McMurray Thieves

In the world of political correctness and the home of unyielding politeness, we imagine the correct word here is opportunist, however we at Political Beast prefer not to glorify theft and manipulation. No we prefer to remove those words that make scum sound like a good thing.

Before we get to that though, we need an update. As per the usual want, Mainstream Media have relegated the atrocity in Canada to the mid pages. Allow us to show you how much worse things have gotten and the fore-cast of what is still to come. This is the worst disaster in Canadian history.

So you all know about this right?

Fort McMurray wildfire remains out of control after city evacuated

60,000 flee as wildfire leaps highway and into city

7 days ago, it was only 60,000 people fleeing this terrible disaster. However, things got a lot worse, very quickly:

Canadian wildfire edges south, leaves thousands stranded

‘The 88,000 residents who fled a wildfire that has ravaged the Canadian oil town of Fort McMurray in Alberta will not be able to return home anytime soon, officials warned on Thursday, even as the inferno edged slowly south.’

See that? In just one day an additional 28,000 people needed, not wanted, not chose, needed to leave their homes.

There are two things that I really want you to remember. Write it down if you like, but please do not forget these two very important details:

‘Due to a gas shortage, thousands of people are unable to leave’.

THIS is the biggest point you need to remember. They can not get away. They have no means of getting away from the fire that is destroying everything they have ever known.

Fort McMurray: Fire could double in size, Canadian official says

“It’s extremely dry out there. Wind continues to push from the southwest, to push the fire to the northeast into the forested areas,” Alberta Wildfire official Chad Morrison said Friday afternoon. “There is a high potential that this fire could double in size by the end of the day tomorrow.”‘

>The amount of people who had been evacuated in just 11 days now stands at: 90,000. One third of that in just 4 days. The fires are expected to rage for months. Emergency services from all over are there, helping as best they can:

Military aid at the ready as offers of help pour in for Fort McMurray wildfire evacuees

Canada is a country of people who help each other in challenging times, Trudeau told his caucus Wednesday.
“I’ve been dealing with offers of support and calls from the Atlantic provinces, all the way out to B.C., as people are looking for how they can support their friends and neighbours as people go through this difficult time.”

This is where we say: God bless you wonderful people and keep you all safe.

And then this happened:

Air Canada addresses accusations of fee-gouging during fort McMurray evacuation

‘“it isn’t right that we raised fares in keeping with this devastating predicament,” Air Canada stated. “In some cases, customers booking last-minute on could three and 4 on flights from fort McMurray and Edmonton paid top rate fares.
“This used to be an influence of Air Canada’s computerized revenue management method, which robotically manages fares.”
The airline went on to assert that they have been unable to intervene in advance to manually regulate fares. “In those situations we will be contacting buyers who paid a premium to adjust the fare to the most often to be had, lowest develop fare and refund the change.”
buyers took to Air Canada’s facebook web page to air their grievances over the “outrageous” rate of flights out of citadel McMurray amid the wildfire difficulty.’

You filthy, dirty, low life, scum sucking, miserable excuse for humanity. You even thought your little bit of back peddling would make things better?:

‘the airline has been considering delivering “our lowest on hand fares” to folks littered with the fortress McMurray situation, together with shedding additional costs.’

CONSIDERING?!?!?! How how very considerate of you. Well, when you have got done ‘considering’ it, do please let us know your profound thoughts on exactly how and when your company nosed dived in the financial market. Also:

‘Air Canada has additionally donated $50,000 to the purple move to aid with comfort efforts.’

Big deal. How much money did you make off the backs of those victims? What is that word, that means a sub-human that profits off tragedies?  Oh that’s right, it’s called an opportunist. Personally we think you are lower than low.

And it gets worse:

Air Canada offers partial refunds to Fort McMurray evacuees

Partial??? Why not full? What do you think those people will do with the last of their bucks? Save it up for their end of year bonuses? All our readers know full well that ‘partial’ could mean as little as a dollar. How much is ‘partial’ Air Canada?

