Greater Than God

It is time that somebody stood up and said something along the lines of: Are you kidding me? Can you really not see what is right in front of your face? Are you really going to pretend that nothing freaky weird is going on?

Would it help you some, if we wrapped a ton of police tape around these events? Would you be prepared to discuss this stuff if we turned it into a reality TV star or a Hollywood blockbuster? What if we perhaps offered you a million bucks?

Is that really how dumbed down you are? Can you honestly and with nothing but truth in your heart, stand up and say: Nothing to see here, move along or go back to sleep, all is well?

Quite honestly, we at Political Beast have been at an utter loss to start writing another article. Where the hell do we start?

Alternative facts? Fake news? Immigration bans? Riots? Protests?

As it happens, we were approached with the answer to all these questions, which really could be lumped into just one simple question. WTF???

The below article is from a good website. We have deliberately left out their name because we know that many people are put off with these types of pages. So before you go here, read the below information. The links are all there after the facts, to prove what is being said.  This website has so much to offer. If you are concerned by the below facts, then please go visit the website and get a huge dose of realism.

This is just a small sample of that:

29th January 2017 – 400 dead monkeys found in the forests of Espirito Santo, Brazil. Link

28th January 2017 – Masses of dead fish washing up again on beaches in Florida, America. Link

28th January 2017 – 10,000+ pheasants to be killed due to avian flu in Lancashire, England. Link

27th January 2017 – 3,700 dead birds found in the waters of Sacramento, America. Link

27th January 2017 – 3 dead whales and a dolphin wash up in Baja California, Mexico. Link

26th January 2017 – Hundreds of birds dying from disease in Washington, America. Link

25th January 2017 – MILLIONS of dead sardines wash up on the coast of Quemchi, Chile. Link

25th January 2017 – 400 dead turtles found in a dried up dam in Quixada, Brazil. Link

24th January 2017 – 12 dolphins have stranded and died this month in Asturias, Spain. Link

24th January 2017 – 106 dead turtles found along the coasts of Sergipe and Bahain, Brazil. Link

24th January 2017 – Hundreds of crabs and fish have died in Queensland, Australia. Link

23rd January 2017 – Thousands of dead herring found washed up in Bjorndal fjord, Norway. Link

23rd January 2017 – 3,000+ birds killed due to avian flu in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Link

23rd January 2017 – Mass die off of fish in the waters of Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhone, France. Link

21st January 2017 – 50,000 fish died due to pollution in a river in Oswestry, England. Link

21st January 2017 – 9 turtles found dead on a beach in Sao Francisco de Itabapoana, Brazil. Link

20th January 2017 – 600,000 chickens killed due to avian flu in Astrakhan, Russia. Link

20th January 2017 – 800,000 ducks killed due to avian flu in South-west France. Link

19th January 2017 – Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up on a beach in Kvarnakershamn, Sweden. Link

19th January 2017 – Mass death of wild birds reported around Lake Victoria, Uganda. Link

19th January 2017 – 3 whales have been found dead during past month in Nayarit, Mexico. Link

18th January 2017 – 28,000 hens dead due to avian flu in Southern Greece. Link

18th January 2017 – 10 dead turtles are found every day on the coast of Costa Chica, Mexico. Link

17th January 2017 – 81 dolphins (false killer whales) dead after stranding in Florida’s Everglades, America. Link

17th January 2017 – 6,000 turkeys are to be killed due to avian flu in Lincolnshire, England. Link

17th January 2017 – Hundreds of dead fish wash up on Hindmarsh Island in Australia. Link

17th January 2017 – Dozens of pelicans are dying in Riviera Bay, St. Petersburg, Florida, America. Link

17th January 2017 – Hundreds of dead fish found in a lagoon in Petrolina, Brazil. Link

15th January 2017 – 10 dead dolphins found washed up, ‘experts baffled’, in Cornwall, England. Link

14th January 2017 – 430,000 birds to be killed due to avian flu in Southern Bulgaria. Link

14th January 2017 – Mass die off of fish in the waters of Wilhelmshausen, Germany. Link

13th January 2017 – Thousands of fish die in a lake in St. Petersburg, Florida, America. Link

13th January 2017 – Thousands of dead fish wash up along a lagoon in Patagonia. Link

13th January 2017 – Hundreds of dead fish wash up along a river in Manzhou Taiwan. Link

