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Editor in chiefThe Boss is the Editor-in-Chief. Her name is Karen and she lives in the UK. Karen oversees all the articles, cross references and maintains the website. She also handles all correspondence, so please do send her a message, even if you just want just to say hello. Her favourite subjects are conspiracy theories and science fiction. In her spare time, Karen works as a developer, building new departments in companies. Karen is a professional wine taster and is a big animal lover.


Marc 2The main writer on the website is Marc. Marc lives in beautiful France. Marc’s favourite subjects are religion and sustainable energy. Marc has studied many different religions and his dream is to live independently of state. He grows his own vegetables, but would like to live in a tree-house, give the chance. In his spare time, Marc works in Finance and is a big fan of recycling.


Roland 2Our second writer is Roland. Roland lives in the US and his favourite subjects are politics and  current affairs. Roland also provides all the YouTube video clips in the articles and is a big fan of Jon Stewart and John Oliver. Roland provides information obtained from alternative media sites such as Anti Media and The Free Thought Project. Roland was the person who wrote the article about leaving Facebook.



TerryTerry is not an active writer, but he does provide much-needed data for the website. A retired army veteran, Terry lives in the UK. Terry is our military expert and is fascinated with modern warfare. Terry is one of the admins of a Facebook page/Twitter account and uses those pages to obtain information relevant to the articles we publish. He also shares our articles on those social networking sites. In his spare time, Terry is a professional tiler and loves to read.



We came together over our concerns about the absence of important stories in mainstream media. We are all concerned that citizens around the world are not being told the truth and wanted to rectify that. Originally we had a free blog on WordPress of the same name, but have now upgraded to a website as we felt this was a much more effective way to get the word out. We welcome comments and suggestions on our site, but we ask that you remain respectful. We reserve the right to not publish any comments that we consider to be defamatory, insulting, racist or contrary to the intentions of the writers.

All the articles published are the opinions of the team. Please refer to our disclaimer and fair use notice, if you have any concerns over the content or material used on this website.

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