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Hello. In today’s article we are going to look at what went wrong. End Times? What happened?

Okay, first let me tell you that the fourth blood moon takes place tomorrow September 28, 2015 (at least it does for me, on this side of the world). It is the lunar eclipse. It is also the super moon, which means the moon is going to look so much bigger. Kind of like this maybe?:


So bear that in mind, that it is entirely possible that the End Times prophecy has not yet played out.

There are two things I want to discuss with you and one of those things will probably blow your mind, so let’s address that last.

Do you know what the purpose of a prophet is? No, it is not to predict catastrophes. It is actually to be wrong. If a prophet can give enough information ahead of time for people to do something to avert said disaster, then their work is done. What is the point in being right, if you’re dead?

Have you noticed that the hundreds of people, tribes and civilizations such as The Sumerians, The Mayans, The Hopi Tribe, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, never once gave an exact time or date for the ‘End Times’? Never noticed huh? Well that is okay.

But what about those people who did? Go to YouTube and enter September 23, End Times. There are 388,000 results. Boy I would love to speak to each one of those people. What were they thinking? Where did they get this date from exactly? I really want to know. I seriously hope nobody in the world took this date as being the actual end of time, based on these YouTube doom and gloomers:

Of course there is a theory that we averted said disaster by making it public, bringing it to light. To quote the Oracle in The Matrix: “What’s going to bake your noodle is would you have broken it if I hadn’t said anything?” Interesting theory and one that we can neither prove nor disprove, so if that is an easy ‘out’ for you, go for it.

Okay so let me begin with the first point. It is really beginning to get on my nerves when people say ‘End Times’ ‘End of The World’ you know? It is NOT the end of the world. It is the end of all the things we take for granted. It is actually the beginning of a brand new world. One that every single one of us has been praying for forever. Yes it is. Let me tell you why I believe this.

How many times have you thought or even said out loud something along the lines of, I wish I didn’t have to work so hard, I wish the Government would stop messing about, why can’t we just get along, can’t we just stop war, stop conflict? When will life get easier for me? You know you have and now your prayers are going to be answered. You should not be afraid of that. You should rejoice, especially those religious zealots out there. Surely having global prayers answered is a clear indication of God’s existence? The churches never thought of that, did they?

But I digress. I have had so many conversations about this subject, but it is not God I wish to discuss. It is a massive spiritual movement that started in the 60’s.

The Hopi Tribe saw it. In their beliefs or traditions or ‘bible’, whatever you want to call it, they wrote:

‘This is the Eighth Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like my people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn their ways and wisdom.


Do you remember who you are? Do you remember who you are supposed to be?

Bloody hippies! Yet look at what they started: Holistic therapy, alternative treatments, herbal treatments, the power of positive thinking, spirituality, the concepts of peace and love. Look around you today. No, I mean take a really good long hard look. Open your mind and truly ‘see’. How many ‘alternatives’ are there out there. Until recently, the powers that be (and yes I mean mostly the church) thought anything that they perceive to be against God, was a mark of the devil. But ask yourself, how can that be? These spiritual people are still doing Gods work, just not in the way they were conditioned to believe was the only way. And is that so wrong? Why haven’t any of those people been ‘smited’?

Again, digression. Sorry.

As you know I have a very lovely female friend. She used to run an online radio show on Blog-talk. You can find her Facebook page here. It is worth a look:

The Soul Truth

She and I were discussing this ‘End Times’ malarkey, and she presented this idea that it is not the end, but the beginning. On her shows, she ran a series based on a book about insights. After I looked at her page, I realized that she might actually have a valid point, after all it was the same as the beliefs of The Hopi Tribe and that got me thinking.

How could the world just ‘end’? Is that all we are here for? That can’t be right now can it? How does that tie in with evolution? I understand the minute we are born we are dying, but doesn’t it seem a bit redundant to wipe out everything that proves or even hints at a human civilization? Why were we supposed to find evidence of prior life forms such as dinosaurs, if it was leading to oblivion anyway? What is the point?

The Egyptians believed in this ‘New Beginning’ theory. So did The Sumerians, The Mayans, Buddhists, Hindhus and, you will never guess who else? That is right The ‘Secret’ Government, more commonly known as The Elite or The New World Order.

Now, a lot of you have been told that your Government wants to kill you. They want to replace you with robots and whilst that is probably true, it is not the whole story.

‘In late 2008, when CERN was first firing up the engines on its atom-smashing machine, Otto Rossler, a German professor at the University of Tubingen, filed a lawsuit against CERN with the European Court of Human Rights, on the grounds that the facility could trigger a mini black hole that could get out of control and annihilate the planet. The Court tossed out Rossler’s request, but he nevertheless succeeded in generating heated discussion on the possible dark side of the experiment.’

10 Mind Blowing Facts About The CERN Collider

The Georgia Guide-stones? This is not a new phenomena and, whilst The Elite are guilty of not explaining ‘their’ beliefs in any way shape or form, the concept of those ‘commandments’ come from much further back in time.

Babaji is considered to be the manifestation of the God Shiva. He has spoken of The Earth Change prophecies and in that he was talking about 90% of The Earths population being removed via these changes. Now if you look at the Elite and remove the ‘via earth changes’ you are left with:

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Huh, well look at that. ‘Earth Changes’ and ‘Nature’. Let’s go a bit further. The Hopi Tribe Prophecy states:

‘His mission was to help his younger brother to bring about the Purification Day, at which time all evildoers would be punished or destroyed, after which real peace, brotherhood, and everlasting life would be established. The elder brother would restore all land to his younger brother, from whom the Evil one among the white men had taken it.’

