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What a week for Russia.  We have been following this closely and again, America WTF?

US Air Force Drops Record Amount Of Bombs Against Islamic State In Iraq And Syria

The United States Air Force has increased the level of its attacks on the Islamic State group in recent weeks, dropping more munitions than ever before. The increase, mentioned in an article on the service’s website, means that more than 60 percent of all airstrikes carried out by coalition forces are now the work of the U.S. Air Force. The remaining 40 percent of bombs are dropped on ISIS by the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and coalition partners.

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Right so whilst the amount of bombs dropped by the ‘coalition’ is 60%, it doesn’t say how munitions in total does it? Perhaps the US only dropped 60 ‘bombs’. Why am I talking about this. Well, it is funny you should ask that because  the other day I was reading the BBC World News website and, even though I know it is controlled by the Government, something slipped through that really caught my attention. Let me show you:

‘In a statement, the US, UK, Turkey and other coalition members called on Russia to cease air strikes they said were hitting the Syrian opposition and civilians, adding that they would “only fuel more extremism”.

First. Russia is SUPPOSED to be against ‘Syrian opposition’, so no problem there. I don’t know if the coalition got the memo, so let me fill you in:

‘Russia is one of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s most important international backers and the survival of the regime is critical to maintaining Russian interests in the country.’

So, ask yourself, why would the coalition criticize Russia for doing exactly what you would want your ‘most important international backer’ to do?

Well, this is where is gets a little hypocritical and by little, I do mean blatantly. Let’s look at that Coalition first and remember, everything that is quoted in this article is from the BBC World News Website:


‘Since September 2014, the US has been conducting air strikes on IS and other jihadist groups in Syria as part of an international coalition against the jihadist group. But it has avoided attacks that might benefit Mr Assad’s forces or intervening in battles between them and the rebels.’

Saudi Arabia.

‘Riyadh is a major provider of military and financial assistance to several rebel groups, including those with Islamist ideologies, and has called for a no-fly zone to be imposed to protect civilians from bombardment by Syrian government forces.’


‘Turkey is a key supporter of the Syrian opposition and has faced the burden of hosting almost two million refugees. But its policy of allowing rebel fighters, arms shipments and refugees to pass through its territory has been exploited by foreign jihadist’s wanting to join IS.’

As discussed in a previous article, those who are on Syria (and now by default, Russia’s) side:

Iran and Iraq.

‘Mr Assad is Iran’s closest Arab ally and Syria is the main transit point for Iranian weapons shipments to the Lebanese Shia Islamist movement, Hezbollah.

Iran is also believed to have been influential in Hezbollah’s decision to send fighters to western Syria to assist pro-Assad forces.’

So we have USA, Turkey and Saudi vs Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq. Interestingly in this report, it also states:

‘Iran has proposed a peaceful transition in Syria that would culminate in free, multi-party elections, but it has not been involved in as-yet unfruitful UN-backed multilateral peace talks on Syria.’

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