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Originally posted on April 17th 2015

…Restore The Kingdom To Israel?

As mentioned in previous articles, we are working on the history of The New World Order however whilst there are connections to today’s subject, we are going to detract for a moment, as something is happening that is worth noting.

What is happening today is so obvious, but there are so many loose ends that needs to be tied off before we can progress. To Political Beast, it is obvious but maybe that is because we have been talking about it for months, who knows? Hopefully we will be able to convince you of that in this article. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments or even just to tell us what your opinion of this subject is.

Right so to begin with let me ask you, did you follow the elections? I did and to be honest, I am surprised that Obama is upset that Netanyahu did the exact same thing that Obama has done. I refer of course to the masses of Arabs being bused in for the elections. It has been suggested that this is the very reason America opened up its southern borders to allow immigrants to enter the US without any trouble. We feel a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ moment coming in from the west here.


If you did follow these elections, you should be experiencing a mild hysteria about now or at least a bit of concern, but before we can get to that, we need to look at something that at first appears to be unrelated.

Freaky Friday: Solar eclipse, Supermoon, spring equinox


Okay, so let’s look at a brief history of what many people believe is happening and then see if it is true. The most important thing to note about today’s solar eclipse is that is has never happened in the history mankind. Never. We didn’t know that but a friend showed me this little gem earlier:

‘A total solar eclipse at the North Pole on the first day of spring occurs once every 100,000 years. For it to occur on the first day of the first month of the Biblical calendar year is, however, entirely unprecedented since this is only the year 5775 according to Jewish tradition, meaning that there has never been such a solar occurrence in human history.’

Now, if that in itself is not enough to concern you, how about this?:

‘As stated in the Book of Exodus, “the first month” of Nissan is when God rescued the Nation of Israel from slavery in Egypt. Jewish tradition teaches that just as the first redemption happened in Nissan, so too the future redemption of the world will also occur in the month of Nissan.’


Incidentally the first month of Nissan starts today.

We have spoken before about the 4 blood moons, and we know there are people who believe the prophecy to be rubbish and that is their right to think that but is it? Look at the history of the blood moons and what major events happened at the same time:

‘The last series of blood moons to occur over the Jewish festivals took place in 1967 when Israel won the Six Day War, expanded the boundaries of the Jewish State and liberated the city of Jerusalem.

Prior to 1967, there was a tetrad in 1949 when the Israeli War of Independence ended after the founding of the State of Israel the previous year, perhaps the greatest event in modern Jewish history.

A series of four blood moons occurring during Jewish holidays is so rare that the last time prior to 1948 was all the way back in 1493, the year following the expulsion of Jews from Spain, another major milestone in Jewish history.’

So, what about this blood moon prophecy? and this is where you need to pay attention:

“FOR BEHOLD, in those days and at that time when I shall reverse the captivity and restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all nations and will bring them down into the Valley of Jehoshaphat, and there will I deal with and execute judgment upon them for their treatment of My people and of My heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations and because they have divided My land.”

Can you see it yet? Have you figured out why you should be more concerned about Netanyahu being re-elected? Let me show you more:

Obama tells Netanyahu U.S. re-assessing approach to Mideast peace

‘Tensions between the White House and Netanyahu escalated as the Israeli elections drew nearer. The White House was especially annoyed when Netanyahu accepted an invitation from Republican House Speaker John Boehner to address Congress earlier this month without consulting the administration.’

Although we tend to disagree with practically every single one of Obama’s shenanigans, this is bang out of order. Republicans wrote to Netanyahu and basically said any deal you make with Obama in these times, will be undone with the next president thus undoing anything good that might have come out of this deal. Now, we know there are some people who think the deal was a bad idea and some people (like me), had no clue what the deal included, but before we show you what that deal was actually about let me show you the letter itself:


Our first big question is why would Republicans want to sabotage this deal?

Iran Removed From Terror Threat Report As Obama Negotiates Nuclear Deal

‘According to various reports, the potential 10-year deal is aimed at preventing Iran from being able to build a nuclear weapon in exchange for loosened sanctions, but its framework has yet to address the future of Iran’s nuclear centrifuges and enriched uranium, or the country’s development of long-range missiles.

Iran’s nuclear program is already fueling a nuclear arms race in the region, partly because the rival Sunni powers — such as Saudi Arabia — fear that Iran would use nuclear weapons to threaten its neighbors.’

