January 4th, 2014

Now, tell the truth. You weren’t expecting a Facebook story quite this early in the year now, were you?
Facebook Faces Class Action Lawsuit For Allegedly Scanning Private Messages


“Representing to users that the content of Facebook messages is ‘private’ creates an especially profitable opportunity for Facebook, because users who believe they are communicating on a service free from surveillance are likely to reveal facts about themselves that they would not reveal had they known the content was being monitored,” say the plaintiffs in the document.’

Now, why do I think the NSA are going to get a mention? Okay, well let’s get on with it then. January 4th:


No, not that one.


Nope. Try again:


Dear God. No! One more:


Ah, perfect. Yes so as you can see, once again, an unresolved story. Still, interesting isn’t it? That Facebook are being sued for scanning private messages to sell on to marketers. Makes you wonder, just how ‘private’ is private?

‘Facebook was setup by the C.I.A. as a data mining project to collect as much information on as many people as they could.’




So, it seems like, as more people join Facebook all the departments of ‘you have no rights’ thought it worth a manipulation or three.

There are rumors that Mark Zuckerberg was in fact, an CIA agent. Whether that is true, I don’t know.

‘Mark Zuckerberg called up President Obama Thursday to vent his “frustrations” about the government surveillance programs.’


Have you called the Prez yet? I tried. Funny, I can’t get past the brick wall of silence. So, naturally, the first question is, how easy is it to have a telephone conversation with President Obama? I suppose it depends on who you are. ‘Commoners’ probably have no chance, whereas someone with enough money to make a difference to any political campaigns, probably have his personal number.

‘Companies such as IBM, AT&T and Verizon Communications are facing angry shareholders, some of whom have filed lawsuits demanding that the companies disclose their participation in NSA intelligence programs.’


hm, so it seems the alphabet boys have their fingers in many pies.

Thing is, how much privacy do you expect to have on a SOCIAL networking site? If you wanted to stay under the radar, Facebook is not the place for you.

And The CIA

Let me tell you about a personal story which, I believe highlights the ‘privacy’ aspect beautifully. I am one of those that plays a couple of games on Facebook. Occasionally, I will purchase ‘gold’ to help me level up. At first I thought ‘how handy is that’? That the games themselves retain my payment details. Is it? Is it really?

Several months ago, I took advantage of the ‘promote your page’ that Facebook offers. It was shit. I ran it for three weeks and collected a whole TWO ‘likes’, but that is not the point.

The point is Facebook sent me a message saying there was a problem with my account details and they couldn’t debit me the amount owed for these (two) ‘likes’.

I ignored it. Big deal, what are they going to do, sue me?

So about a month later I was on one of my games again, and I purchased gold. Within the space of a few minutes, I received a message from PayPal to say Facebook IRELAND had taken funds out of my account! Huh?

I then received a ‘confirmation’ email from Facebook saying thanks for the payment.

So this is my point. If PRIVATE is really private, how did Facebook get hold of my account details?

Clearly the game app shared that information with Facebook. But they can’t DO that, can they? They can’t share my personal banking details. Isn’t that breach of something or other?

So how did I respond? I moved to Seen.is. Much better. I would strongly urge everybody to leave Facebook, for all the reasons noted above and also for the reasons below:


I am not saying it’s easy. After all, all my friends are on Facebook, all my videos, photos, writings, poetry etc. But that’s the point isn’t it? The more ‘stuff’ I have on Facebook, the less things I can keep ‘private’.

Another tale. My timeline was private. Marked for friends only. I tagged a friend of mine in a post. His timeline was public. What do you think happened?

People were commenting on the post and those comments appeared on my Timeline. What? People I used to be friends with. People I stopped being friends with for valid reasons, could see that post. Now, I would have thought, with MY Timeline being private, it would not have appeared as public on my friend’s account? Maybe I expect too much, or maybe Facebook should have mentioned that little detail? You know when you do anything, you get a message? Like when you are posting a status and a pop-up blocks the whole section, to ask you if you want to ‘save it for later’?. Yeah, just like that.

One more thing. I have people blocked on Facebook. One day I accessed Facebook through my phone. I got a message saying ‘would you like to sync your contacts? Without thinking I said yes. What do you think happened?

That’s right. Stupid Facebook Mobile sent friend requests to all the people I had blocked! FFS! I admit I had several very interesting replies. None of which I responded too, after all, those people were blocked for a reason.

Can those suing Facebook expect a successful outcome? Well, I don’t think so. It’s not because Facebook have the backing of every Government surveillance agency in the US. It’s because they didn’t read (and I don’t need to check to know this) the terms of service, which states, in not so many words, nothing you put here is private. We have the right and will exercise that right, to share any information we like about you. Furthermore, if you chose to use Facebook mobile, we reserve the right to use your phones camera and mic, to record anything we want.

In the UK, the law states, once you dispose of something (say you are throwing out an old sofa), once you put it out on the street, it is public property and therefore anybody can claim it as theirs. It’s the same with Facebook.

So here’s the thing. Image you have no privacy on Facebook. Would you change how you used it? Of course you would. If you don’t want the world to know, DON’T PUT IT ON FACEBOOK!

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