Hopi Prophecy

You can find these parallels all throughout, but to me, The Elite have nothing new to add. Note that The Hopi prophecy spoke of a new beginning? a purging of the bad, making way for good? And that The Elite omit any references to hope? All doom and gloom, death, destruction. There is a reason for that.

I know what you are thinking. If it is not the end, then what is going to happen? and THAT is the question, isn’t it? Well, again using the prophecies of The Hopis, Sumerians, Mayans etc, we do actually know what is going to happen. And I already gave it a name, didn’t I? A brand new beginning. A life without war, conflict, struggle, discord. A life without disagreement, a life without labels. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well look at it this way:

If there is no religion, there is no conflict.

If there is no wealth, there can be no poverty.

If there is no hate, there can be no crime.

If there are no leaders, there can be no rules.

And isn’t that what we have all been hoping for? Of course it is. The Elite also made a half assed attempt at this, but they still want control and that is why they insist on ONE religion, ONE currency, ONE law, ONE leader. Get real.

Let me explain the beliefs behind how this will come about.

Forget the scaremongering, all that fear induced ‘End Times’ crap. This is designed to ensure that you turn to your illustrious leaders. They believe that they will always have control, because they control your fear and they are right, aren’t they? They play on you losing everything you have ever known and only they can save you. Except they can’t and they prove it everyday. Example:

If they wanted to save people, then why not distribute the wealth, so that people are not starving? Why don’t they organize their wars in a way that civilians are not displaced everyday? With all the technology we have, you know they could do it if they wanted. THEY know they could do it, but still they don’t. I have written about this fear-mongering before:

What Makes A Good Internet Spy?

So today, I am going to redress the balance. I am going to get you to turn your fear into hope.

Forget the ‘End Times’. Focus on the ‘New Beginning’.

Your fear comes from your loses. Currently all you can focus on is not having your material things. My goodness what would happen if you couldn’t use your phone, TV or computers? No more fuel for your vehicles? Food/water? No jobs!

But then again what would happen if you had to talk to people face to face? Travel on foot? Grew your own food/collected your own water? Traded your food and water or your skills, like carpentry for example? You would be independent, wouldn’t you?  In that situation, would you still pay taxes? Would you still need someone to boss you around? Would you still need to clock in and out everyday? hm….

There are some groups out there who would have you believe that you can do nothing for yourselves. OMG! They are taking our rights, replacing us with machines. WE CANT SURVIVE! More fear mongering:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

What do I mean by that? Well, How do you think you got to where you are today? How do you know what medicine to take? What food will kill you and what is good for you? Governments didn’t tell you did they? No we found that out all by ourselves, long before we started electing people to do our thinking and our living for us. We discovered this long before we started wearing clothes even. Imagine.

The dinosaurs were all wiped out. Um…ok, but haven’t we wiped out millions of species since then? I am not seeing our own demise as a result of that, are you?

You might find this surprising, but we have had many beginnings and we are still here. In order to have those beginnings, something must have ended. That is the cycle of life as we know it. An old tree dies and a new tree takes it’s place. Life.

So what do we look forward too? Well, it is pretty simple for those who have the ability to remain open-minded.

Technology will not ‘save’ us. The more dependent we are on technology, the weaker we become. The closer we get to this reliance, the further away we get from our survival instincts, from our heritage. The further away we get from our caveman relatives, who were not only capable, but clearly well placed to survive and forge the foundations of this evolution we find ourselves in now. Had that caveman not survived, we would not be here. The more advanced we become, the more we forget the very thing that keeps us alive. Us. Technology couldn’t do that for us now so forget technology.

Government will not ‘save’ us. They have no better understanding than we do. In fact we probably have a much better comprehension simply because of the struggles we go through created by Government. Let us not forget that Government are only here because we believe we ‘need’ them. For what exactly? so forget that too.

On the sixth day, God made man. We didn’t make this world, we were only introduced to it. It is kind of like when you go on holiday. You book a hotel and everything you need is already in situ, isn’t it? Your meals, your entertainment, your rest. Well, it is the same as The Earth. Everything we need, is right here and that is what you have to remember.

Everything we need to survive is already available. You just have to change your perception of survival. Those people who think they cant ‘survive’ without a phone? You people are going to find this really hard.

You can live off the land. You can survive just by knowing that food is provided, water is provided. Holy crap people, did cavemen have desalination? No. Everything we ‘need’ (remove the word ‘want’ and you will be fine) is right in front of you. It is called Earth.

We are at an amazing time in our life, where we know that somethings can not be controlled. We know that some things are inevitable and we also know that we are an enduring species. We know through history and experience that we are designed to survive. It is that fight or flight instinct.

So what will happen. We will experience the end and then we will be reborn, in effect. We will spend a bit of time wandering around like zombies, until we realize that we have to move forward. No choice. THEN we will have so many years of peace and tranquility whilst we rebuild. And hopefully we won’t make the same mistakes. Hopefully we will learn that we never needed leaders, that just by talking to each other face to face, we can work together. We will see that by our working together, we can accomplish more than we ever have before and do it in a way that benefits everyone involved, not just a few. And we will realize that we have no more need of conformity. Then we really will be the superior race, in the true sense of the word. More love, no war.

Fear the End Times? No way! Bring it on!

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PS- We apologize in advance to Info-wars if any offense is taken. It is not our intent to make any suggestion or insinuation by using this material in this manner. We do follow Info-wars. Long time listeners. It is just these items highlighted our point beautifully. Thank you very much.


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