Why would republicans want Iran to be in a position to build a nuclear weapon? Or is it the sanctions they don’t want ‘loosened’? It seems to us that Republicans might be suggesting that Iran should go ahead with their plans to build a nuclear weapon because in a few years time, these restrictions will magically go away leaving Iran to do as they please, but that is just what we think. You might think differently.

G.O.P. Senators’ Letter to Iran About Nuclear Deal Angers White House

‘Mr. Cotton said he drafted the letter because Iran’s leaders might not understand America’s constitutional system. He also said the terms of the emerging deal were dangerous because they would not be permanent and would leave Iran with nuclear infrastructure. He noted that four Republican senators who may run for president signed his letter and added that he tried without success to get Democrats to sign.’

Oh we think they maybe understand it better than the Republicans do. It’s not like anybody is ignorant of US policies. After all, America has a very long history with practically every other country in the world, don’t they? Maybe I am wrong here. Do the Republicans know something that we don’t?

We don’t really care what happens in the future because times change, policies change, people change. Iran will also have a new president by then. So will Israel. In fact every country with a head of State will have changed by then.

Surely restricting Iran’s chances of making a nuclear bomb now in this current climate, is a good thing?

AP Exclusive: Draft agreement cuts Iran’s nuclear hardware

‘ The United States and Iran are drafting elements of a nuclear deal that commits Tehran to a 40 percent cut in the number of machines it could use to make an atomic bomb, officials told The Associated Press on Thursday. In return, the Iranians would get quick relief from some crippling economic sanctions and a partial lift of a U.N. embargo on conventional arms.’

Let’s now go back to the start and why should you be worried about Netanyahu’s re-election. What has it got to do with the 4 moon prophecy?

U.S. could abandon Israel at the U.N.

‘The Obama administration’s frustration with Benjamin Netanyahu is turning into outright hostility after the Israeli prime minister’s commanding victory this week.’

‘Republicans stand to gain from victory by Netanyahu, who could bolster their argument that Obama is preparing a deal with Iran that could endanger the U.S. and Israel. And Netanyahu will also remain a thorn in Obama’s side as the prospect of that deal nears.’

Prophecy that America will be split, after it betrays Israel

‘But what might be the cause of the split in America? There are several different things to consider, one is between conservatives and progressive liberals, but there are liberals and conservatives in every state. The big cities have a high population of liberals, while the other areas of most states have the conservatives. So I do not see how there can be a split down the middle of the U.S. between these factions.

Benjamin Netanyahu tells Europe’s Jews to move to Israel, ‘your home’

“Jews have been murdered again on European soil only because they were Jews and this wave of terrorist attacks — including murderous anti-Semitic attacks — is expected to continue,” Mr. Netanyahu said, the newspaper reported. “Of course, Jews deserve protection in every country, but we say to Jews, to our brothers and sisters: Israel is your home. We are preparing and calling for the absorption of mass immigration from Europe.”

And one more message, Israel National News reported: “I would like to tell all European Jews and all Jews wherever they are: Israel is the home of every Jew.”

In case you still don’t understand what precarious times we are in. In case you still can’t see what is happening, let us break it down:

During all the blood moon tetrads that humanity has witnessed so far, the following ‘co-incidences’ have been recorded:

1493 – The expulsion of Jews from Spain.

1949 – Israeli War of Independence ended.

1967 – Israel won the 6-day war and liberated the city of Jerusalem.

2014 – A war between Israel and Hamas.

2014 – The rise of ISIS and the emergence of a new caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

2015 – Tensions grow between US and Israel.

Israel ‘closer than ever’ to decision on hitting Iran

 “The only reason that Iran will not acquire a nuclear bomb will be that Israel chooses a military solution to that crisis,” Hagee told CBN News.

“I believe that if that happens, it will start a series of events that will change the course of world history,” he said. “If Israel does not, then it will still change the course of world history.”

Israel ‘closer than ever’ to decision on hitting Iran

“It’s a stinging political defeat for the [US] president and those who wanted to get rid of Netanyahu,” Bolton said. “They were making the mistake of counting their chickens before they hatched in the run-up to the election, and now all of that’s changed.”

The next blood moon is scheduled for April 4, 2015, which is the first day of Passover (The Feast of Unleavened Bread) this year and in two weeks. We don’t know about you, but we will be watching the events between the USA and Israel very closely.

**UPDATE December 11, 2016**

What do you think? Do you think this is all random? Do you think it is something else entirely? Are you preparing now, or are you going to wait for your government to tell you what to do? Do you believe in prophecies contained within the Bible?