12th January 2017 – Hundreds of TONS of fish have died in Lake Toba, Indonesia. Link

12th January 2017 – 30+ dead turtles found washed ashore in Chennai, India. Link

12th January 2017 – 10,000 birds dead due to avian flu in Odessa, Ukraine. Link

11th January 2017 – Massive fish kill found washed up on a lake in New South Wales, Australia. Link

10th January 2017 – Thousands of animals/cattle dead due to wildfires in La Pampa, Argentina. Link

10th January 2017 – Thousands of fish die in farms, ‘due to flooding’ in Kelantan, Malaysia. Link

10th January 2017 – 700 fish die in a lake, ‘due to drought’ in Sinigo, Italy. Link

9th January 2017 – Hundreds of dead lobsters, starfish and crabs found washed ashore in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Link

9th January 2017 – 80 swans have died due to avian flu in Dorset, England. Link

9th January 2017 – Hundreds of fish dying in a lake in Pozzuoli, Italy. Link

9th January 2017 – Thousands of dead fish, plus dead birds found in a quarry lake in Basiglio, Italy. Link

8th January 2017 – Thousands of fish die suddenly in a dam in East Java,, Indonesia. Link

5th January 2017 – 350,000 birds to be killed due to avian flu in Quilpue Chile. Link

5th January 2017 – 20,000+ chickens killed due to avian flu in Yunlin, Taiwan. Link

4th January 2017 – Large number of dead sea birds found washed up in the Bay of Gibraltar, Spain. Link

4th January 2017 – Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in Bundaberg, Australia. Link

3rd January 2017 – Dozens of birds fall dead from sky in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, America. Link

3rd January 2017 – Dozens of dead turtles washing up on beaches in Jagatsinghpur district, India. Link

1st January 2017 – 5 Humpback whales have washed ashore in recent weeks in Hawaii, America. Link

Mankind is so stupid. Why aren’t humans replacing or recreating the animals that are dying off? They can create fruit that never goes off, they can tamper with people’s DNA, creating designer people. They are even growing meat in petri dishes!:

‘What nature could have created, we can create in a single generation’ – There is your answer.

Yet you don’t seem to realise WHY all the animals are dying off. You have already proven over and over again that you don’t know why it is happening. Why are people still trying to fit a square peg into a round hole?

Well, don’t you worry about that. It is no big deal is it? I hear that they have produced meat in laboratories, so no need to worry about animals being taken out of the food chain:

Cultured meat

Cultured meat, also called synthetic meat, cell-cultured meat, clean meat, and in vitro meat, is meat grown in cell culture instead of inside animals. It is a form of cellular agriculture. Cultured meat is produced using many of the same tissue engineering techniques traditionally used in regenerative medicine. Due to technical challenges associated with scaling and cost-reduction, cultured meat has not yet been commercialized. The first cultured beef burger patty, created by Dr. Mark Post at Maastricht University, was eaten at a demonstration for the press in London in August 2013.’

So that’s taken care of our meat produce. And the fruit and veg? No problem:

GM Apples That Don’t Turn Brown Approved For Growing In US

‘Although the apples have already received a lot of opposition, they were approved for commercial planting by the Department of Agriculture following a rigorous assessment of the safety of the apples, NYT reports. It was determined that these apples pose no threat to plants, animals or other agriculture and that farming them posed no significant risk to the environment.

Because Okanagan is small, they don’t intend to mass produce the apples themselves, but rather license them to commercial growers for a one-time fee. It’ll take a while for the trees to grow, but the company expects the apples to reach markets by 2017.’

Could it have anything to do with all the nuclear missile testing that just happens to be taking and have already taken place in the oceans? Well, that doesn’t explain the birds, does it?

Well now yes that does look bad, but hey the ocean is huge, isn’t it? It’s probably a… um… drop in the ocean (sorry about that) compared to that. And of course, the marine life can move out of the way of unknown, silent things that just appear out of nowhere, can’t they?

Perhaps it is just the really freaky weather? Now that would affect birds and quite possibly land mammals, but marine mammals?

Strangest Weather On Earth

We can’t believe anyone would think it was flooding?


We bet many people think it is all to do with space, don’t you?

Space weather

What does explain the land mammals is wildfires, but that doesn’t explain anything else:

We know why. Actually it wasn’t us. It was one of our researchers who, it would appear, seems to have a direct line to the big G.

