Are The Witnesses Here?

Today we are going to look to the skies again. Have you seen all the ‘evidence of aliens/UFO’s?

Well, we think we have an explanation for this and believe us, when you hear it, it will change your perception completely. First though we want to ask you what the bible say about two witnesses?

“And after three days and a half the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.” —Revelation 11:11

The reason we mention this is because for a long time now people have been reporting this:

The above images are just a small selection. There are literally hundreds of images dating back years.

Is it possible that the two witnesses are actually aliens? You might think that is very far-fetched, but we think we can proof that this is not as crazy as you might think.

For many years now, people have been reporting and documenting on these two ‘lights’ that appear in the skies over America, just sitting there and many people are asking why now.

The answer to that is, it is not just ‘now’. Do you know this has happened before?

This year I just happened to be at a flea market and my attention was caught by two books. The titles of these books made me want to read them, so I bought them and started reading on the way home. I didn’t stop reading until the very last page and it was incredible.

The books are written by a guy called Bob Frissell. Now two things are extremely important here. The first is that neither of these books are big sellers, not in any top 100 list. The second is that both these books were found together on the other side of the world. It was like ‘something’ determined these two books had to stay together and boy I can see why.

So let me tell you about something I read. Now Bob has referenced every source that he has used in his books, so it is not too difficult to research his findings. We are going to extract just a small piece of the first book.

It is called Nothing in This Book is True, But it’s Exactly How Things Are and it was published in 1994. That is older than a lot of people on the planet.  After we have spoken about this, I want to tell you a personal story that has had me baffled for all of my life. I never understood those events until I read this book some 43 years later. This is not an experience I have shared before because I thought people wouldn’t understand or would ridicule me for it, but I am going to share it today only because of the events that are happening around us and because of these two books by Bob and because of the people that he has referenced in his books like Zacharia Stitchen.

This is what is written:

‘….about two hundred years ago the Sirians, who are our father aspect, became aware of a high possibility that we are not going to make it at all. They foresaw an event that was going to happen in 1972, and they knew that we had to be at the fourth dimension level of awareness by then in order to survive. If we were at that level by 1972 there would be no problem, but if not, everything would be wiped out – the entire planet. And, as time passed, it more and more seemed as if we would not reach that conscious level.

The Sirians did not want to see us wiped out. We are, in a certain sense, their children and they have that special parental love connection with us. They started searching for a way to solve this problem but were unsuccessful. There was no known way to get a planet at our level of consciousness through the changes that were coming. When this happened in the past it meant the planet was destroyed, The Sirians kept on looking however, and eventually they discovered that someone in a far away galaxy had conceived of an idea that might work, but had never been tried.

They created a living vehicle that was fifty miles long, cigar-shaped, black and seamless with both carbon and silicon life forms on it merged into one. The whole thing was a self-aware living unit.

New York State Has A History of Cigar Shaped UFO Sightings

Dedicating as much time to this project as was necessary, they also made eight little flying saucer-type vehicles or ships…. The Sirians assembled all this together, worked out its possibilities, then set it aside and waited.

UFO Fleet over Brooks Mountain Range Alaska confronts Pilot - Dec 14, 2013
UFO Fleet over Brooks Mountain Range Alaska confronts Pilot – Dec 14, 2013

The actual event happened on August 7, 1972. From observation – and we didn’t know of course that the Sirians had intervened – it was the biggest thing that we had ever seen. According to ‘Science News’: “The early days of August saw a severe disturbance on the sun that produced four major flares between August 2 and August 7….The ones recorded in early August were among the most major event ever recorded….The August 7 flare ran the X-ray sensors off the scale….” Accounts of the event were published in all the major scientific literature around the world and many of the major newspapers, but scientists didn’t know what it meant; all they did was publish the data.

1972 Solar Flare – Harvard Report

‘At the time, 144,000 different races from other dimensional levels came in to assist. By mid January 1972, about 80,000 of them had already arrived. They had a very intense discussion among themselves on the subject of the impending red pulse and about 79,900 of these cultures said “There is no hope, there is no way, there is not a prayer of the humans surviving. Let’s get out of here”. They went home because non-interference was their policy. The other hundred or so cultures – the Pleiadians, the Aldebarans, the Arcturans and other led by the Sirians – decided to stay and help.

The moment the situation was declare hopeless they (The Sirians) sent ambassadors to Galactic Command to ask for permission to carry out their experiment. If anyone at all, even just one person were to survive the explosion of the sun, the Sirians would have refused. But because no-one on Earth would survive, they did receive permission. They were first asked by the Galactic Command how many survivors they thought there would be as a result of their experiment. They didn’t really know but said, “Probably  at least two but no more than ten will make it”.

A key condition for receiving permission was the belief that at least one person would survive. In truth, as this was a radical thing that had never been tried before, they didn’t really know how many would survive.

They launched the large cigar-shaped object just outside the membrane of consciousness of the Earth, at 44,000 miles out and they placed it one overtone higher so it was invisible to us. They placed the eight small flying saucer-type ships on the apexes of the eight tetrahedral points-that is, the eight points of the star tetrahedron around the Earth.


