RIP Keemstar

We were really going to let this go. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and say yeah I did that.

Not so long ago, one of our researchers ‘discovered’ DramaAlert. She was watching some early stuff and liked it. Not enough to present it as any kind of evidence of anything, but mostly ‘For Entertainment Purposes’, you know. Not long after that I found GradeAUnderA. Now this is a guy we all like, and yes, we have promoted some of his clips. Mostly because they are very funny. GradeA is a British Bloke with a stupid accent and a giant chin. His videos are honest. Everything in there, is his opinion and he tries to keep it ‘real’.

Anyway, it soon became apparent that something was not quite right with DramaAlert, but we are not really ‘gamers’, so found it hard to pinpoint what was wrong. It seemed like DramaAlert or specifically DJ Killer Keemstar were getting a lot if undesirable attention. So we investigated it and it didn’t take too long to find our GradeA was involved too.

Yesterday it all became clear. We are not going into the history, but you should. We are just going to break it down like this:

The British have a really good insult to this. You, Keemstar, are a spanner. Good for only one thing and you do it brilliantly.

Let us give you some quotes from Killer Keem:

‘I loved talking shit. Every single game you got into people were calling you… a faggot, people were calling you the N word, people were calling you a cracker. If you were a girl you got picked on for being a girl. You got called fat. People picked on your religion. It was an all out wild wild west of insults.’

Okay, so other people did this right? And we know in Keems world, two wrongs definitely make it right. He then follows up by saying:

‘…. I developed trash talking ‘skills’ (that must look awesome on your resume Keem) and would just go on my X-Box 360 and scream and yell and say a bunch of horrible shit.’

So, those people actually got into your head then Keem? It was that easy wasn’t it?) When you say ‘Say a bunch of horrible shit’. What exactly did you say, you un-racist, friend of gay people and lover of women?

‘What I did not know was that somebody in my game was recording me’ Remember this, this is important.

‘ I was talking shit. ….We [sic] developed a group called the Federation of Ass-hole Gamers (FAG? Really? but you’re not a homophobe, right?) ‘We were the first TROLLING, Trash-talking, pranking you name it group (you must be so proud) on You-Tube and we had a very successful career’. We just bet you did.

So you see how Keemstar is admitting that his success came from hating on other people? No, okay hang on a sec:

‘My job in the Federation of Ass-hole Gamers was to talk trash. To get into arguments with people…….and to spew as much bullshit as I could, them spewing as much bullshit back and us recording it for the entertainment of our fans.’

So, provoking people and then recording the result of that is only okay as long as your name is Keemstar, right? God forbid anyone else should do that. Imagine if some-one did that to you.

Lets have some more:

‘And then I later went on to develop characters like DJ Red Neck……..I was the first one to do the kids voice, his name was Pit Stain……I went on to develop Sparkles the Gay Rapper’

So, your ‘material’ consisted of a red neck, a young boy and a gay man? Do us a favour, go back to the trash talk for a second. We think we spotted something in there:

‘If the person was a girl, you would attack them for being a girl. If the person was fat, you would attack them for being fat. Whatever the trigger is, is what you go and attack right?’

Now remember this guy developed ‘Trash Talking Skills’. He was the first You-tube troll, by his own admission okay?:

‘….where I am saying I am a slave master, there was a group of black guys in our lobby (who you were definitely not provoking in order to record them ‘For the entertainment of our fans’, right?) and they were calling me cracker and all this other stuff, so I fired back with racist stuff back (but you are not a racist, are you Keem? Because a non racist would automatically go there, wouldn’t they ‘Slave Master’?).

‘What pisses me off the most is that, this isn’t reality’. Stop right there. Not reality? The money you make on You-Tube, the gaming videos you have been making since 2009, that’s not real? The hate that you created, was not real hate? The provoking and the bullying, all fiction? Then why are you so upset that it is coming back on you? It’s not real, you know? We don’t understand the venom behind your response to all this fiction.

