A Box of Rocks

Sometimes it would be beneficial if we could take Americans out of The United States and show them what the rest of the world sees. I think if we could do that Americans would be mortified at how their media are portraying them to the rest of the world.

When it comes to being as dumb as a box of rocks, the States are not just in the lead, but a mere spot on the horizon.

Whilst mainstream media has been very dull and repetitive over the last few months, we have been watching Americans reactions to the Presidential candidates. Oh boy.

First of all, it seems that Americans could not care less about the imminent Nuclear War that O’Bozo has been harping on about for the last 7 years. The war that he believes will be instigated by either Russia or China. Over the last 7 years all we have heard is: It’s coming. Any minute now. Hang on. Nearly there. Two minutes. Here we go. Ready?. Here it comes. Watch out. Any second now…..

Nope, Americans are not concerned about that. What they are concerned about, is a fictitious wall that Mexico are refusing to pay for. Now, you might think that the outrage would be that Mexico are not paying for the wall that will keep the loonies in the asylum (and I mean you America), but no. Americans are raging about the fact that some-one even suggested it in the first place. Not that many other countries don’t have walls or that countries like Israel thought it was such a damn fine idea, they are already well on the way to getting theirs completed. But that doesn’t matter to America either. What is hugely important, is exactly what kind of president would be fit to run the country.

Now the fight is between 3 candidates right now. And by that we do of course mean the fight amongst the natives, not the actual election itself.

And what utter beauties they are too.

Let me ask you America. Why do you think these 3 would serve your country to the very best of their ability? What is it about them that makes you think they will put you first? Well let’s have a look:

Ted Cruz – So determined to win, he sent out tweets telling the public that other candidates had dropped out and asked them to vote for him instead. When that failed to work, his name appeared twice on election ballots. When it became clear that America could actually read after all, he then decide his latest campaign would be to tell people they haven’t voted. Because we all know America has the attention span of a goldfish, right?

TIMELINE: How Cruz’s Camp Spun A Ben Carson Hoax During The Iowa Caucuses


The liberal media and GOP establishment are defending this breach in voter trust calling this “good electioneering.”

One Trump delegate (379) was not listed on the ballot while a Cruz delegate (378) was listed twice.’

Ted Cruz’s Iowa Mailers Are More Fraudulent Than Everyone Thinks

‘Researchers found that registered voters in a 2006 primary election in Michigan voted at a higher rate if they received mailers indicating that their participation in the election would be publicized. The mailer that had the biggest impact included information about the two previous elections and whether the recipient and his or her neighbors participated or not. “We intend to mail an updated chart,” the mailer warned. “You and your neighbors will all know who voted and who did not.”

On Saturday night, Cruz responded. “I will apologize to no one for using every tool we can to encourage Iowa voters to come out and vote,” he told reporters during a campaign stop in Sioux City.


So, Americans would like this guy to be their leader would they? A guy who is clearly only out for himself. A guy who only listens to the people, when they are saying things he wants to hear? Who will do anything he can, in whatever way he can, to ensure he comes out on top. Very nice. How proud you must be.

The next best thing is Hiltery Clinton. A woman who publicly abuses rape victims:

Flashback: Hillary Clinton Threatened Bill’s Accusers in 1998

‘It is commonly believed by Clinton victims that Hillary was behind the siccing of private investigators on the many women who accused her husband of rape, sexual assault or infidelity in the 1990s.

Hillary Clinton revealed her hidden hand when she menacingly issued a clear warning of intimidation to her husband’s accusers (and those who would pursue their charges) on the nationally broadcast Today Show in early 1998 in the days after the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke.’

Lies about her involvement in the death of Americans:

Hillary Clinton’s 5 Biggest Lies in Her Benghazi Testimony

‘The most despicable lie of the day came from Hillary’s defense of her own conduct via ripping Chris Stevens, the dead ambassador. She spent virtually the entire day suggesting that Stevens knew the risks of his job, that he accepted those risks, and that he died knowing those risks. She even said that Stevens “felt comfortable” on the ground. If that is true, it’s certainly odd that the State Department team in Libya asked for more security over 600 times. Hillary said she didn’t receive any of those requests and blamed her security team for not granting more security—all the while saying she took responsibility for what had happened.’

