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You know, lately we have been writing an awful lot about America and it’s completely unreasonable and shocking behavior. One of our admins asked our editor, is that really fair? And that answer to that is probably. However America is certainly not alone when it comes to being a strong contender for the Darwin Awards, so let’s pick on the UK for a while.

When it comes to being as dumb as a box of rocks, Americans have very close competition and no, we are not referring to Piers Morgan (but thanks for sending him back and redressing the balance, how kind). We are talking about Mr Ian Duncan Smith:

George Iain Duncan Smith (born 9 April 1954), often referred to by his initials IDS, is a British Conservative Party politician. The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions since 2010, he was previously the Leader of the Conservative Party and Leader of the Opposition from 2001 to 2003. He was first elected to Parliament in 1992 as the MP for Chingford, and he has represented its successor constituency of Chingford and Woodford Green since 1997.

He joined the Conservative Party in 1981, and was elected as a Member of Parliament in 1992. Duncan Smith succeeded William Hague as Conservative Leader in 2001, winning the leadership election partly on the support of Margaret Thatcher for his Eurosceptic ideology. Duncan Smith was the first Catholic to serve as a Conservative Leader, and the first to be born in Scotland since Arthur Balfour. In 2010, The Tablet named him one of Britain’s most influential Catholics.

His time as Conservative Leader saw his party fall in opinion polls, and many Conservative MPs came to consider him incapable of winning an election. In 2003 his MPs passed a vote of no confidence in his leadership; he immediately resigned, and was succeeded by Michael Howard. As a backbencher, he founded the centre-right Centre for Social Justice, a think tank independent of the Conservative Party, and became a published novelist. On 12 May 2010, Prime Minister David Cameron appointed Duncan Smith to serve in the Cabinet as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. – Wikipedia.

Well, there is certainly a lot of meat on those bones, isn’t there? What exactly is Social Justice?:


The fair and proper administration of laws conforming to the natural law that all persons, irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, possessions, race, religion, etc., are to be treated equally and without prejudice.
Excellent. Social Justice Warriors do what is right, for everyone. Before we get into that, let me first tell you why I am talking about IDS. He is the ‘Secretary of State for Work and Pensions’ and he also founded the ‘Centre for Social Justice’. Just think about that for a minute….

Iain Duncan Smith vows to overhaul ‘perverse’ sickness benefits

“It is a system that decides that you are either capable of work or you are not. Two absolutes equating to one perverse incentive – a person has to be incapable of all work or available for all work.

“Surely, this needs to change.That’s why I want to look at changing the system so that it comes into line with the positive functioning of Universal Credit. A system that is better geared towards helping people prepare for work they may be capable of, rather than parking them forever beyond work.

“We need a system focussed on what a claimant can do and the support they’ll need – and not just on what they can’t do.”

Right, as always, it starts off sounding very reasonable.  Then you start looking at the nitty and the gritty. Yes of course there are people who are registered as disabled, yet still able to work. We all know some-one like that, so there is no need to look at those people. Who determines who is ‘incapable of all work’? Well it would seem that Social Justice Warrior Ian is:

Iain Duncan Smith plans to force disabled people off vital benefits and into work

‘The Work and Pensions Secretary has already slashed £7billion from working age benefits since 2010. He has vowed to cut another £12billion during this Parliament. George Osborne announced in June that people on ESA will lose £30-a-week in the latest round of cuts to encourage them back into work.

In his speech today IDS makes clear he wants to go much further and push thousands of people off ESA altogether.

“When ESA was introduced it was intended to be a short term benefit,” he will say. “We need to look at the system and in particular the assessment we use for ESA.’

Who is George Osbourne? Since becoming Chancellor, Osborne has pursued austerity policies aimed at reducing the United Kingdom national debt. After the Conservatives won an overall majority in the 2015 general election, Osborne was reappointed as Chancellor of the Exchequer by Cameron in his second government and was given the additional title of First Secretary of State, making him Cameron’s de facto deputy.

Does anyone else think it is a bit strange that there are in fact two Secretaries of State?

No matter, let’s go back to that Wiki piece.