‘When you are in a trash talking battle you bring your homophobic, your racist, your sexist, your fat shaming, your religious shaming, you bring every tool you possibly can… to trigger the other person. These words that I am saying are not my actual thoughts’.

Wrong! Because if these thoughts were not in your head, they wouldn’t have come out of your mouth. We here at Political Beast have insulted many people and done it without using any of these ‘tools’ because it is just not in our nature.Here is a few examples:

You filthy, dirty, low life, scum sucking, miserable excuse for humanity. You even thought your little bit of back peddling would make things better? –McMurray Thieves.

Alex Jones: “This is how you kill a species”, “This is how you bring a society down”. Yeah, society has clearly been annihilated. Alas, poor ‘society’, I knew it well’. – A.J.: Women Weaken US

When it comes to being as dumb as a box of rocks, the States are not just in the lead, but a mere spot on the horizon. – A Box of Rocks

Anonymous appear to be a ‘hit and run’ outfit. Hit something once or twice and then move along, nothing to see here.- Anonymous Backlash Over Threats

You are to be looked on and treated as a racist gun-toting mindless radical PoS – Why White People Are Angry

Oh, poor you, is it getting a bit much feeding the poor? Are conditions just too unbearable for your delicateness? – UN Strike

We believe everybody has the right to be anything they want to be, without fear of reprisal, without fear of retribution (except for pedos. And rapists.) but on the whole we think a person has every right to be a girl, gay, fat, black or religious.

We are only 7 minutes into a 23 minute blah blah pity party blah blah don’t hate me diatribe of utter fabricated nonsense designed to ignite hatred towards  just one other You-Tuber. You read right. ONE. The words ‘over’ and ‘kill’ are coming to mind.

‘So many years later, you have people trying to destroy me by calling me a racist (No. Way!) and playing trash talking clips (would that be in the same way you do on DramaAlert, by any chance?)

‘It is not hate speech’. Erm….say what now?

Hate speech is speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as gender, ethnic origin, religion, race, disability, or sexual orientation’

You know, somehow we think it is. And so does Law Enforcement. Your thoughts don’t make the slightest bit of difference here.

Now, GradeAUnderA and many many others (but ‘Killer’ didn’t mention the others) made clips pointing this out and they were right to do so. ‘Killer’ has even offered a $5,000 ‘reward’ for anyone who can back up GradeA’s claims with ‘evidence’ because apparently, Keem’s own words are not evidence. And they wouldn’t be, would they, because he wasn’t THINKING those things at the time, was he? Those are not his thoughts. So we guess the evidence that Keem would accept, are his thoughts. Way to go that man! It helps that his brain to mouth filter is connected directly to his Twitter account though. Does that mean that Keemstar is going to give that reward to himself?

‘Those clips are being taken out of context’. Is there any context were saying the N word is oki diddly dokey?

It doesn’t matter if you said it in a trash talking contest (where incidentally you were the only one in the clip, sitting on your sofa, talking directly to the camera. Not a gaming image in sight. Not even in the reflection of those real hip looking sunglasses. Nothing like the above video.

‘Its being shown to the audience as Keemstar performing hate speech’ – You already admitted it, you do know that? How can you moan about the fact people are seeing what you actually said and then try to justify it? We are beginning to think you are not really as clever as a spanner. You are actually just a plank.

Interestingly though Keem, how does it feel to be on the receiving end? No really, aside from the fakery, can you hold your head up in public? Are you proud of being you right now? Do you have any empathy for the people you did the exact same thing too over these last way too many years? Sorry, hang on:

Simple Definition of empathy

  • : the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions : the ability to share someone else’s feelings


‘That is not reality. That is not true’. We strongly suspect Keem is a Government shill at this point. Perhaps he is under the Mandela Effect? Was it just a merging of realities Keem?

You said it. It is on video – therefore it IS true.