‘Loses’ information that directly threatens the security of the country she claims to want to lead in a way that Edward Snowden and Julian Assange could only have dreamt about:

Hillary’s National Security Crime Needs a Special Prosecutor

‘The circumstances leading to a particular failure to protect secrecy matter. Accidents and mistakes do occur, and those responsible for the accidents and mistakes are held responsible. However, in former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s case, we confront a dangerous intelligence and counter-intelligence scandal created by her premeditated and systematic (hence criminal) mishandling of highly classified U.S. national security-related information.’

A woman who demands that religious citizens go directly against Gods instruction to never denounce their faith:

Hilary Clinton: Christians In America Must Deny Their Faith In Christianity

‘Notice that she says that the change of Christian beliefs is the “unfinished business of the 21st century,” which means she wants to persecute Christians.’


Whilst all of the above is shocking enough, it is nothing compared to this doozy of a fact. She was mentored by the leader of the KKK:

Flashback: Hillary Clinton Praised Former KKK Member Sen. Robert Byrd [VIDEO]

 ‘Hillary Clinton once heaped praise for late Klan leader Sen. Robert Byrd.In a video uploaded to the State Department’s official YouTube page on June 28, 2010, Clinton commemorated late Sen. Byrd by saying, “Today our country has lost a true American original, my friend and mentor Robert C. Byrd.”

When Byrd was 24-years-old, he joined the Klan because he was worried that during World War II, he might have to fight alongside “race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.” Bryd wrote those words in 1944 to Sen. Theodore Bilbo, a staunch segregationist.

“From my first day in the Senate, I sought out his guidance, and he was always generous with his time and his wisdom. I admired his tireless advocacy for his West Virginia constituents, his fierce defense of the Constitution and the traditions of the Senate, and his passion for a government that improves the lives of the people it serves.”“And as Secretary of State, I continued to rely on his advice and counsel. I’ve been grateful for the support he has provided as a leader of the Appropriations Committee to our diplomats and development workers as they serve our country and advance our interests all over the world,” Clinton said.’

So let’s just put that into perspective, shall we? You Americans think you would be best served by a racist, who would sell you out for a few bucks, undermine your security and take away everything you ever believed in and serve you up to eternal damnation for all eternity, on a silver platter? Nice. And yet it is Trumps obviously racist actions in suggesting a wall be built on a little part of your border, that have your whole country fighting with each other. Since when did a wall become more important than slavery?

Speaking of Trump, as the main contender for the presidential seat, the fact that he is liked by Putin, should be enough to persuade you to look more closely at his presidential integrity. You know how stupid you are? Have you got any idea at all how selfish, self-centered, egotistical and narrow-minded America looks to the rest of the world? Let me tell you.
From your behavior over the last several months, all the rest of the world can see is that you do not care in the slightest if a nuclear war wipes us all out, as long as you don’t have to convince a country to pay for a wall around a small part of your country. How very big of you. Thanks very much for considering the rest of the world in your decision to put liars, thieves, con artists, and/or a (verbal) rapist above global peace and security. Trump is possibly the only candidate that could prevent a nuclear war, but don’t let the tiny fact that without a sustainable planet to live on, you won’t get the opportunity to regret your decision, stop you from determining who you think would be best for you. Your nothing but selfish pigs.
I don’t care who you pick, just for Gods sake, don’t pick a person who clearly and publicly hates you so much they are prepared to sacrifice every other country to destroy you.
What am I saying? You have been poisoned for years into being nothing but mindless dumb zombies. Of course you are going to vote for them. Just so you know, you will be the first to go, you know that, don’t you? Those nuclear weapons are not pointed at Israel or Saudi Arabia, or Korea or even ISIS you know? They are all pointed at Washington DC. They are primed and ready, just waiting for word over there in Russia and China. Way to go America.
Perhaps you are just hiding from this bigger issue with petty arguments? Well okay, but remember, as I said earlier, if only you could see what we see.
Personally, I think your elections should be voted upon only be leaders of other countries, not your citizens. Imagine how the face of those elections would change, if the candidates were forced to pander to the concerns of other countries, instead of imposing her will on those countries, rigging the elections and pretending the peoples’ vote actually counts? I bet a nuclear would would soon be taken off the table then.

What do you think? Does America have the right to determine the fate of the rest of the world without consultation? Do you think America have imposed themselves as the sole ruler of this planet we all share?

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