‘Duncan Smith was the first Catholic to serve as a Conservative Leader’ and ‘The Tablet named him one of Britain’s most influential Catholics.’ What are Catholic views on poverty?:

Encyclical statements on poverty

When there is a question of protecting the rights of individuals, the poor and helpless have a claim to special consideration. The rich population has many ways of protecting themselves, and stands less in need of help.
Rerum Novarum, paragraph 29

“If someone who has the riches of this world sees his brother in need and closes his heart to him, how does the love of God abide in him?” (1 John 3:17)
The obligation to provide justice for all means that the poor have the single most urgent economic claim on the conscience of the nation.
Economic Justice for All, paragraph 86

Nice. Very clearly Catholics believe  that the poorest amongst us are the ones that need the most. How does that play into IDS plans to get disabled people into work?:

IDS cuts money for most vulnerable – and calls it ‘support’

‘Priti Patel was the minister tasked with defending taking money away from the sick and disabled. She did it by claiming the government had their best interests at heart. One of the first things the minister for employment said during the debate was that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) proposals would ensure “support is focused on the most vulnerable”. That sounds reasonable enough. Except it’s hard to think of many people more vulnerable than those suffering from Parkinson’s, or cancer, or mental health problems. And that’s who we’re talking about here. Not people who can’t be bothered to work, as the government tries to portray, but people with serious illnesses and disabilities who are unable to.’

Incidentally, IDS was very keen to let the public know that he did this:

Bedroom tax: Iain Duncan Smith lives rent free in £2million country home with at least FOUR spare bedrooms

‘The 16th-century Tudor house on a sprawling estate in Buckinghamshire originally had five bedrooms but has had wings added down the centuries.

With a swimming pool, tennis courts and set in acres of countryside, it’s a far-cry from the social housing his bedroom tax victims live in.

Under the plans introduced this week, anyone in housing association homes or council housing with a spare bedroom will lose 14 per cent of housing benefit, or 25 per cent if they have two spare rooms – despite the lack of one-bedroom council homes.’

How very ‘Social Justice’ of you. Yes that is right. Bedroom tax. The US have chimney tax, so why not? There will probably come a time when you are taxed for the pleasure of thinking, mark my words.

Wiki – In 2003 his MPs passed a vote of no confidence in his leadership.

If the guy is not even a favorite among his own people, why did the Government think he would be a blast with the public?

Look, everybody knows that there are people that are on benefits purely because it is there and those people are shameless. They should be brought to task for doing that, but how is slashing the benefits to those who depend on it, making life better for the British people? Just who is suffering the most here?:

Thousands have died after being found fit for work, DWP figures show

‘Nearly 90 people a month are dying after being declared fit for work, according to new data that has prompted campaigners and Labour leadership contenders to call for an overhaul of the government’s welfare regime.

Statistics released by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) revealed that during the period December 2011 and February 2014 2,380 people died after their claim for employment and support allowance (ESA) ended because a work capability assessment (WCA) found they were found fit for work.

Ministers insisted that the data could not be used to link claimant deaths to its welfare reforms, but the figures focused attention on the government’s fit-for-work assessment process, which has been dogged by controversy in recent years.’

It is important to look at who those people are. Here is one example:

‘No one should die penniless and alone’: the victims of Britain’s harsh welfare sanctions

‘Clapson, 59, who had diabetes, died in his flat in Stevenage on 20 July 2013, from diabetic ketoacidosis (caused by an acute lack of insulin). When Gill Thompson, his younger sister, discovered his body, she found his electricity had been cut off (meaning that the fridge where he kept his insulin was no longer working). There was very little left to eat in the flat – six tea bags, an out-of-date tin of sardines and a can of tomato soup. His pay-as-you-go mobile phone had just 5p credit left on it and he had only £3.44 in his bank account. The autopsy notes reveal that his stomach was empty.’

This is the saddest thing we have read. This poor man was surrounded by resumes (CV’s), he had been on interviews, he was doing everything he could. Was he a ‘scrounger’? a ‘benefit cheat’?