Now we move on to familiar Keemstar territory. Attacking people, twisting things because that is his reality and then recording their reaction. This is the video that Keem is talking about:

‘He recently promoted Scarce’. Yes he did. We went onto Scarces’ channel and watched quite a few clips, which were entirely factual in this ‘reality’, open and honest. Scarce doesn’t hate on people and when somebody takes it the wrong way, Scarce is quite happy to put that right in front of his audience. This is a channel we can get along with. Now, Keem wants to know how Scarce is ‘any different to DramaAlert’? Well, here you go.


And this is DramaAlert:

Yep, identical aren’t they?

Love it. Keem criticizing Grade for ‘trying to take down another You-Tuber’, when Keem did the exact same thing to Bashurverse and ClaraBabyLegs amongst many others:

Keem says that GradeA is a ‘hypocritical, lying piece of shit’ well it takes one to know one, eh Keem?

So you attacked Pyro because he said you looked like a gnome?

‘Why did I say he looked like a lesbian, why did I say he looks like an extra on Orange is the new black? Because he does’.  So, its okay for you, but anyone else and you attack them to the to point of destroying their lives.  Now, what was that thing you said about ‘hypocritical, lying piece of shit’ again?

You first attacked Pyro in April and you use a video he produced in MAY to ‘prove’ that it was in fact, Pyro who sabotaged his own privacy? Mandela again Keem?

Incidentally, you showed a You-Tube clip saying it was on Twitter. We understand your confusion here, but really, they are not the same.

‘GradeA is a fucking liar and I have lost all respect for him’. Prove it. We will give you $0,000 for concrete, rock solid proof that GradeA lied. Did you post a video of a FIFTEEN year old naked girl? You said it was not your fault, but you could have removed the video couldn’t you?  Did you use the N word on many occasions? You said it was taken out of context. Tell us what is the right context. Did you destroy a 62-year-old (and incredibly sweet by the way) old guy who just wanted to spend his retirement gaming and meeting people, by encouraging your fans to believe he was a rapist, even though you acknowledged it was not the same man? Did you destroy Bashurverse with rape allegations that you never retracted ever? Did you attack a 19-year-old boy because he called you a gnome? You bet your GradeA you did.

Keem have you heard the expression you reap what you sow? Well that is all that is happening to you. Don’t even bother trying to take down Grade because you will lose. Spectacularly. All those years of shit you forced onto other people, is coming back to haunt you. Its called Karma. Man up, take it on your massive gnome like chin and move on. You have to believe you are on the skids, when you got the attention of Political Beast. We have actually detracted from our usual style just for you. Well actually just for GradeAUnderA because you are a muppet who really ought to grow up a little by now. You’re a parent, is that right? Wow. What a role model.

Or better still, do to yourself what you have done to countless others. Get off the net. You’re a parasite.

‘Doxxing someone is not illegal, but doxxing some-one with the intent of harassing them, it is illegal’.

You doxxed an old man so your subs could harass him. You doxxed Pyro so your subs could harass him. You doxxed Bashur so your subs could harass him. You have been crystal clear in your videos ”How many hates can this video get?’ ‘you should go and dislike every one of his videos’.

If your reaction is not fake in this part of Grades video, then why don’t you show the real version that you claim to have?

There are a lot of lawsuits around you aren’t there Keem? You are suing Chosen. Pyrocynical is suing (or planning to sue) you. You are suing (or planning to sue) GradeAUnderA. Futuristichub is suing (or planning to sue) you. Bashurverse is suing (or planning to sue) you.

Well good luck Keem, because you don’t have a hope in hells chance of suing GradeA. You have less than 1.5 million on DramaAlert. You are ‘leaving DramaAlert’. Grades figures are going up and up and up.

‘These are false pedophile accusations and this dude is getting fucking held to every extent I possibly can through the god-damn law. Once you lie to your subscribers over and over again, you lose that trust to your subscribers’.

Which is why you are losing subscribers ‘bro’. Now we hear that you are returning to DramaAlert?! Do everyone a favour Keem, Put your ‘career’ to rest. Permanently.

What do you think? Does Keemstar have the right to throw out groundless accusations without consequence? Do you think he would sue GradeAUnderA? If he does, do you think both parties should be allowed to live stream it?

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