January 7th 2014

Opposing frankenfoods will turn UK into a museum of farming, claims Paterson

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You know, I have been saying for many years, that whatever America do, the UK won’t be far behind. What annoys me, is that the UK Government KNOW what is going to happen, they can see it in America, but it seems to be like this great big black hole, sucking in all surrounding matter. Yes, it’s happening, but we are helpless to stop it.

You could try not importing these goods? Could that help, do you think? Is that an option? Would that send a clear message that the UK will not be party to poisoning its citizens?

At what point did the UK Government say to its people: Look, these Monsanto products are really REALLY bad for you, but they are cheap. You are going to die anyway so what would you rather die of? Poison or starvation? Those your choices here.

Personally, I would rather be the only society left with their health in their ‘museum’ than dead and diseased in a mausoleum, but what do I know?

I know my carrots are not growing so well. I know my broccoli plants (haven’t yet seen the actual vegetable) is running wild. I know my lettuces were very nice thank you, and I know my indoor apple trees died.

Basically, what I am saying is that I don’t need to be a great farmer to know that products which are artificially generated are not the same as ‘homegrown’ ‘natural’ organics.

This COULD be a blog about Monsanto and all the negative aspects of this Company, but why bother? It’s all over the internet. You don’t need me to tell you anything about that.

This blog is about how stupid those in command think the British public are. Look at the headline ‘Opposing Frankenfoods’. Stop. Stop right there.

‘Frankenfoods are foods that have been altered in the laboratory, either genetically or chemically. Some of these foods look and even taste like food, however, due to their alterations, our body does not recognize many of them as food and they wreak havoc with our health. There are some foods that continue to be up for debate as to their benefit vs. harm, such as genetically modified corn. However, there are some products that are so unequivocally bad for us that the U.S. government is making efforts to ban them. One of these “bad guys” is trans fat. High fructose corn syrup is another food to be suspect of.’


How DARE you oppose this, you ignorant selfish bastards. What is wrong with you? Can’t you see that you NEED Frankenfoods to survive? Don’t you know the planet is over-populated? We NEED this ‘food’ to feed everyone (except the poor, of course. No-one feeds the poor).


Even the media refer to it as Frankenfood. It seems to me, in this instance, being poor is a bonus. ‘The meek shall inherit the earth’, because the middle classes and the ‘all-knowing’ killed themselves ingesting chemicals they never tested beforehand maybe?

When you were young, did you ever do something, that prompted your parental figure to demand: If [name] told you to jump off a bridge/cliff/ put your head in the oven, would you do that too?

THAT’S what the UK are doing. The facts of this issue don’t seem to matter. As long at the UK do what ‘big ‘brother’ does, then all is well in the world.

‘The United States is without doubt the most important ally of the United Kingdom.’ David Cameron, Wikipedia.

How many other countries were given the option to be allies with Britain, do you think? Do America feel the same way?

‘Obama declared: “We don’t have a stronger friend and stronger ally than Nicolas Sarkozy, and the French people”‘. – Wikipedia

Hm, seems a bit one-sided, doesn’t it? What else?

‘In 2015, Cameron stated the US President calls him “bro” and described the “special relationship” between Washington and Westminster as “stronger than it has ever been”.’ – Wikipedia,

Funny that because the year before you said ‘The Queen purred down the phone line during the call’ and you got into quite a bit of trouble for that, didn’t you Dave (he likes people to call him Dave. It’s gob-shite he is not so fond of. Believe me)


Germany want to break away, not because of Britain, but because of America, in particular, the NSA.


No mention of breaking away from Britain here (although I would like to point out that Australia have considered something along these lines, and been vetoed).


Seems like Australia are thinking about it.


Whoops, there goes another rubber tree plant.


How many countries hate Britain right now?


Interesting thread from the students there:

“Just to give you more fuel for your fire of superiority. Americans don’t hate Brits because you do what we say and join our Coalitions “.

Out of the mouths of babes.

Anyway, it seems that America have upset a lot of countries. Whilst there are those who also dislike Britain, their reasoning for doing so, is greatly different.

So what to do? It’s kind of like being the only friend of the local bully isn’t it? You don’t want to stop being friends, in case you are bullied too, but how lonely is it? In the words of Space:

And whether we were in heaven or hell
I know it’s better than a separate cell
Now we know it’s us versus the world now – Me and You versus The World.

I have said this many times. Let me show you:

‘Cameron, you don’t have the brains you were born with’. – A Little Too Convenient For My Liking.

‘Which country has been treated like Americas bitch for far too long?’ – Are The Players Being Played?

‘I personally would like to see Great Britain side with Russia and China.’ – Hypothetically Speaking Of Course.

‘Who’s my bitch? You’re my bitch’. – The Year in Review – January 2nd 2014.


So, way to go Britain. Carry on being friends with the bully and see what happens. Can you see that other stronger forces are teaming up around you? Do you think they won’t include you in whatever retribution they might consider inflicting on the bully? Is it better to rule absolutely nothing, all by yourself, or to share the spoils of war with your allies and each rule a little?

What will you do Cameron? Will you turn chicken, like you have done with every other issue? Will you allow your friend to use YOUR military as cannon fodder once again? Oh wait. You can’t can you? Because they will all be diseased from the fake foods you feel your ‘people’ should not oppose, like everything else America tell you to accept.

‘In Afghanistan, some NATO contingents have fought hard — France has lost 86 troops, Canada 158, Britain 438


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