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It is about time America stopped looking at themselves, and started looking at the devastation they are causing all around the world. How long are you going to allow yourselves to be distracted by the two-man crazy show that is still sweeping your country? Are you so dumbed down, that you now actually believe there is only America?

Forget all about ‘no man knoweth the time or the hour’ because that is something we don’t need to know. Know why? Because it is coming regardless. Does it matter if it is today, tomorrow, September (again) or even 2017.

What we do need to know is how. The how is hugely important. Once we know the how, we can start looking out for the when.

How is it going to happen?

We have a theory. It is no more strange than the ideas already out there, but this theory has some merit. It is so highly plausible, that we think this is how it is going to happen.

First though you have to remember that no one person or group is right exactly. The religious people? Partly right. The scientists? Partly right. The Elite? So damn close to being right, yet not close enough.

This is it. We have written about so many different ways that the end of the world might happen. Imagine our stunned silence when our researcher asked: Why can’t it be all of that?

Huh? Could she be onto something there?

Let’s have a look. We have been watching a Youtube channel called Jacob Israel. Nice guy. He has a website called Jacobs Ladder. Go there. We did reach out to Jacob and he did reply, however we have not yet been able to pin him down to a serious discussion of all these things, however we know just how busy Jacob is right now and hopefully he will read this and see where we are coming from. Jacob is a firm believer of The Mandela Effect. We wrote about this in The Mandela Effect

‘We thought perhaps companies just changed things without telling us, and that maybe some people have forgotten about some things. The thing is though, what if The Mandela Effect is actually real? As you know, we rarely put our faith in ‘random’ happenings, but we do try to follow-up on them. We keep an open mind and, if we can not disprove a theory, or we are presented with evidence that seems to make the theory more likely, then we will present that to you and let you decide. We have never kept information from you. We have always tried very hard to give you all sides of an argument. Today is no different.’

Some people believe that it is CERN:

‘It was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) between 1998 and 2008 in collaboration with over 10,000 scientists and engineers from over 100 countries, as well as hundreds of universities and laboratories.’ – Wikipedia.

So the build was completed in 2008, was it? And when did they switch it on?:

CERN releases analysis of LHC incident

‘Geneva, 16 October 2008. Investigations at CERN following a large helium leak into sector 3-4 of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) tunnel have confirmed that cause of the incident was a faulty electrical connection between two of the accelerator’s magnets. This resulted in mechanical damage and release of helium from the magnet cold mass into the tunnel.

Proper safety procedures were in force, the safety systems performed as expected, and no one was put at risk. Sufficient spare components are in hand to ensure that the LHC is able to restart in 2009, and measures to prevent a similar incident in the future are being put in place.’

“This incident was unforeseen,” said CERN Director General Robert Aymar, “but I am now confident that we can make the necessary repairs, ensure that a similar incident can not happen in the future and move forward to achieving our research objectives.”

Well okay, but what has that got to do with the strange sounds we are hearing today?:

Strange Sounds from the sky reports from 2008 to August 2015 – The complete list with video links

How interesting that these strange sounds started happening once CERN became ‘active’. How do we know that merging realities doesn’t make a sound? The old ‘bear in the woods’ question is brought to mind here.

There is another possibility. A member of our team contacted a group called BPEarthWatch and asked them if they could reference the strange sounds with CERN activity. Whilst we have not yet heard back from them (we understand this. It is a big ask) we think we might be able to touch upon it ourselves.

CERN have opened a black hole and boy they are going for it in a big way. They messed about with a solar flare and the power they got back was enough to take them offline.


Right so how does this fit? Well let us show you what happened recently. This was recorded about 10 months ago. Some people think it is just clouds, but what if it is that reality merging with ours? Isn’t that a possibility?

Now, we imagine if a city just arrived right there in the sky, we imagine that would make a sound. Why aren’t the sounds we are hearing, coming from the other reality?

The flip side of this particular coin is Project Bluebeam. If that did actually happen then our lords and masters now have the capacity to show us anything they want. Cloud cities/UFO’s/Comets, why not? Then it would mean that The Mandela Effect could just be subliminal reprogramming. Not from TV’s because many people in the world either never had one, or don’t have one any longer. But from the great outdoors. Doesn’t explain the noises though, does it?

Here is the thing. Why is it not likely that God, who wants you to leave the dispensing of justice to him, is so pissed that man is trying to be God, blending realities, with absolutely no idea of the outcome, the consequences or even the end result, that God is going to use those planetary/comety/asteroidal objects to destroy those humans who are behind it all? Where is CERN? Who controls it? Who funds it?

Who cares? As Americas future leader has said repeatedly ‘What difference does it make at this point’?

The fact is, it doesn’t. What does matter, is what CERN has done to our world.

You know those strange sounds heard ‘all around the world’? (except for in every place our team members live in of course) Well we think we know what those noises are and we are going to share that with you today. We believe that there are two very strong possibilities, but that they may well be connected.

First though, it is important to tell you what other people think.

