Who is The Real Bully Here?

So over the last few days, my mobile blows up with the latest alerts about President Vladimir Putin, and to be fair, I am seething at what I have read. Let me show you just a snippet and then I will explain, or maybe I won’t need to. Maybe you are not as stupid as Mainstream Media wants you to believe.

Dirty bastards

See that? No? Let me go a bit further then. Look at the headlines and look which media outlet is reporting:

Russian President Vladimir Putin Tops Forbes’ 2015 Ranking Of The World’s Most Powerful People

Forbes Article

Nice unbiased report by Forbes here. Basically Putin is top dog, Merkel is 2nd and Obama is a paltry 3rd place. As the Americans say 3rd place is no place. This is a nice well-balanced article. I like it.

Warning. Please forgive my language:

Putin named most powerful person in the world for pushing Obama around

New York post Article

WHAT?? Are you a fucking loony?? ‘Pushing Obama Around’. Is this the playground? Oh boo-hoo poor Barack isn’t top anymore and it’s all that bully Putin’s fault. Get a fucking life!

Unbiased reporting? Well, let’s have a look:

‘The top five were rounded out by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Obama, Pope Francis and Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Forbes tabbed Putin as the world’s most powerful man based on his ability to flout US and world dictates and get away with it — whether it be Russia’s continued involvement in Ukraine or support for despised Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad.

Merkel gained points for her strong leadership in guiding Europe through Greece’s debt debacle and the Syrian refugee crisis.’

Really? So the ever reliable New York Post insinuates that Forbes ‘tabbed’ (and WTF is tabbed exactly?) Putin as only top because he ‘gets away with it’.

Except, if you read the article by Forbes, it doesn’t say anything of the sort. It reports the facts and nothing else. No opinions, no hints, suggestion or insinuations anywhere.

‘Russian President Vladimir Putin emerged as the world’s most powerful person for the third year running. Putin continues to prove he’s one of the few men in the world powerful enough to do what he wants –and get away with it. International sanctions set in place after he seized Crimea and waged war-by-proxy in Ukraine have kneecapped the Ruble and driven Russia into deepening recession, but haven’t hurt Putin one bit: In June his approval ratings reached an all-time high of 89%. In October, he bombed ISIS forces in Syria and then met face-to-face with President Assad, making the U.S and NATO look weak in the region, and helping rebuild Russian influence abroad.’

Forbes Article

Also, Merkel is in second place, where O’Bozo USED to be, so how come no-one is calling her a bully? Notice how the New York Post did NOT state that Putin’s approval rating reached an ‘all-time high of 89%’. Nor did they mention the inconvenient fact that people like Putin because HE does exactly what he says he will and O’Bozo…. well, not so much.


‘U.S. President Barack Obama fell one spot on this year’s list to #3. There’s no doubt that the United States remains the world’s greatest economic, cultural, diplomatic, technological and military power. But as Obama enters the final year of his presidency, it’s clear his influence is shrinking, and it’s a bigger struggle than ever to get things done. At home, his approval ratings are perpetually stuck under 50%; abroad, he’s out-shined by Merkel in Europe, and outmaneuvered by Putin in the Middle East.’

Now, here is where my blood is starting to boil. I am going to give you a set of headlines and all I want you to do, is see if you can guess which articles are written by US media outlets and which are not. Try not to cheat though, if you can’t guess then hover your mouse over the link and you will see which website published that article Okay? Let’s go:

Russian Plane Crash: Vladimir Putin ‘Chickens Coming To Roost?’ Evidence Seen Indicating Bomb On Board

MSM or Alternative?

A Think Tank Analyst Wants To Fight Putin

MSM or Alternative?

Horror at 30,000ft and how Putin’s playing a ruthless game in the Middle East that should terrify the West

MSM or Alternative?

Putin Thinks He’s ‘Vladimir the Great,’ Condoleezza Rice Says

MSM or Alternative?

Media Caught Distorting President Putin’s Speech

MSM or Alternative?

Putin’s consistency on Syria has Washington fuming

MSM or Alternative?

Syria air strikes push Putin’s rating to new high: Russian state pollster

MSM or Alternative?

Russia comes to rescue once more and is building secure refugee camps in Syria

MSM or Alternative?

Now, time for my two cents, and again I apologize, there might be swearing.

So just exactly who is pushing who around? As I have already said Putin gets things done. In a previous article I wrote about how a Russian General contacted the US embassy and said ‘you have one hour to move your troops. We are going in’. and what happened? ONE HOUR later, Russia made it’s move on Syria.

BhmavkECMAAz7tQ.jpg medium

You know why all this is coming about don’t you? Nope, it has nothing to do with war, nothing to do with ISIS, Syria or any of that. All these biased reports came out after this sweet little beauty. Man you gotta love Putin:

I am in so much agreement with what Vlad said here, that I have transcribed it below, in case you don’t have 7 minutes, or you are not in a position to watch this clip. My thoughts and opinions are inside the brackets:

The Question: Western countries, almost universally now, believe that there is a new cold war and that you, frankly have decided to create that. We see, almost daily Russian aircraft taking sometimes quite dangerous maneuvers towards western airspace. That must be done on your orders, you’re the Commander-in-Chief. It must have been your orders that sent the Russian troops into the territory of a sovereign country. Crimea first, and then whatever it is that is going on in Eastern Ukraine. (but let’s not mention the Commander-in-Chief of the US and what he did).