‘He spent five years in the army, two of them serving in Belfast, 16 years working for BT and another eight at other companies before he stopped working to care for their mother who had developed dementia. When she died three years ago, he began to look for a new job and was put on the government’s new Work Programme, designed to help unemployed people find a job. He completed two periods of unpaid work experience, for B&Q and for a discount store. He told his sister he had enjoyed these sessions, and had hoped to be allowed to do more. He also completed a forklift truck training course. Although he struggled to use a computer, he had been trying to apply for jobs online. Thompson believes he was taking the process very seriously.’

This is just one. Remember, THOUSANDS have died.

RIP Mr Clapson and thank you for your service to your country. Stand down soldier.

This next story highlights the ineptitude surrounding those decisions on who should be affected by these cuts:

Minister apologises after woman in coma was told to find work

‘A Whitehall department sent letters to a woman demanding she make an effort to find work even though she was in a coma.

Holt, who has suffered from physical and mental health problems, was contacted by the Department for Work and Pensions, which invited her to attend “intensive job-focused activity”, according to her MP Simon Danczuk. She fell into a coma in December last year and the government and its contractor were informed, the Labour MP told the Commons.

During his speech, Danczuk read from a letter sent to the Holt family. He said the letter was dated 30 January. Danczuk added: “I should inform the House that members of Sheila’s family repeatedly informed the DWP and Seetec (a contractor carrying out work capability assessments) about this fact that she wasn’t well but they continued to get harassed by those organisations.”

“She has not been in employment since she was 16 years old. However she was pushed into the Work Programme before Christmas and she was finding it extremely difficult. She was also concerned about the fact around the increases in the council tax benefit that she had to pay. On 17 December she was sectioned under the Mental Health Act because she was struggling to cope. Whilst in hospital she had a heart attack and that’s caused her to be in a coma since then. We are now at the end of February. I can report to the House that Sheila is stable, she is still in the coma.”

That is two. Out of thousands. Angrily, we are demanding to know just who the hell are Seetec and what qualifies them to determine who is capable of working?:

‘Delivering a wide range of Department for Work and Pensions and Jobcentre Plus employment programmes, we work closely with employers and partner organisations to empower individuals to move off benefits and into sustainable employment.

We work with hundreds of subcontractors, delivery partners and specialist support organisations creating effective and diverse supply chains to deliver high quality employment, training and IT solutions for learners, jobseekers and employers.

We offer employers a straight forward approach to employment; we listen to their needs and tailor our service to their business. Regardless of business size or industry, our employment and training services are free of cost.

We offer employers a way to reduce recruitment costs whilst contributing to the economic and social development of their local communities.’

They offer no proof of their legal ability to assess people. They don’t even assess individuals. All they do is look at what employers want and try to get ’employees’ up to that level.

These people are criminals! It is solely their information to DWP that has led to thousands of people dying under those sanctions. And that is how it works. IDS has the great ideas. DWP blames Seetec. Seetec get paid millions and everyone is happy. Well, except for the dead people. And their loved ones. And people who care about people dying under this scheme. They are clearly not happy but who cares about them? These sanctions must be saving hundreds of millions, after all everyone is a benefit cheat, right?

If you want to know exactly how bad all these cuts have been and exactly how they have impacted on UK citizens, please have a look at this report. Not only is it very detailed breaking down all the areas affected, it is extremely disheartening to read.

So, we know that these thousands of deaths are directly connected to the welfare cuts, but what we don’t know, is how much has been saved and apparently they don’t know either. Every report says it ‘will save’, but nothing says we have already saved this much. Typical.

It seems that there might just be a silver lining after all though and thank the lord for that. We would like to say not a moment too soon, but sadly it is more like thousands of ‘moments’ too late:

Iain Duncan Smith Told To Abandon ‘Damaging’ Cuts To Benefits For Disabled People

‘Next week the House of Lords will vote on whether to cut Employment and Support Allowance, currently £102-a-week, by £30-a-week, as part of Duncan Smith’s Welfare Reform and Work Bill.

Almost half a million sick and disabled people who have had to give up work receive the benefit.

 The heads of 30 charities have written to the work and pensions secretary to warn him of the “damaging” effect the cut will have.