Fracking: Yes it is possible that the sounds are from fracking. After all those huge machines are hollowing out the Earths core, so it is bound to make a lot of noise, isn’t it? There is bound to be an echo or something. Drop something down a well, or throw a stone in a cave. It reverberates, doesn’t it? Why would this be any different?

But we don’t think this is it.

We believe it has a lot to do with planetary alignment. Now what we are about to show is very ‘out there’ (no pun), but we want you to remember two things:

Light travels faster than sound.

Comets and asteroids are 80% metal.

The above video shows 2 comets passed by the Earth in April 2016. These two passed closer than any other comets. The same day the first one passed, this was recorded:

The day after, this was published:

So, people have been hearing ‘metallic’ sounds in the air. The fact that everyone agrees that it is in the air, and not under the ground, would lend sway to our theory, that the sounds we are hearing are in fact related to the space rocks entering our atmosphere, or even passing close enough to affect our Earth.

We think the reason behind the ‘strange sounds’ are actually these comets and asteroids passing close enough to the Earth, that they make a noise.

Are we being ‘allowed’ to see these things now, so that we don’t notice massive cities just appearing right there, IN THE AIR? Like it was always there and those who disagree, are suffering The Mandela Effect?

When exactly did we first notice this effect? Well, it seems that we started noticing it not long after CERN became active. This website was created two years after CERN started messing with the cosmos.

We said we had two theories. We didn’t. That was a lie. We thought we did, but after looking at the first reason, we realized that this could only be the possible reason. Unless the sinkholes popping up everywhere these days, makes a metallic sound that could carry around the world?:

A compilation of mystery booms in january 2016

‘Here a compilation of all news articles published around mystery booms and rumblings in January 2016. And that’s just a beginning. Most of the origins remain unexplained. Hope you will find this list helpful.’

Both of these theories sound plausible, but how does sinkholes connect to space? The first thing we have to do, is find out just what is causing sinkholes. Do you believe that it is heavy rainfall undermining the crust and causing subsidence? Nope, neither do we. Why? How much rainfall do you think this needed?

World’s deepest underwater sinkhole

Do you remember the movie Pulp Fiction? Do you remember that infamous speech? Read it and then tell us, God isn’t pissed:

‘The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers and you will know my name is the lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee’.

Of course, it helps greatly when CERN physicists admit what they have done:


It really doesn’t matter what you think is going to happen. The only thing we know for sure, is that most of us are going to die.

Does that sound a bit dramatic?

We have been writing as a team for a number of years now and we have all noticed that our articles have changed over the last 6 months or so. In the beginning, we just looked at injustices against the people, but we see there is a much bigger issue at hand, and todays article will hopefully shed some light on a few of the theories doing the rounds with regards to ‘End Times’ – The Sequel.

Now remember, when those stupid enough to put a time stamp on the last end of the world prophecy, we took them to task:

Devils Advocate

However, the End Times prophecy is still out there. Yes we do believe in the ‘End Times’ and if you read the article called Devils Advocate, you will see why.

Today we hope to answer a question that seems to have the whole world baffled. That is not really very difficult in todays times is it? We believe our researcher is absolutely right. Mandela, CERN, Strange sounds, comets, asteroids – It’s all connected.

We believe CERN was created to defend Earth against something in space, powerful enough to destroy the planet. We think CERN effected space in such a way that comets/asteroids/little green men, are now drawn to us and this is why we are seeing lots of ‘unusual’ things happening. A long time ago, a guy who helped us when we were starting out said that he believed the reason why aliens come down, is to see how far advanced we are, technologically speaking. They do this so that they know when we are ready to communicate with them, in a way that kind of doesn’t result in us killing one of them and they, in return invading Earth and analy probing us forever. Perhaps the reason we are seeing so many now is because CERN is proof to them that we are close?

We believe that The Mandela Effect is a symptom of this problem. The Mandela Effect could just be the backlash we have to endure, in order to…..what ever it is CERN are alleged to be doing…. kind of like, if you exercise too hard you may feel great, but not long after you start to notice some bruising. So we think The Mandela Effect is the developing bruise, after exercising CERN. The reason we are seeing more ‘things’, may well have something to do with CERN.

Anyway, the strange sounds are just evidence of this. Whether you think the noises come every time CERN is active, or it’s aliens hiding in the sky for no reason, you know just hanging out with all the other kids in town, makes no difference. Can you name one thing that doesn’t make noise? No, you can’t.

This is why we say we need to know how. We completely disregard the theory Putin is trying to kill us all. You know that makes no sense right? You know that a nuclear war will destroy everything, including Russia? So why would Putin want to do that? What does he win when he is dead?

We do not know when the end times will happen, but we do believe we are closer to that, than we are to world peace.

What do you think? Do you think this is all random? Do you have a theory on how we are going to die, that you would like to share? If you do not believe in any of the above mentioned theories, how do you explain the mysterious happenings around the world? Do you think it is something else entirely?

Leave us a comment below. Subscribe to our page, like us on Facebook or Twitter. Get in contact and let us know what you think is happening. Are you ready for whatever ‘it’ may be?


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