermittent, particularly on the border between the two territories.

The U.S. State Department said that Americans in Gaza should enter into Israeli or Egyptian territory when they could due to the security threat to its citizens.’

How are America spinning this? Well it seems they are still trying to convince people that Russia is solely responsible for everything that is happening. They don’t seem to realize that these other countries, who are siding WITH Russia voluntarily, are the same countries that America has trampled all over in the past. Nevermind that though. What is the latest propaganda?:

EXCLUSIVE: NATO prepared for aggression from ‘unpredictable Russia’

‘The CSTO – a military alliance between Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan – is regarded as a rival to NATO. Tensions rose dramatically last week after Putin threatened to take revenge against Ukraine for what he claimed was a plot to bomb targets across Crimea. He said two Russian servicemen were killed by Ukrainian “saboteurs” – accusations that Kiev flatly denies. Analysts say the incident was orchestrated to create a phony pretext for a new invasion.

Other experts believe the posturing is intended to influence the peace negotiations involving Russia and Ukraine and the West.’

Unbelievable.  The West were dead set against Russia annexing Crimea and now they are against Russia defending it. Having read all the above, have you noticed something? Or more importantly, the ABSENCE of something?

Where is the UK in all this? Too busy being distracted by Brexit perhaps?

‘War is coming and Britain is NOT ready’ Shock warning from top military chief

‘Admiral Lord West, former First Sea Lord, has warned of coming conflict as he describes says the world is “is more dangerous and chaotic” than at any time in his naval career.

The top military man pointed the finger at Russia, China and the Middle East as areas which could explode into war.

He added: “Unless we increase the investment Britain is standing into danger, particularly in our maritime power”.

He warned conflicts in the Middle East could evolve from terrorism and civil war into full-scale nation against nation conflict which would inevitably drawn in Britain.’

We call BS on this. Britain spent millions on warfare. Yes they have deployed soldiers into 20 areas of conflict, which seems to be a complete waste of time. It has left Britain exposed, open to invasion.

Ask yourselves: Could Britain’s troops get back to the UK faster than Russia can get there?

The answer to that is not just no, but hell no.

We asked if this was just American spin and that answer to that is clearly no. It would appear that in her desire to recoup her trillions of dollars in losses, America will do just about anything to start a war and she is still using Russia as the catalyst for that. Please believe that every time you read an US article about Putin ‘preparing for war’, he is actually preparing to DEFEND against war, not start it. He has told you stupid people a million times that Russia does not want war with the US. He has repeatedly stated that Russia is not in a position to go to war. Leave Russia alone for Gods sake. Why haven’t America picked on anyone else? Because it was always supposed to be Russia. Look at a damn map:


Does THIS look like Russia is ‘preparing for war with US’? Does it? or is the reality here that it is in fact America that is preparing to annihilate Russia, the only country in the world that she has absolutely no influence over. Can’t have a ‘One World’ anything, if you don’t control the whole world, can you?

Getting back to that stockpiling. It is not very difficult to achieve. When you go to the store, why not pick up a few extra ‘bits’? Below is a list of foodstuffs that will help you just in case:

Peanut butter – peanut butter is chock-full of healthful fats and protein. Unless the jar indicates otherwise, you don’t have to refrigerate after opening.
Whole-wheat crackers – Due to their higher fat content, whole-wheat or whole-grain crackers have a shorter shelf life than their plain counterparts (check the box for expiration dates), but the extra fiber pays off when you’re particularly hungry. Consider vacuum-packing your crackers to prolong their freshness.
Nuts and trail mixes – Stock up on these high-energy foods—they’re healthful and convenient for snacking. Look for vacuum-packed containers, which prevent the nuts from oxidizing and losing their freshness.
Cereal – Choose multi-grain cereals that are individually packaged so they don’t become stale after opening.
Granola bars and power bars – Healthy and filling, these portable snacks usually stay fresh for at least six months. Plus, they’re an excellent source of carbohydrates.
Dried fruits, such as apricots and raisins – In the absence of fresh fruit, these healthy snacks offer potassium and dietary fiber.
Canned tuna, salmon, chicken, or turkey – Canned meats provide essential protein. Vacuum-packed pouches have a shorter shelf life but will last at least six months.
Canned vegetables, such as green beans, carrots, and peas – When the real deal isn’t an option, canned varieties can provide you with essential nutrients.
Canned soups and chili – Soups and chili can be eaten straight out of the can and provide a variety of nutrients. Look for low-sodium options.
Bottled water – Try to stock at least a three-day supply–you need at least one gallon per person per day. Half for drinking and the other half-gallon is for adding to food and washing.
Sports drinks, such as Gatorade or Powerade – The electrolytes and carbohydrates in these drinks will help you hydrate and replenish fluid when water is scarce.
Powdered milk – Almost all dairy products require refrigeration, so stock this substitute for an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D when fresh milk isn’t an option.
Sugar, salt, and pepper – If you have access to a propane or charcoal stove, you may be doing some cooking. A basic supply of seasonings and sweeteners will improve the flavor of your food, both fresh and packaged.
Multivitamins – Supplements will help replace the nutrients you would have consumed on a normal diet.

 All of the above are things that we all buy anyway, so what harm will it do to buy an extra one every time you do your grocery shopping ‘just in case’?

What do you think? Do you think this is all random? Do you think it is something else entirely? Are you preparing now, or are you going to wait for your government to tell you what to do, resulting in mass panic buying in the stores?

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