Leave us a comment below. Subscribe to our page, like us on Facebook or Twitter. Get in contact and let us know what you think is happening. Are you ready?

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  • TaylorapEk says:

    Obama supports gay marriage in an interview with ABC News, ending a period through which he stated his views were ‘evolving.’ The transfer was immediately hailed and denounced by the opposing sides on the problem.

    The announcement completes a turnabout for the president, who has opposed gay marriage all through his career in nationwide politics. In 1996, as a state Senate candidate, he indicated assist for homosexual marriage in a questionnaire, but Obama aides later disavowed it and stated it did not replicate the candidate’s place. He maintained that position via his 2008 presidential campaign, and through his time period as president, till immediately.

    And this, I imagine, hits the nail straight on the pinnacle. It’s of no surprise to any even marginally sentient person who BO is a liar. Nonetheless, he is was elected President-twice. By less-than-sentient, mouth-respiratory morons and (even perhaps worse) gambling cynics who notice he lies about many things however really wish to imagine his guarantees of FREE STUFF for them. They usually all vote. In greater numbers than us.

    The Roman Catholic Church reaches 1.3 billion members worldwide, and teaches that homosexual acts are sinful and youngsters ought to develop up in a conventional family with a mother and a father. DISGRACE on TLC again or taking a seemingly household pleasant show and dragging it through the mud and tossing it right on top of the garbage heap. One other TLC present bites the mud! Disgusting. There’s an art to carrying a bespoke garment. Remember that the entire excess material in a store-purchased go well with is gone. It may feel a bit restrictive at first but will quickly kind to your physique.

    not all Blacks can marry all Blacks. Blacks at that time were barred from every kind of authorized statuses. I’d bet that Blacks were barred from training legislation and drugs at the same time. Marriage at the moment will be between any conceivable hues of humanity, however even then it was one man and one woman. A person and a lady marriage has existed as long as some other form, perhaps longer, if Marx is appropriate, because it was as soon as about property, legitimacy and inheritance.

    If reinventing the entire thing works for you, that’s nice. Unfortunately, Paul ranted about it enough to know how he felt on the topic. The Bible does comprise homophobic passages. You possibly can’t honestly deny that. Yes I can. That is the fantastic thing about using a 2000 yr outdated text written by several [url=http://mudakobama.ru/gay-added-by-obama-2/]http://mudakobama.ru/gay-added-by-obama-2/[/url] authors in largely archaic languages translating the words of a man that was speaking a now nearly fully lifeless language as a basis for a religion. I feel you’re once more overstating. Koine greek isn’t a lifeless language. Trendy Greek is very comparable in some ways.

    What does my race or coloration should do with it, most of you on here posting feedback will not even show what you actually appear like. Marriage is an institution of a person and woman and there ought to be another way for homosexuals to acquire [url=http://mudakobama.ru/obama-gay-activists/]http://mudakobama.ru/obama-gay-activists/[/url] their advantages with out destroying the foundation of marriage. I love everybody and that’s my opinion. The difficulty raging in the nation has nothing to do with a spiritual definition of marriage, but quite the civil one.

    There are good reasons to oppose the unions you advised, which I will not go over right here. There is no such thing as a good reason to oppose gay marriage. Except marriage is a person and a woman being issued a license from the state. Fairly simple. Calling a canine a cat would not make it a cat. But marriage is a authorized concept, not an object. Legal ideas and their definitions change all the time. The definition of rights and what these rights are, for instance, has changed over the years. Simply admit you do not assume gays should get the same rights as heterosexuals. Just say it. It won’t kill you. We all already know it anyway.

    Agree Bubba Who cares who sleeps with who? Whereas marriage is a proper, that rights needs defining or else cousins can marry cousins or a man can have a harem. It will possibly apply to different things. I’ve a proper to drink but should I drink and drive. Heck no. Carrying a handgun requires a license, voting requires a registration card, holding a job requires a social security card. And the freedom to not give our cash to individuals who donate to causes we oppose. Which might, after all, be like donating to them yourself.

    Zack East tweeted that he want to know if the president would search to vary laws nationally relating to homosexual marriage and discrimination policies. In truth, we now know as a fact what we all the time suspected, that Obama’s 2008 position was purely political, in order not to alienate the spiritual black group, whose enthusiasm and turnout was vital to Obama’s campaign. I’m simply not excellent at bullshitting,” Obama instructed Axelrod, after an occasion the place he acknowledged his opposition to similar-intercourse marriage, based on the e book.

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