Then from the cigar-shaped ship they shot a beam of laser light, the likes of which we do not have. The beam was about eight inches in diameter, made up of little segments of different colored digital light moving, of course, at the speed of light. This light was coming from one-dimensional world into another.


From the summer of 1972 to the summer of 1974 we were moving in an entirely new direction. We began to accelerate in our evolution. Then it started to get out of hand; we began to really accelerate’.

Like we said, all this is documented. You may not like the author/s but you can find out for yourselves.

I was born in 1972. The very first conscious thought I had, was only moments after being born. That thought was so clear that I still remember it over 40 years later. I don’t know why this thought was my first, or why I still remember it and, until I read this book from Bob Frissell, I didn’t tell anyone of this event in my life. Who would believe it right? That a baby born only minutes prior could retain their very first thought for all these years.

You know that we do not believe in coincidences. It makes no sense that I could forget so many things in my life, but not this one thought.

What was that thought? It was simply this:

This is wrong. I don’t belong here. I am in the wrong time.

From that moment, my life was so hard every single day. Long story short, I started researching, trying to find an answer. You know, we all do it. Why am I here? What is the purpose of my existence, that sort of thing.

It was about 27 years ago, that I started on a path that ultimately changed me into a completely ‘other’ person. It was hard work, but I did it and along the way, I discovered a few things about myself.

Please note, I had not read Bobs books when I discovered a few things about myself. The things I discovered have come from all walks of life, all around the planet and even off it.

I think that during the time this body was being created to hold my spirit or soul, if you like, something happened that changed which body my spirit would be housing.

I now firmly believe that my spirit was one of those that made up that cigar-shaped vessel, or one of the eight little flying saucer-shaped units and that like possible thousands of other vessels on Earth, I house an alien consciousness. Why not? There are thousands of people in this world who believe the same thing. Is it The Mandela Effect? Is it mass psychosis? We don’t think so.

Ask yourself:

We have been seeing alien activity every single day yet there has been no ‘War of The Worlds’ type response from our Governments. Some countries are pointing their nuclear weapons up to the sky, but not at any alien craft. Those weapons appear to be pointing at something we can’t yet see, or have not yet been made aware of.

Isn’t it possible that aliens are actually our allies and we are placing a lot of faith in them saving us again?

The first time is was the largest solar flare from the sun. They created a shield around the whole planet, using technology we could never possibly hope to gain and using history, we can see exactly how advanced that technology has made us. From corporate computers to home computers, from portable computers to mini computers to RFID’s.

From great big stereo systems in our homes to portable stereos, from personal stereos to MP3’s. CD players, mobile phones,  I-pads, I-phones, we could go on.

Seeing this accelerated progress, all people have done, is praise themselves on how smart they are, and never once asked, how did this actually come about? Are we really as smart as this?

Roswell, anyone?

Our team had the great ‘peace/war’ debate about visible alien presences and this is what we discovered about ourselves:

There was a time when everyone would scream and panic to see an image of a ‘real’ alien on Earth but over time we managed to laugh it off and liken it to the monster in our cupboards. TV was awesome for that, wasn’t it? E.T, Alien, Predator etc.

We got de-sensitized and now we don’t even question why there is not this big outcry over aliens practically living in our towns.

Example: The Greys. Everybody has heard of this race of aliens. Everyone knows they dissect animals and humans. Everyone knows they abduct people to conduct scientific ‘experiments’.

Why aren’t we seeing the President of The United States declaring himself our ‘ruler’ in order to negotiate deals and then declare an all out nuclear assault?

Why aren’t we being re-assured that ‘they come in peace’ and to ‘remain calm’?

Because clearly, it’s no big deal. Why? Why after so many decades programming the human race to see aliens as the very end of our civilisation, why is it not even on people’s’ radars?

Because the Sirians are still watching out for us? Is it possible that we are being saved by a higher source?

Think about it for a minute. The purpose of a prophet is to be wrong. That sounds crazy doesn’t it? But it’s not. If a prophet is right, bad things happen so why bother giving us a heads-up about that?

So couldn’t it be that all those doom-sayers and End Times predictors have been right, but our ‘Father’…

‘The Sirians did not want to see us wiped out. We are, in a certain sense, their children and they have that special parental love connection with us’

..are defending us against our biggest threat – something big enough to effect the Earth that we ultimately kill us all’. That our Father has sent scouts (the two lights/witnesses) to observe and wait for the most dangerous time, so they can move in again?

If this is true have we just discovered the true identity of the being some of us call God? And doesn’t this mean we have taken a huge step closer to asking the question ‘whats the meaning of life’?

At the time of writing, we heard a report that The US are planning war against the aliens. Why is it always war? Why not a power pow-wow or a welcome committee? But okay, go straight to the ultimate. Don’t bother leaving yourselves any ‘wiggle-room’ in the event you might need a diplomatic response and certainly don’t ask yourself why you would go to war with the many species that have been keeping us alive all these years, who gave us the means to evolve and praise ourselves on just how damn clever we are.

Then all we can really say in response to this (apart from typical US money-making response to everything ‘Let’s have a war. We haven’t had one of those for ages) to that is :

Our Father, who art in ‘heaven’, hallowed by thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in ‘heaven’.

Give us each day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory.



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