Now that you’ve got a big problem with the currency of Russia (?) and you’re gonna need help and support and understanding from outside countries (go fuck yourself), particularly from the west (pompous ASS), so can I say to you, can I ask you now, would you care to take this opportunity to say to people from the west (coz we are the superior race you know) that you have no desire to carry on with a new cold war (why is it a cold war when it’s Russia, but not the USA, UK or anyone else?) and that you will do whatever you can to sort out the problems (that yes we did create but again, glossing right over that) in Ukraine. (In other words, are you ready to get on your knees and beg for our forgiveness?) Thank you.

Question presented by John Simpson of the BBC (who quite frankly should have known better and really ought to be ashamed that he had the audacity to actually voice that question not only out loud but in public too).

Response: Thank you for your question. You mentioned that Russia played it’s part in the development of tensions that we are seeing in the world Russia did play it’s part in the understanding that it is standing up for its national interests, more firmly  in so far as the situation calls for it. We are not attacking anyone, in the political sense of that word. We are not invading anyone. The disdain  of our Western friends comes from the fact that we are doing just that; Standing up for our national interests (and not letting you walk all over us). It does not come from us initiating something that instigates these tensions in the world. Let me explain. You mentioned our aviation. Geo-strategic aviation, that is. Is it known to you, that Russia, in the 90’s halted completely (as did the USSR) any strategic aviation in the ‘further afield regions of patrol’ i.e. not in the closer abroad? We halted such activity completely. US Geo-strategic aviation however, with nuclear weapons on board! They continued to encircle us. What for? Who are you concerned about? Or why are you threatening us? We continued with non patrol, year after year. It is only since about 3 years ago that we restarted aviation patrol further abroad. Which party is provocateur here? Is it us? We have only 2 military bases abroad. They are in areas of known terrorism dangers. One in Kyrgyztan, and only after rebels from Afghanistan started operating in that territory. We were asked to be there by the Kyrgyz authorities. Akayev was President then. The second one is in Tajikistan, also on the border with Afghanistan. It is your [American] interests to know that everything is calm there? And you are telling me that I am the aggressor? Have you any common sense?

What are the US forces doing in Europe, including nuclear weaponry?! What business have they got there? Listen to me… our military budget, while increased slightly from last year, in the dollar equivalent, is about $50 billion.  The military budget of the Pentagon is almost ten times that amount!  $575 billion, I think Congress signed off on and you’re telling me I’m the aggressor here? Have you no common sense at all?

Is it us putting our forces on the border of the US? Or other States? Is it NATO, or who, that is moving their bases closer to us? Military infrastructure! It is not us. Does anyone ever listen to us? Or try to have some kind of dialogue with us? The repeated answer we get is ‘mind your own business’, and ‘each country can choose its own security measures’. Very well, so will we. Why is the same forbidden to us?

And finally… On the anti-ballistic missile defense system, who is it that exited from the treaty that was vital to the entire system of international security? Was it us? No. It was the States.  In a one-sided way they simply withdrew from the treaty. Now they are threatening us. Turning the missiles towards us. Not only from Alaska, but from Europe too. In Romania, in Poland… we are right next door! And I am the aggressor here?

Do we want a fairer relationship? Yes we do, with our national interests taken into account.  Both in matters of security, and in economics. We held talks with the WTO for 19 years. We agreed to many compromises. We proceeded on the understanding that WTO conditions are set in stone upon joining and then…. I won’t get into the Ukrainian question today. Of course I consider my position to be the just position, while our western friends are in the wrong, but we  will leave that for the purposes of this discussion.

So we joined the WTO. There are rules. In contravention to them, and in contravention to international law, sanctions have been imposed in the Russian economy. This is illegal. Is it us that’s in the wrong again? We want to develop normal relations in the sphere of security, in the fight against terrorism, in the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. We want to work together with you on threats such as  drug trafficking, organized crime, the spread of infectious diseases, including Ebola. We want to work together with you. As well as in the economic sphere so long as you want that too.

Putin very reasonably asked these questions and that is a very bad thing because now other people are also asking those very same questions. It is true, isn’t it? Putin is right to raise these concerns. Putin is not the devil. He did not start any of the wars taking place around the world. He didn’t move his troops closer to The States. That was all down to one man and one man alone: The President of The United States himself,  Barack Obama. Way to go that man. And isn’t it always the way with bullies? You stand up to them and they crumble and use any old tactic they can to try and undermine your confidence. Miss! Miss! What is it Barry? Miss, Vladimir is being mean to me 🙁

So again, let me ask, who is pushing who around?

Let me just say one more thing and this is to those people who are talking about Putin’s feelings on the Jewish community. First, get your facts right. It is not Putin causing the problem. This article is from The Jerusalem Post. It clearly says the opposite of everything Western Media have published. What and who are you going to believe?:

Senior Russian rabbi: Putin ouster would endanger Jews

‘MOSCOW-  A senior Russian rabbi warned of grave danger to Jews if Russian President Vladimir Putin is swept from power.
Alexander Boroda, head of the Chabad-affiliated Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, made the warning Friday during a talk at Moscow’s 9th annual Jewish learning event organized by Limmud FSU.’

The Jerusalem Post

YOUR Government officials launched a single-minded hate campaign on all Muslims. That is now being enforced by Britons and others. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Come on now. Do you remember the witch trials? Left handed people were considered to be witches, as were red-heads. That turned out well, didn’t it? Oh… wait….

Think about that and then go look up hypocrisy. Who has done so much more damage? I saw a post the other day about a man who groomed and repeatedly raped a young child. The post was not hating on him for the crimes he committed no-no no, because that would be understandable, wouldn’t it? No this group of people were hating on this guy for being a Muslim.

And what happened to the Muslim guy who saved a woman from sexual assault in London? Tell me his name! You can’t because the only person who found out that mans name, was the woman he saved. Go figure. ‘

Kaitlyn Regehr: Woman sexually assaulted on bus finds man who defended her against attacker

The Independent

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