Do you remember this article? Brief re-cap:

This researcher believed that God has communicated with a select few and gave us a message. That message seems to be exactly right, given all the things we have reported on since then. But of course, humans think they know everything, don’t they? And when they don’t know, they attack:

Why Religion Contradicts God

‘First, I asked her why she would allow me to publish this theory and she said because God wanted her to prove her trust in him, prove she believes in his word. His word according to him. She also said that God would send her a sign when the time was right to reveal this ‘truth’ (I put that in apostrophes because this is how she termed it. A truth). According to her, now is that time because of the tetrad and the oncoming storm.’

Oh boy! You know what we are about to post, don’t you? Get ready:

Isaiah 24.3-6

3 The land shall be utterly emptied, and utterly spoiled: for the Lord hath spoken this word.

4 The earth mourneth and fadeth away, the world languisheth and fadeth away, the haughty people of the earth do languish.

5 The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant.

6 Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left.

Isaiah 24.19-20

19 The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly.

20 The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.

After a period of time, you have got to see the reality of these global events. Get your heads out of the sand. So because ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ say they can’t explain what is going on or why it is happening, are you really going to remain sitting on that fence? Are you actually going to continue in blissful ignorance based purely on the fact that those experts and scientists have no answers for you?

We have a message for you. Actually it is not from Political Beast. It came from the same lady that is mentioned in our article ‘Why Religion Contradicts God’.

‘He has given you every sign of his plans. He has been telling you these times were coming for thousands of years. Just like in the story of Noah, people will only believe when it is too late to help themselves’:

‘God is saying to you: So you think you can do better than me? Good, then show me. Let me take away everything I gave you, everything I made in just 7 days. You think you can take control. Let’s see how you get on’
‘I shall take away the vegetation. You don’t need the climate to grow food any-more, so let me take that away from you.

You cast aside all my medicines and made your own, that’s fine. You don’t need that any-more.

I have protected you, guided you, nurtured you. I have loved you, comforted you and given you freewill. I have stood beside you from the instant you came of this earth and it is to me you return, when you time is over.

And with all these things I have given you: You have outgrown me.

Would you covert the space around your planet? Can you live in peace with my other children, for I created everything both in your world and outside of it. Let me remove all that protects you from the outside, for you know better now. You have all my knowledge and I know you can deal with this without me.

Let those who are convinced that they can do better than I, be ready to show better. Although you still can’t work together, the few are ready to risk all my children to prove themselves to themselves. And that is well, for I gave you free will. I gave you the power of choice. This is your choice. But let me gave you a final warning before it is too late for you to hear me clearly;

I will continue to give myself to those who turn against these false gods. You are my children. You have received my love and follow my guidance and you will be in my thoughts and in my heart. You have proven yourselves loyal to me and I will reward you greatly. I will not turn away from you, as you have never turned away from me.

But to those who believe they are greater than me, I who created everything you have, everything you are and everything you would be – I leave you to stand on your own. You would stand in my place and declare yourselves to be Gods, saviours of mankind? So be it, but let it be known that my wrath is fierce and I will punish surely those who destroy my children through their delusions, these false idols.

Know that I gave you life and only I can save you. Know that my word is true. Continue your belief in me. Never lose you trust in me, for whilst I am a loving God, I am also a cruel God. I created every emotion. I carry all within me.

When the time is come, I will turn away from those who have turned away from me.’

Holy cow!

It’s kinda hard to convince ourselves that this message didn’t come from God. The lady who passed it on to us is known to be a solid down to earth sort of person.

With science coming up empty of answers regarding all these horrific worldwide events, how can we say it is not God? They have proven (they say) everything that it is not, but they haven’t proven that it is NOT God’s will, have they? Prove that and put an end to the conspiracy theorists the end times truthers. Can’t do it, can you? Can’t prove the existence of God, but can’t disprove it either. And until you can, we know which way we are heading. Amen.

What do you think? Do you have a scientific/technical/environmental proven answer for everything going on in the world? Give us anything. Please. Anything we can use to prove that this is not biblical. Because if we can’t prove it is not God, then we might just be in a lot of trouble.

Leave us a comment below. Subscribe to our page, like us on Facebook or Twitter. Email us at: Get in contact and let us know what you think is happening.

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