“We believe the government’s proposed cut to ESA will undermine its commitment to halve the disability employment gap, and push sick and disabled people further away from work and closer to poverty,” the letter says.

However the Department for Work And Pensions accused the charities of “scaremongering” about the cuts.’

How are The British Government responding to this? In true American style of course:

Budget 2016: George Osborne warns of cuts

‘Chancellor George Osborne has warned the UK has to “act now rather than pay later” ahead of next week’s Budget, with further spending cuts planned.

He said the cuts would be “equivalent to 50p in every £100” of public spending by 2020, which was “not a huge amount in the scheme of things”.

He told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that the world was “more uncertain” than at any time since the financial crisis.

He said the UK needed to live within its means to withstand economic shocks.’

Before I continue I just want to say Osbourne, you’re a first class p***k of the highest order. ‘More uncertain’ – Do you mean the Government of The UK has lost all confidence in itself, it’s country and/or the rest of the world? Then step down and let someone who is confident take the reins. Carry on:

‘In his November Autumn Statement, he watered down planned £4.4bn cuts to tax credits and eased back on planned spending cuts to the Home Office and other departments. He was able to do this owing to a combination of better tax receipts and lower interest payments on debt.’

Osbourne actually said “My message in this Budget is that the world is a more uncertain place than at any time since the financial crisis and we need to act now so we don’t pay later,” he said.

“That is why I need to find additional savings equivalent to 50p in every £100 the government spends by the end of the decade, because we’ve got to live within our means to stay secure. That’s the way we make Britain fit for the future.”

However, Mr I am ‘more uncertain’ forgot to mention this little detail:

UK economy grows 0.5% in fourth quarter

‘The UK economy grew by 0.5% in the three months to the end of December, official figures show, taking the annual rate of growth for 2015 to 2.2%.

The Office for National Statistics show an improvement on the third quarter figure of 0.4%.

But the 2.2% annual growth in 2015 was down compared with 2.9% in 2014.

Output in the three months to December was 1.9% higher than a year earlier, down from 2.1% in the third quarter and the smallest increase since early 2013.

Despite the annual pace of growth being the slowest for three years, it still means the UK economy is one of the fastest growing developed nations.’

I guess this answers one question though. Clearly the cuts to Welfare has resulted in a 0.5% growth in the Economy. Remember when he died, David had no electric, no food and £3.44 ($4.87) to his name. How proud they must be to have profited from the death of thousands.

Normally at this juncture, I would be saying ‘Here’s the point’, however, I am far too angry and disgusted to even think straight right now. (Guy Fawkes had a point you know? Just because he was caught doesn’t mean the idea was ridiculous. I’m just saying), and more importantly, I think you can see the point very clearly for yourself.

No America are not the only ones raising eyebrows around the world. The UK are doing a pretty good job of showing their complete ignorance of exactly what constitutes a genuine case from a conman. Like America, The UK seem to believe that religion is all that is needed to save it. Don’t forget Wikipedia said of Ian Duncan Smith: The Tablet named him one of Britain’s most influential Catholics.

What a shame he chose to use his influence to do all the things the Catholic faith are supposed to be against. What a pity that neither the catholic church nor any of it’s followers have brought him to task. Still, I suppose it is hard to shame a faith that wholeheartedly approved of kiddy fiddling. And if that has upset you, you can probably use that to gain some insight in what those dead people felt right before they found the only option they had left to them. Frustration? Despair? Futility?

What do you think? Are UK politicians the same/better or worse than US politicians? Do you think it is about time we saw exactly how much those deaths ‘saved’ the UK? Are you outraged or do you think thousands of lives is a fair price to pay for a catholic politician to live rent free in a 5+bedroom periodic mansion? Are you ready to stand up and do something?

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Iain Duncan Smith quits over planned disability benefit changes

‘Mr Duncan Smith, who was the Conservative Party leader and Leader of the Opposition from 2001 to 2003, wrote in his resignation letter that the changes to disability benefits were “defensible in narrow terms, given the continuing deficit”.

But he said they should have formed part of “a wider process” of finding the best way to focus resources on those most in need.’

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