‘The announcement comes after allegations of price-gouging, with photos showing ticket prices above $4,000 circulating on social media. However, Air Canada says it did not intentionally raise prices.’

$4 THOUSAND!! for ONE ticket? To avoid being burned to death? What a choice! Noticed they acknowledge that the prices had, in fact been increased? Just like that, no rhyme, no reason. Just increased. We wonder why that happened now and not at any other time in Air Canada’s history? Hm.

‘Tara Topolinsky, a Vancouver native, says she was told a flight home from Edmonton would cost about $200 more than normal. After an eight-hour drive south, however, she was eager to leave, and offered to pay about $780 for a business class seat for the same day.

Topolinsky says that ticket allowed her to board while others waiting for the oversold flight were kept on standby.

“I was allowed on because I was willing to pay more,” she said.’

Evil, just pure evil.

The final nail in Air Canada’s coffin, in our opinion was this:

Air Canada blames computer system for $4,000 airfares to leave Fort McMurray

So, not your fault then? Your computers, your pricing structure, your policies, but it wasn’t you? That’s your excuse? It’s pathetic.

Do you know why we call bullshit on this? Members of our team work in similar fields and one of the easiest things to do is this. When you select/change the pricing option, the computer says ‘Are you sure about this’? (terminology may change), the user then clicks YES! and the computer changes the price for everything in that selection.

Air Canada:

Air CanadaYou seriously need to re-evaluate your ‘Values’ section. Talking of Air Canada’s values, have a look at this:

Canada Rights

So, you condemn ‘all forms’ of exploitation of children, but not their parents or other adults? Not the needy, just the kids who in reality, probably don’t have four THOUSAND dollars to fly Air Canada, probably couldn’t even tell you how many zeroes make up a thousand.. And how are you contributing to those children by taking that money away from their folks?

Canada Rights 1Candid? “I was allowed on because I was willing to pay more,” Straightforward? ‘It wasn’t our fault, it was a computer glitch’. Way to go in avoiding ‘misrepresentations, manipulation, misuse and unfair dealing practices’. You rock!

And no, we are not done with you yet:

Canada Rights 2Your ‘customers’ desired an escape from the horror of watching everything they have ever known burning to the ground. W can see how you would only sell seats to those who ‘desired’ it the most.

Canada Rights 3

And there is the truth of it, hidden between the lines, hidden in plain view. ‘At odds with Air Canada’. And lets face it, this company are in the business of making money, not making friends.

So this is what we suggest. Imagine that Air Canada sold seats to just 1,000 people. And charged those people $4,000 each. That is a total of $4,000,000. Take away the massive ‘Damage control’ token of $50,000 and Air Canada had made $3,950,000 in profit. Off the backs of those in need of help and assistance, comfort, support, understanding.


Air Canada are only concerned with their profits. Hit them in their pocket. Boycott Air Canada and show them, that this behaviour is not only despicable and unforgivable, but it will not be accepted.

They have offered refunds to the customers ‘they contact’. How are they going to contact those people?

Scum of the earth should be treated as such.

What do you think? Do you believe Air Canada will return all the money they stole from the victims? Do you agree with what they have done to make a quick buck? Will you speak with your money, or continue to reward Air Canada for their crimes?

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  • Thank you for bringing this situation to the attention of consumers. To me price gouging in such a dire time of need makes Air Canada the lowest of the low. I fly all the time and up until now my carrier of choice has been Air Canada…not anymore! I will NOT support an airline that profits from tragedy!

    • Political Beast says:

      to us, it is the same as people trafficking. Air Canada need to be punished and heavily. The only thing they understand is money. Take that away and they will soon learn. We heard they are also refusing to carry pets?
      We need to hit them from every angle we can, making it harder for them to just brush it away, like it doesn’t matter, like people don’t matter.

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